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  1. Hi dean, thanks for the advice! 😊 Yes i did wonder if i could do this myself, i tried it but made a hash of it! 😂. The glass and the black surround on the old unit had been hit with some force by someone and has cracked, i managed to get it off but couldnt get The three bolts off of The bottom of The unit and ended up Drilling Them out lol. Whn I eventually did get the motor unit out, i couldnt get The wire to Come Away from The casing as The plug Was To big To Go Through, so had to cut the plug off! 😂 So i now have The old motor unit Which i could try To fit into The new unit but id still have to wire it back To The old plug or solder it, depends how much of a pain in the arse thats going to be though haha 😂 Cheers Adam
  2. Hello there all you lovely lexus people! Hoping someone on here with some know how would be able to point me in the right direction and save me a few quid on the way! 😊 Ok so here goes, i have a 99 reg is200 that i have had for years, its off road so ive been slowly doing it up to get it back on the road and it seems like one thing after another with this thing! 😭 The passanger Wing mirror and casing has been Smashed, so finally after searching online i found a replacement in the same colour. Came to fit it and hey presto! The connectors were different 😥😥😥😥. I have now read on here that there is a different wing mirror assembly fitted To models after 2001 so i have obviously bought The wrong one! So my question is this - is this new mirror useless to me now or is there a way of wiring it in so that it works as normal? If i managed to get it wired in, is There a Way To ensure the heater is on all the time like The other one, rather than when the demister is on? I could use The connector plug for The old wire or could solder it but There would still be two wires left over :-( If all else fails and i need To buy a new unit, would it be possible to buy any colour unit And just swap the coloured casing at the back, or is This likely To be difficult? I Ask Because it seems to Be Really difficult to find An old Style unit, and an old Style unit in grey seems like searching for A needle in A haystack! Any help or Thoughts Would be Appreciated, as lexus have quoted 400 odd for A new unit and il Be Dammed if im going To pay That! 😨😨 Many thanks Adam
  3. No takers then? Oh well :-(. For anyone that is interested or needs this info in future to sort a new fob, i asked lexus on twitter on the off chance after i didnt get a reply on here and within five mins they told me its a 433mhz frequency remote that i need for an is200. :) Cheers Adam Cheers
  4. Sure :-). Like i said i can still get it to work, but need to get a new remote unit to program. Im looking at buying something like this 433 mhz fequency Or 304 mhz frequency Thanks! Adam
  5. No, its the actual inner unit with the 3 buttons in it that has broken apart :(. The small black transponder chip that turns the immobilisor off is still intact and works, and i can get the 3 button unit to work if i hold the battery in place on top of the circuit board when pressing the button, so i can still potentially reprogramme a new unit from this i think? Just need tio know the fequency of the remote :)
  6. Hi all, hoping someone could help me out! :-) I have a v reg is200 that i have had now for years! Its currently off road and has been for a while, but i want to look at fixing it up and getting it back on the road soon, as im not quite ready to get rid yet! 😁. When i got The car it only came with one master key and, after being used over The years The inevitable has happened And The casing to the 3 button remote fob has snapped :-(. It is currently in pieces and the battery will not stay on the circuit board unless i hold it in place to unlock The car. The transponder chip itself is intact and i still have The key Blade So can still start The car by turning The key and placing the transponder nearby though. I Want To get A new key sorted but dont Want To pay ridiculous lexus dealership prices, so Am looking at buying a blank 3 button remote transponder to program into The car using the old one if i Can! I have looked At buying blank units on ebay, ali express etc But There seems to be several different frequencies to choose from And i Cant find This information Anywhere :-(. Does Any one know what frequency fob I Would Need to get, and if This Would work To reprogramme it? Any info appreciated! Cheers Adam
  7. adam1989

    Broken Wheel Bolts :(

    Anyone? :)
  8. Hi all So i have tried to remove my wheel today and think the garage tightened them too much when they were working on it - i tried removing the bolts but they snapped off with half of the bolts still holding the wheel on :( any ideas how to sort this? Is it going to be expensive? Id be grateful for any help! Thanks, Adam
  9. hi all, have searched but cannot find any answers! my is200 has been off road for a few months and the battery died on the car, and im now looking to get it back on the road! the key in my fob has died though,so when i wanted to get it going again i uunlocked it with the key and then hooked it up to charge - but whenever there is power going through it , the alarm keeps going off, and because my key fob is dieing i couldnt disarm it! i have ordered a new battery but i was wondering, if the battery has been dead in the key fob for a while does this mean that it will need to be reprogramed? i think there is a bit of power left in it as the led flashes a bit when i press it, but i took it out for a few minutes when i was figuring out how to change it and i hope this hasnt reset it! i have also reset the ecu before by taking out the efi and ects fuses while it was sat there (dont ask lol, other problems!!) and am basically hoping that the car hasnt forgot the key because of the lack of power for so long etc, and the fob hasnt wiped itself?? sorry to go on guys i just want to make sure that all i need to do is replace they battery and charge it up and im good to go again! cant wait to get it on the road again ;) thanks for any replies, just want to put my mind at ease lol! adam
  10. thats what i was thinking, but thought it'd be better to get some opinions on it! so the specs are better on the stock ones than theses 6x9's? speakers confuse me :s haha thanks adam
  11. Hi guys i just have a quick question for you - i have some spare infinity reference 6x9 speakers from my old car, (these: and was wondering whether it would be worth swapping them with the stock speakers currently in the back of the is200? not sure which speakers are the better quality, the stock ones or these? i know the stock ones are meant to be a two in one type thing lol but if the spare ones i have are better quality then i may aswell stick them in if their gonna be better than the current ones? thanks for any replies!! :) adam
  12. whats the difference? do they break easier or are harder to fit etc? sorry for the stupid question but im after a cheapo one at the mo and not to fussed as long as it looks the part! would prefer an origional part obv but funds dont allow lol
  13. adam1989

    Empty Tank

    ah ok then will put some in, should only be off the road a couple of weeks! thanks for the help ;)
  14. adam1989

    Empty Tank

    ok thanks mate :)
  15. adam1989

    Empty Tank

    Hi guys just a quick one that i need help with! basically ive used all the petrol in my tank, and its sat on the drive at the moment as i cant use it for a few weeks it started cutting out and spluttering the last time i started it so i just need to know if this is likely to cause any damage ( any crap from the bottom of the tank being sucked in?) and also if when i put more in do i need to do anything to get it going again or will it just start? probably sounds like stupid questions lol but havnt got any knowlege of anything yet and am still learning! thanks for any replies :)