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  1. Ps I hit the thumbs up button by your post to say thanks and it turned into a thumbs down button. Not sure how it works...
  2. Any chance it's the air compressor for the air suspension? Just an idea
  3. This is a much smaller problem than my gearbox issue, but still annoying. I replaced my battery, and the windows / sunroof lost their memory. I read in the manual how to do the windows, but can't get the sunroof to work. It goes all the way back, but going forward it doesn't stop and goes into tilt mode. I've played with it for ages but can't get it to stop when it's in it's closed position. Ay ideas?
  4. Jesus, this takes me back. Going along motorway, late for a job. Need fuel badly. Put credit card on cupholder lid to remind me (lid closed). Pull into petrol station, card slides forward and falls in the gap (where the lid slides into. ) spend next 30 minutes on forecourt wripping apart cupholder. It's a bad design. I've lost many coins down there as well. I still have only a metal bar over the holders, which is the bracket that supports the sliding lid. It is jammed stuck. Looked for a new centre console a few times, will get it done one day.
  5. Did mine for about 250, googled rx300 towbar. Came with everything needed to do the job. I did need to cut about a 1" square piece from the bottom of the bumper.( came with template) Plus remove the polystyrene inner bumper piece. I was worried about that initially, but decided if someone rear ends me, the towbar will protect me more than polystyrene. It all bolted on using existing holes.
  6. It's worst when in auto mode, when it changes up between 30-35 mph. Faster than this, and passengers wouldn't even notice the slight bump, but as a driver you would. Thanks
  7. Hi, I've had my car for 8 years, never had a problem, till recently. I took the car out of storage a month ago, (off road about 18 months, maybe 2 years, had a company car). I now have a gearbox issue. It was collected for a mot, and was slowly dripping transmission fluid. (Between diff and gearbox I believe). That was fixed, it came back and the car was fine for a couple of weeks. Then the car felt as if it was braking, for half a second, between 3rd and 4th. A few days later, it also felt as if it was slightly accelerating between 2nd and 3rd. When it's in gear, it runs great. Accelerating in a gear is fine, it's just the changing where there's a problem. I had lexus look at it, they suggested a replacement gearbox for £5k lol. Today, after looking on forums I drained the transmission fluid, and replaced the filter. There was a small amount of metal on the magnets,much less than I expected. But the fluid was very sludgy / black, especially in the bottom of the pan. I also noticed, and was suprised, that the dipstick says the fluid is good for the life of the vehicle. Hmmmm. I intended to flush the cooler too, but unexpectedly my wife was released early from hospital so had to end the project early. I drained and replaced just over 5 litres, Toyota iv fluid. The filter, rubber seal and pan gasket were replaced. The 2nd-3rd issue is now gone, and the 3rd to 4th change is much better, but not great. I have found using the manual gearchange selector makes it feel better, so am using that for now. My questions are, is there anything I can do to make this better? Am I damaging the gearbox more by driving the car? Anyone have a clue what to do next? I'm less financially setup than when I got the car, (new daughter and wife has lots of problems, means time off work for me etc). I'm reasonably mechanically minded, but dropping the transmission out is a bit beyond my options. Sorry to post so much, but I thought it may help to give the details. Ps I have towed with it, but only small trailers, under 1tonne. the car has 122000 miles on it. I've just paid out for the major service (Cambelt etc) so a bit poor right now. Thanks for any ideas, any help is seriously appreciated. Andy
  8. Ok, thanks for your comments. I removed the old camera, and realised on the back of it, it had the worst corrosion I have ever seen. It was like it had been in salt water. I found a guy advertising on eBay "breaking rx300." Normal camera prices seem (second hand) about £200. I got it off this guy for £60. It works perfectly, and I am very happy. I would recommend to anyone else needing a camera, don't search for the camera, but find someone advertising they are breaking a car. I guess they don't research prices as much. The part number for the camera is 86790-48020. My car is a 2003, the car my new one came off is a 2006, so I assume all rx's use this part number. If you don't know, there is a sticker on the camera telling you your part number. Cheap fix= happy owner. Ps lexus seem to want £700 for this part! Lol
  9. Hi, my reversing camera has died, I was thinking of replacing it with a cheap / non lexus part. At the boot to camera connector, there are 4 wires (2 black, 1 red, 1 white). I have tested the connectors with a voltmeter, but can't find a voltage at all. I am running the camera in diagnostic mode from the screen, when I select camera test, the screen turns white / grey, but I can't find a voltage at the camera. I'm assuming the red wire should be 12v ? If anyone has a wiring diagram or knows what the wires are, please let me know. I am worried about running the kids/dog over while reversing. The blind spot is huge. In case it matters, when the engine is running and I shift to reverse, the screen turns white/grey. I have seen on eBay people selling 2nd hand camera controllers, is there a way to know which part I need, or if its a wiring issue? Thanks
  10. hi, thanks for your help. the windows are now fixed, the camera still doesnt work, and the sunroof wont centre, i couldnt find the procedure for that, so just tried all the way back, all the way forward. going into camera diagnosis on the hidden menu makes the screen freeze.
  11. hi everyone, i have some problems with my car. i took the battery off to start another car i needed to move. now; the rear windows & passenger windows can't be opened from the drivers door. when you put the car in reverse the rear camera displays white with flashing dots. the sunroof has lost its closed position (it wont stop at closed, it goes straight from sliding to tilting). everything else seems to be ok, i dont have any engine warning lights on etc. should i just remove the battery and try to reset, or does the car need a trip to the dealer? thanks for your input