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  1. Happy Birthday willsterstyle!

  2. Group Buy Door Sills With Led's

    Interested! I would love a set in white please my good man Any updates on these? Did anyone actually get them?
  3. Group Buy Door Sills With Led's

  4. Rear Fog Light Conversion

    thank to everyone for their input. I ordered the holders on ebay so hopefully I'll be able to attempt this mod in a months time. I figure I might as well do the brake part of the mod as well so I'll be going all out hah!
  5. Wtb: Is200/300 Sports Grill

    Thanks for the reply! Everyone has been so awesome on this forum so far. Regarding the grill from Lexus Birmingham, do you know what offer price they might expect that's lower than the 41 GBP?
  6. Rear Fog Light Conversion

    so if that's exactly what I want...great! To do this install then all I would need are the 7443 holders + the 7443 bulbs...splice them into the Fog wires and that's it correct?
  7. Wtb: Is200/300 Sports Grill

    Hi there, Wondering if anyone has for sale a Black Sports Grill for the IS200/300? I'd be looking to probably get it shipped to Toronto, Canada. Thanks!
  8. Rear Fog Light Conversion

    After going through like 10+ threads on the rear fog mod I think I understand what the American Holders means. So my next question for you guys is: I would like to do the fog/sidelight conversion (when my tail lights are on...my fog lights light up at normal brightness). From my understanding, what is required here is to buy the two new dual filament holders + the 7443 dual filament bulbs. What i'm not sure about is if I would still need the diodes? And if I do this, when I press my button for Fog lights, will it be at standard (crazy bright) brightness or just regular tail light brightness? What I am trying to avoid is basically having the fogs turn on when braking with the standard fog brightness which is simply too bright to act as brakes but I do like having the fogs turn on as regular brightness when driving at night. If you guys can point me in the right direction that would be awesome. Thanks in advance!
  9. Rear Fog Light Conversion

    hey guys, Just curious...the PDF doc. For the rear light conversion there's a part about "American Site holders" What does that mean exactly?
  10. Stainless Steel Dial Conversion Kits - Is200

    I agree with Jason. It was a bit of a hazard driving yesterday because I kept on admiring them haha
  11. Stainless Steel Dial Conversion Kits - Is200

    As promised, pics! There's quite a bit so brace yourself. Thanks again Jason. The install was a bit nerve racking but I got it done!
  12. Stainless Steel Dial Conversion Kits - Is200

    haha I'll say! I tried to open them up yesterday night and it was quite the task without shredding all that wrapping paper. I'll get pics up tonight hopefully (uhh which would be tomorrow for you guys) btw I'm the only one in North America to have this right? *grin Cheers!
  13. Stainless Steel Dial Conversion Kits - Is200

    RECEIVED! Just got it in the mail today
  14. Stainless Steel Dial Conversion Kits - Is200

    take care of yourself buddy! hope all goes well.
  15. Gps Display Console - With A Portable Sat Nav?

    Hey guys, I'm hoping someone can help me here on this forum. I just completed this mod and everything works perfectly except when I wired up my illumination (+/-), it causes my illumination fuse to blow instantly. I know there could be a short somewhere but is there something else that I should check? Thanks!