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  1. Cheers. Found it. When I searched the Lexus site I had a few to choose from.
  2. Hi all I am hopefully picking up my RC300 f Sport next week sometime. It was Reg in 1/9/2016. Can anyone tell me what User manual and what standard kit it comes with? It is one of the touchpad models. Cheers Robert
  3. Did the mechanic tell you what the code was? It may give you more information to go on.
  4. Yeah that would be great but the nearest one to me is about 200 miles away. One of the drawbacks of living on an island.
  5. I have found another 2002 model with 10,000 less miles than my one. I have arranged for the AA to go and inspect it. Sticking within the £5200 approx. If that turns out to be a bag of spanners then I may go for a 2006 model. However I do like the RC 200T and RC300H. I would need to make large deposit and then HP the rest. With that said I think the build quality of the SC430 was/is much better.
  6. It was on a cast iron fence. Which didn't help.
  7. see attachedLexus page 1.pdf Lexus page 2.pdf Lexus page 3.pdf Lexus page 4.pdf Lexus page 5.pdf
  8. I have been offered £4055. Which I rejected. Second offer was for £5200 which I accepted. Tried to get them to go higher but the agent who I am dealing with said that was the final offer. I have the report from the garage which estimate the repairs to cost £9600.
  9. That's great to know Neil. I will up date the post when I hear from the Ins Comp. Thanks
  10. Hi Neil I have researched the market over the course of today and I think £4500 - £5000 would be a reasonable settlement figure, given the mileage compared to what is available it would sit within that price range for the 2002 plate. I don't mind adding a bit more to upgrade a year or two. However unfortunately insurance companies are know for being reasonable. Not many parts available on Ebay either. Hopefully I will know more tomorrow.
  11. Not looking forward to that argument. I have had a search for same year and 87000 miles on the clock. Found a few with higher mileage at £4500 region so hoping around that figure would be good. sorry Hoping should have been in bold, capitals and 30 feet high.
  12. Ha ha Firstly I wasn't driving it. It was my wife who said she was exiting the round about and was about to over take when it started to fish tail and eventually lost control. No damage to the wife was sustained. I am saving the verbal ear bashing for a time that suits me. You the time when you are losing an argument and you want to through in a curve ball to deflect from the actual point instead of admitting that you are wrong kind of time.
  13. No airbags were set off. Not sure if I should have been worried about that or not.
  14. Hi Herbie The iron bars are along the central reservation.. they have been thete for a long time. With that said it does look like the lampost in question is hit fairly often. Here is a pic from google strèet maps. The iron fence was already flattend as no damage to the rear of the car. https://earth.app.goo.gl/?apn=com.google.earth&ibi=com.google.b612&isi=293622097&ius=googleearth&link=https%3a%2f%2fearth.google.com%2fweb%2f%4055.84446553,-4.47621816,12.11950688a,0d,60y,178.41514958h,102.83346258t,0r%2fdata%3dCkwaShJCCiUweDQ4ODg0YjdmNmM2ZmUxMmY6MHg0YTE4MjQ4OWJlY2Y5ZTFiGdwKYTWW7EtAIRL5LqUu-RHAKgdMaW53b29kGAEgASgCIhoKFnBtTm1TYlR1dHNfME5BamVReEtxUEEQAg