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  1. Stolen RX450 Sport

    Years ago trackers were about £200 a go and more, it wasn't until my daughters car was stolen (and burnt out) that I thought of looking into them and was surprised at how inexpensive they were now. Like you my house is covered by cameras, unfortunately they're no good when the car is in Manchester or anywhere else than outside my house. Regarding confidence, I am a lot happier knowing where my car is simply by going online and looking at the display on the website, and also that can disable the car should need to. If a thief wants to drive MY car at 130 MPH I don't mind cutting the engine on him, although it can be done so it only cuts the engine when going under 12 MPH. Do a search on Amazon (other sites are available) and it will show you alternative sellers who do have them in stock. I have the 'B' version which has a remote fob, but that doesn't really do much (I just like gadgets). Here is part of the display of my car being moved from the secure parking to the Airport and some of my journey home after returning from Spain last month, each of the dots indicates date/time.
  2. Stolen RX450 Sport

    The tracker notifies you when the door is opened, the ignition is turned on; as well as other features, and as to whether the signal can penetrate the container, I wouldn't know. but would it end up in a container AND on board a ship in less than an hour after being stolen, I doubt it. But I do know that I knew where my car was exactly in the UK whilst I was in the south of Spain. I But then if you immobilise the car in the first place,
  3. Stolen RX450 Sport

    It is the TK103B from Amazon for £29.59 here is the link to Amazon It's easy enough to fit, obviously I'm not say saying where mine is located, but I know it will never be found. There is a web link they provide that enables you to locate the movements of the car (and its history). You insert a SIM card into the tracker (I used Giffgaff) and then with your mobile send a text to the tracker and it will reply, there are many instructions you can send with this method. I leave my car at the Meet & Great parking when on holiday and wondered where they parked it, (is it really in a secure place) and yes it is as I monitored it whilst abroad, and knew it never moved. One of the features is that the car engine can be 'Cut off' remotely, this bit was out of my skills and had to employ an Auto Electrician (finding one that was prepared to do this wasn't easy but I found one). So if my car is stolen I can cut of the engine power, or when I park the car I could ensure it never started in the first place.
  4. Stolen RX450 Sport

    I've fitted a tracker to my RX400h and one of its features is that I can track the movement of the car and more importantly immobilise the engine by sending a text from my mobile. Best money ever spent.
  5. As you look at the panel, underneath along the edge nearest you there are 3 square holes, insert a medium size screwdriver blade and gently prize it open, as there are small plastic clips fixing it to the underside. The rear of the panel is only located into 3 holes in the back so just lift out by pulling forward. Don't forget to unplug the connector for the little light.
  6. My RX400h 2005 suffers from the same problem of a flat battery. I have put up with recharging it overnight, for it to be flat again after a few days. As it was about 6 years old I replaced the battery with a genuine one from Lexus to no avail. Fitted solar panels to the spoiler, that helped somewhat, but still flat battery after a few days. Latest trial was to fit a secondary battery in parallel in the luggage area of the car, early days yet but will provide feedback when I know more.
  7. I've used the suction type dashcam for a few years both back and front just in case. I have recently installed a different type from Amazon called 'Hidden Dashcam' it's located behind the rearview mirror so I don't have to worry too much about it bein nicked if I leave it when away for some time. It doesnt have a screen, but how ofter do you need to look at the screen anyway? A micro card is used and the recording can be viewed on your mobile.
  8. How is the Headlamp unit on the RX400h fixed in, I can only see two bolts on the top, are there any more elsewhere? I want to update my bulbs and I think it would be an easier job with the whole unit out.
  9. Where is the fuse for the fuel pump located, is it under the dash or in the engine bay?
  10. Odd Button

    Sorted, As suggested it disables the powered back door so it can't be opened. Odd really as all I used to do when I didn't want the back door open was NOT to press the button on the dash or key fob. So seems to be a it of wasted plastic and wires.
  11. Odd Button

    Don't know anyone called Cliff, but a Garry will do nicely. :-)
  12. Odd Button

    I'll give that a try, so see.
  13. What is this button for? Found I just inside the edge of the glovebox.
  14. I had the problem of rubbish Lexus R400h battery too. Using solar panels worked but meant having to store when not in use or driving, so my solution was. The power point was fixed to permanent live, I dismantled the panels, fitted them into the rear spoiler with a control panel fitter between the panels and the power point. I can then rely on the daylight to do the work for me. It isn't 100% but it is far better than it used to be. If all else fails I carry around a Battery booster/starter which starts the car in seconds, which is better than waiting 20 min. Tony