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  1. looking at getting my alloys refurbed to a gloss black finish. Does anyone have any ideas whether to paint the wheel nuts to the same finish or leave them? Seeing as the paint will come off when the nuts are tightened. Random I know but just a boy of advice..
  2. Cheers Steve. Sorted. Paid £1.49 for the bulb from halfrauds.
  3. hi all, the bulb in my interior light needs changing but I am struggling to remove the sunroof/interior light console. Any ideas? Regards, Sandhujatt
  4. try reversing the perm live and ign live.. May sound stupid...but how? all depends on what loom you have... try disconnecting the hu and see if the clock goes off if so the prob is in the loom.. The hu has to be turned off after the ignition is turned off.. does the hu stay on?
  5. try reversing the perm live and ign live.. May sound stupid...but how?
  6. Unfortunatly..I have to say it was done from halfrauds. So it looks like the fella's not re-wired it correctly. I'm not the beat with cars, hence me having to get it fitted..would anybody be able to give me a step by step as to how to tackle this?
  7. Hi all, recently had my head unit installed and ever since the clock dash light has remained on even when the ignition is off and the car is locked. Any suggestions as to what is wrong would be gratefully received. Avtar Sandhu.