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  1. Just out of interest was this with the standard 4.5 k bulbs?? as i had a problem with mine on my 450h after i had fitted hotter running 6000k bulbs, even swapping them over didnt help, as soon as i went back to the 4k ones they worked properly again
  2. GS450h 07 model So my car has developed the dreaded headlight spontaneously going off. A quick flip of the lights switch to off and back on and the light comes back on fine. That's until it goes off again a few minutes later. This seems to happen most on one side but also on the other side occasionally too i recently changed the headlights to a whiter version as they seemed dull or felt like they where not illuminating the road well, when it was MOTed the headlight dip was checked and at its correct position i know lexus can have them dipped too much sometimes which do you think its more likely to be a bulb on the way out or the ballast?? is there one ballast per light?? if so would both go at a similar time?? Im not sure of the cost of them, but could i not just use a set of the cheaper HID conversions with the ballasts already on them
  3. well if the only issue is the battery pack which can be repaired for £50 or full renovated pack for £800 and price dictates that then what are the other issues with it. I bought a fairly high milage one with the knowledge that the battery may go and ajusted the price when i bought it to take that into account, otherwise i have no issues with mine at all. at that high a mileage it would have been all motorway driving (unlikely to have been mini cabbed) so pretty sound on the engine if its been looked after ok
  4. is it the same as the pictures in the manual?? do you have to go in from under the wheel arch or am i missing the point to ajust it??
  5. I have had a look now and there doesnt seem to be anything resembling the pictures from the manual posted up. the headlights are on the sides and there is a sort of cog wheel just above them on both sides, Im wondering if that is the ajuster or if I am missing something somewhere .
  6. I have a 2006 model 450h, it has the auto height ajustable headlights, but the setting is not at the exact point it should be for the Mot, its set low and with a load it ajusts down to the same point, where is there the headlight ajusters for the manual setting of them and what is the procedure for it?..... thanks
  7. M1 yesterday comfortable at the legal speedlimit cough cough, no sign of any sway or movement any more than any other car i have driven, no noticable addition to wind noise either
  8. my 06 model can pull up to about 15mph on battery if i drive careful, but i got a heavy right foot so it seldom does, though it does cut the petrol at lights etc unless i leave it in sport mode
  9. my old Mk1 did, not had the 450 very long, this does seem a bit of over kill and if not expecting it, could have been a more serious thing..... Im assuming when the light comes on its supposed to show up what it is in the little screen in the middle of the dash, but it didnt happen and theres no need for the warning buzzer for something that minor
  10. Ha ha, yes it was Low screen wash, it flashed up this time on the middle screen with what it was, its a bit of over kill to have such a big warning light for something such as screen fluid
  11. on my 2006 gs450h when i go hard around a (usually) right hand corner the light and buzzer come on and stay on for a few seconds they then go out and all normal driving it doesnt come on at all including motorways and normal cornering in the manual it says its an all in warning, but not sure what it would be or what its pointing too it had been particularly wet for a few days and thought it may just be damp somewhere, but it happened again and its been dry for a few days now.......... It only seems to be under harsher cornering and only on that one side
  12. the 96 gs i had just had the standerd auto creep which held it from rolling back, my new 450 has anti roll back it feels different