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  1. I have traveled for cars in the past, now a days i limit myself to about 100 miles as i have wasted time doing this in the past but i have also bought a couple of cracking cars in the past for traveling.
  2. Thats not a bad idea at all mate. One of the issues i have been finding is all the RX400h and RX450h for sale are about 50+ miles away
  3. Hi everyone, i am looking about getting back into the lexus fold, i have had my BMW V8 fun and the 650I is no longer going to be practical enough due work relocating later in the year and needing to get estate or SUV as i will need the load space. Shame Lexus doesn't make a large estate car, but they make the RX hybrid, what is great as i don't need to go down the diesel route??? I haven't actually been to see and sit in one yet. But i have alway admired them, when i see one. I have seen a few that i am tempted to go look at, there is a 400h SE at a Lexus Ipswich what is only 45 miles away up around 8K with 120k on the clock, this seems to be expensive considering the miles? But it is a used Lexus approved car. There are a couple other for around that price with fewer miles say 80k at an independent dealers or i can cough up an extra 2k and get one from Lexus with those kind of miles and SE-L trim. The other question is, is it worth trying to get 450h over a 400h? Pro and cons for either would be good cheers.
  4. Yeah one of the lads i work with claims he got caught like this and i would not be surprised if they do instantly change either.
  5. I tend to stick to limit on smart motor ways, i know to many people who have been done my them, not worth the risk. Average speed camera section's i also tend to stick to the limit, but i do not know anyone who has been caught by these and understand your frustration. The question to ask your self is worth the risk....?
  6. I have recently changed back to a BMW, Mercedes, Volvo and VW where also on my radar. I am sure i will find my way back to Lexus in the near future.
  7. Just found this build thread, good to see a local member on here, i am from Norfolk to. Your GS300 looks very nice mate i was after one of them about 18 months ago, but ended up buying a IS200 my 2nd one. Anyway i shall keep an eye out for you around the Norwich and Norfolk area.
  8. Wont worry i found a couple for sale now.
  9. Wow i have been searching for an IS200T but have not been able to find any for sale? Anyone know the going rate for them is?
  10. Well not today, but at the start of the month i serviced my IS200. Getting it ready to sell on in the next couple of months.
  11. If it not to far out your way and you get the chance it would greatly appreciated.
  12. Wasn’t tidy? The dealer was trying to tell me that it was mint? I know its been up for sale for some time, was hoping that a possible deal could have been done if was to travel but got, not much room for haggling on the price, what kinda put me off. But that seems to be the way with most dealers these days.
  13. That is my thinking at the moment, keep the £1500 for any issues and if there is none i can change the wheels then.
  14. As titled and as some for you may know i have been looking at buying a GS430. I have found two that i am considering traveling to look at. The first one has been discussed on the forum before. 430&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&make=LEXUS&sort=distance&advertising-location=at_cars&postcode=nr66jn&radius=200&page=1 I have spoken to the dealer today and they have confirmed that the cam belt has not been done and if i wanted it done it would be an extra £400. They also said the car has already been reduced and there is not much room to for negation. I prefer the the over all appearance of this this one, but its over 200 miles away and i think its over priced. New&onesearchad=New&advertising-location=at_cars&sort=distance&model=GS 430&postcode=nr66jn&page=1 The second one i have been looking at it just over 100 miles away, seems to have good history and the cam belt was done at 82k. Reg is EX55SKK and appears to have fairly good MOT history. With having possibly having the front shock replaced back in 2014, the only bad thing on the history is someone letting the tyre wear very badly. As i have already said i prefer the looks of the first car over the second, but i think it is the alloys that make it look that bit better and with the second one being £1500 cheaper i could easily replace the standards with a nice new set of alloys. I think i know which way i going, just wanted another opinion form fellow lexus owners.
  15. To be honest i am not worried about the fuel consumption, but was wondering what the real world MPG figures, people are actually getting.