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  1. duttnut

    Courtesy Light

    Cheers bud, those colours are right, The snag I hit was that the switched wire for the doors actually is off when the doors are open and on when closed, the other way around to what you'd normally expect, the lights on the tv screen didn't support this so i've fitted a normally closed relay. Used the permanent live and the earth to power the relay, and the switched wire to change the relay and switch the lights on. I couldn't see any other way of doing it without using the original dome light. Does any one have one of these hanging about?
  2. duttnut

    Courtesy Light

    Thanks for the advice, i'll be looking soon
  3. duttnut

    Courtesy Light

    Ah, right. My car has a fold down screen behind the sun roof, which dosn't work as far as i can tell, guessing a dvd player is needed for that, but on each corner of the unit is a light. So are these the lights that should come on when the doors open? There are two buttons, one which just looks like a light and one which is a car with the doors open, both currently do nothing so I suppose there's something wrong there. I thought this was an aftermarket addition.
  4. Remember I'm a new lexus Is200 owner so this might seem silly but I havn't got a clue. :P In every other car I've had there's a selector switch so you can choose if the interior light comes on when you open the door. I may be dense or something but I cant find this on my car :( The ignition barrel lights up but not the courtesy light.
  5. duttnut

    Check Your Timing Belt Early!

    Whoops, sorry hadn't realised I'd put it in the wrong section :o
  6. duttnut

    My new IS200 Sport

    My First Pictures
  7. duttnut

    Another New Is200 Owner

    Hi there, your car looks very clean. I've just become a new owner and a new member too. Its a red yr 2000 sport. And I love mine too :)
  8. duttnut

    Hi There, New Is 200 Sport Owner

    That's interesting, Looked at clay before but never used it. Did you find it easy, what did you buy?
  9. duttnut

    Hi There, New Is 200 Sport Owner

    Thanks guys, Your cars look great B) Mine would look better with a good wash!
  10. I'm a new member on the forum, Only had my IS200 for about two weeks, and I'm very happy with it in general. There's a few niggles to sort out, but as I consider the car was a bargin I don't mind spending some time and a little money on putting it right :) One reason the car was cheaper than usuall was its lack of service history, but after a test drive and a good listen to the engine, etc, I decided to go ahead and take a chance So, one of the first jobs on my list was to change the timing belt, It'd done 89,000miles so well on the way to the 100.000miles recomendation which most people seem to go by, but over the "or 6 years" which seems more realistic! So as I'm pretty handy with my tools, and an engineer of sorts :D I decided to do the belt myself and change the water pump at the same time, the job was fairly simple and I must say that the quality of engineering on the car was fantastic. Note, there was no unusual noise coming from the engine and no lack in performance. This is what I found when I removed the top timing belt cover, Wow :o Yes the belt should be twice the width! and with the bottom cover removed, The remains of the other half of the belt are plain to see. The tensioner pulley had worn and gone out of line and was trying to throw off the belt, luckily the guard was close enough to stop it coming off in one go. You can see in the next pic how the tensioner pulley on the left is out of alignmentcompered to the others, The old belt and its remains! The problem it seems wasn't the belt at all, Half the belt was still doing the work fine, but the tensioner must have been worn for ages, so even if your belt looks good, you could still be in for a supprise! So if your belt has never been changed even if your car has low milage , do it! You may not be as lucky as me!
  11. duttnut

    Hi There, New Is 200 Sport Owner

    Here's the colour guys, think it's darker than the other pics,
  12. duttnut

    Hi There, New Is 200 Sport Owner

    Thanks for the welcome guys :) I'll get some pics up next time the car's clean.
  13. duttnut

    Hi There, New Is 200 Sport Owner

    I Think so, it looks a different shade everytime I look at it!
  14. Hi, I have fancied an IS200 for quite a while now and after looking at about six different cars in different colours I bit the bulit and a couple of days ago I became a very happy owner of a IS200 Sport, in a sort of metalic orangy maroon colour which I'm sure someone here will be able to identify :) After a couple of days and a few drives to get used to the idea, I'm sure this will be a car I'll like and find very interesting. I'm interested in a wide range of cars, I own a modified mk1 Fiesta and am a member of the classic ford forum called oldskoolford. I also have a Dutton kit car which I'm in the middle of rebuilding and fitting a Rover V8 engine. Your forum is great, has already been of use to me in many ways and has helped me make a decision to buy. So Thanks :D There are a few niggles with the car so I will be asking questions sooner or later, I'll be very happy to hear your oppinions and listen to any advice.