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  1. Happy Birthday Paddy46!

  2. Gs430 Transmission

    Does anyone know where to start looking for a new transmission for a GS430? Or a recommended reconditioning service? The car has done nearly 150,000 miles and had water in the gearbox - now it is juddering and struggling to get into the right gear. Thanks! Anyone???
  3. Weird Headlight Behaviour On Gs430

    Thanks Steve, I haven't tested it properly in manual mode - I'll do so and report back.
  4. So I'm driving down the M23 from the lit to the unlit section and I realise my headlights aren't on. Yet they are set on auto and the dash indicates they are on with no problems. On a hunch I quickly turn the switch round to "off" and all the way back to auto again. Hey presto the lights come on. Few days later I'm sitting behind a black car in traffic and see only ONE headlamp is on. Again, no indication of a problem on the dash display. Same solution solves it. Repeated again today. Anybody got a clue what this is all about and the fix could be???
  5. How did you find The Lexus Owners Club?

    Same here - Google. Hello, happy to be here and always pleased to talk to and help if possible. First time user/owner/poster - complete neophyte. I am a brand new Lexus owner today, having JUST acquired a 2005 GS430. Previous car was Saab 3.0 TiD which just looks so incredibly dated in comparison. Why did no one tell me about Lexus (Lexi?) before? Why? WHY? Anybody know of a downloadable or even just viewable version of the GS430 owners manual without shelling out a kings ransom? Martin.