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  1. just changed the tires to my RX400. Previous ones were Dunlop and were gone by 20K miles. Changed into Continentals now. I had a really tough time finding tires of any brand actually. Total cost was 1000Euro!
  2. Thank you all for your imput. As far as the Nav/sat is concerned I do not use it, since there are no maps for Cyprus :tsktsk:. The temp is in Celsius so no problem there. My concern was with the distance travelled and consumption which seems is not switchable. Seems odd for a car of this caliber since this is the easiest electronic conversion you can get. I'm starting to get used to it since basically I've converted my avarage consumption of 28mpg to l/100km. Totally love the car even with the few shortcomings it has.
  3. I guess this subject must be beyond anyone's knowledge
  4. I imported my car to Cyprus from the UK. Obviously everything is in miles- consumption, distance travelled etc. Can someone tell me if at all possible to switch to metric. At the Lexus dealer they had no clue, however I can't imagine its this difficult or even yet not possible. I've tried searching through the threads and couldn't find anything pertinent. Thanx
  5. Thank you both for your replies, and also for pointing out the 'search button'
  6. I don't know if this topic has been raised before so bear with me since I'm a newbie here and just learning my RX400. I would assume that with all the gadgetry and trip infos this car has, the most basic information of how much more distance you have, before you ran out of petrol would have been first on the list. Its a shame the only warning you get is the 'old fashioned' warning light. I've seen cheaper older cars that have this feature and its a great help. Is this the case or am I just missing something that's staring at me in the face? :o
  7. Lexus Map Updates

    Try ebay - I got a more up to date DVD from there then sold my old one. Malc Thanx Malc I'll give it a try
  8. My '07 RX400 is a UK import and has these features. It is quite annoying that you have to unlock the passenger door every single time to let your passenger out, or even open the rear power door, since it wont open if even one door is locked! A visit to the dealer is already scheduled to hopefully change this.
  9. Lexus Map Updates

    I just bought an '07 RX 400h from the UK and imported it to Cyprus. Navigation maps includes UK/Europe but NOT Cyprus or Greece Does anyone know if there are any updates to include Cyprus and if yes where they ncan be purchased? Thanx
  10. Hi From Cyprus

    Hi Janey, indeed 'in the sun'! even though the past week its been pouring rain!! B)
  11. Hi From Cyprus

    Hi all, just collected my RX400h today. Looking forward to many driving thrills. Good to be here! :D