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  1. Lexus Questionnaire

    Hey Guys, Would you mind answering my 10 question lexus questionnaire; Many Thanks Guys x
  2. Lexus Questionnaire

    Thanks again, i've had quite a few responses; If anyone else would like to complete the questionnaire, please follow the updated link;
  3. Lexus Questionnaire

    Hi Guys, Thanks for taking the time to fill out the questionnaire, it is very much appreciated. Thanks Stacey, It isnt a nice piece of work to take on but chosing it on Lexus has definitely made it more enjoyable. Iceman - The piece of work is based on understanding the need for branding within the car industry and trying to understand why Lexus sells so few cars in relation to its competitors. By answering the questionnaire, i should be able to understand whether the problem lies within the brand image, or whether its mainly as a result of little awareness of the Lexus brand or a combination of the two! Cheers :)
  4. Have they bought a used car? Looks like it's on a '58' plate........ How awful would it be if one of us got stopped by another Lexus though its probably taken ages to 'prep' hence the 58 plate
  5. T4 On The Beach

    im going!!! are you?
  6. yeah i agree it looks expensive on the face of it. when i went to guildford they explained that its still at least 5% cheaper than the 3 series coupe when spec adjusted which is a fair shout because i wouldnt want a 325i without leather or 18s when compared to the IS C. Not sure whether to go auto or manual?