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  1. IS200T price?

    Wont worry i found a couple for sale now.
  2. Wow i have been searching for an IS200T but have not been able to find any for sale? Anyone know the going rate for them is?
  3. Well not today, but at the start of the month i serviced my IS200. Getting it ready to sell on in the next couple of months.
  4. If it not to far out your way and you get the chance it would greatly appreciated.
  5. Wasn’t tidy? The dealer was trying to tell me that it was mint? I know its been up for sale for some time, was hoping that a possible deal could have been done if was to travel but got, not much room for haggling on the price, what kinda put me off. But that seems to be the way with most dealers these days.
  6. That is my thinking at the moment, keep the £1500 for any issues and if there is none i can change the wheels then.
  7. As titled and as some for you may know i have been looking at buying a GS430. I have found two that i am considering traveling to look at. The first one has been discussed on the forum before. 430&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&make=LEXUS&sort=distance&advertising-location=at_cars&postcode=nr66jn&radius=200&page=1 I have spoken to the dealer today and they have confirmed that the cam belt has not been done and if i wanted it done it would be an extra £400. They also said the car has already been reduced and there is not much room to for negation. I prefer the the over all appearance of this this one, but its over 200 miles away and i think its over priced. New&onesearchad=New&advertising-location=at_cars&sort=distance&model=GS 430&postcode=nr66jn&page=1 The second one i have been looking at it just over 100 miles away, seems to have good history and the cam belt was done at 82k. Reg is EX55SKK and appears to have fairly good MOT history. With having possibly having the front shock replaced back in 2014, the only bad thing on the history is someone letting the tyre wear very badly. As i have already said i prefer the looks of the first car over the second, but i think it is the alloys that make it look that bit better and with the second one being £1500 cheaper i could easily replace the standards with a nice new set of alloys. I think i know which way i going, just wanted another opinion form fellow lexus owners.
  8. To be honest i am not worried about the fuel consumption, but was wondering what the real world MPG figures, people are actually getting.
  9. Wow, sorry to bring back this old post, but i recently been looking at GS430, they must have had it up for sale for few months now.
  10. Aristo dated?

    Thanks for the reply, they do look nice in black, it just happens the one i am looking at is black.
  11. Aristo dated?

    Hi all, i have been saving for a while to be able to change my car in the new year i currently drive an IS200 (my second IS) what was brought cheap to get me by when my previous got written off thanks to my neighbour. I have wanted an Aristo for a long time, i wanted one years ago when i had my first IS200 but they where always a little more than i wanted to spend and the cheaper ones always looked a little rough. I have found one i like the looks of and is currently on route to the UK. But i have been sitting here for a few days looking at it and pictures of other 2nd gen Aristo's. Starting to think they look a little dated now but they still look cool when they are lowered plus you have a 2JZ under the bonet. Just wondering what you guys think? Plus is there a Aristo forum, i know we have a section what i have been have a look at. I have been considering a few other cars to, I currently do enough miles to warrant a dirty diesel and at the same time i have no problem paying for petrol to cover those miles. At the minute cars than i am considering as above an Aristo, 3rd gen GS, Mercedes E320 CDI or a BMW 535D. Now that i typed that and its in black and white i can see how i think the 2nd Gen Aristo looks dated??
  12. Black LS400 Norwich?

    Spotted a nice looking LS400 black i think, it was dark when i drove past with after market alloys, on Riverside Road Norwich? Anyone on here?
  13. Yep they are a odd looking mini. Has anyone seen the new Nissan Mica? Only ask as i pass my local Nissan garage everyday and its no longer a small hatch back its more mark 1 focus sized now.
  14. This picture reminds me of a certain car park where i live, when i use to park my Passat the front end would be hanging out. This was one of the reasons i wanted to ask about parking in multi-storey car parks, as the LS is a much bigger car. Specially as the parking spot's seem to getting smaller all the time now, but the average car seem to be increasing in size.
  15. Hi all, been awhile sense i have posted on here. Any some people may remember me from about a year ago i considering selling a previous car my Passat and buying a cheaper one at the time i was considering a LS400. This was all in the aid of me and wife becoming debt free what will nowl happen in a couple of months.... . This is partly thanks to a neighbour's writing off the Passat and my hand was forced into buying a cheaper car. I found a half decent IS200 (my 2nd one). Any how once the last few payments are made i shall be starting to save again, i will be saving towards a new 2nd hand car and i still got that inch for a LS. By the time i shall have the funds to buy a car, the LS460’s should have come down that little bit more and do i love the looks of them. But i have read/watched a few reviews and have stated that the running cost will break the bank? I get why they have said this if they are referring to the MPG what isn’t to much of a issue for me. But they are talking about repair bills, this is a Lexus they don’t tend to break. Yes i can see that if something was to break it could cost a fair bit, but saying that most cars do. A LS430 running cost shall be on par. When it comes to servicing i will be doing that myself like i always have. What are they like to live with on a daily basis? I mean as a family car, space wise i don’t think will be a issue as the LS specially the 460 are a behemoth of car on the road. How do you all deal with them in say multi-storey car parks etc or going to the super market?