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  1. First cold morning in London today and was very surprised that the front and rear screen had lots of condensation on the inside before I had even got in the car. More worryingly, even with the rear window heater on it had failed to fully demist the back screen after 20 minutes. Has anyone else noticed this since the cold weather started ?
  2. Interesting. I looked on Autotrader yesteday and I saw only 1 for under £10K but then the price jumped to over £11K. Plenty of SE's for under £10K but not with the full multimedia.
  3. Thinking about selling my car and wanted peoples opinion on what I could expect to get for it. Lexus IS220D SE Multimedia in Black 2007 56 plate Black leather interior Full Lexus service history MOT until Feb 2012 65,000 miles In very good condition throughout with the exception of slightly scuffed alloys.
  4. I needed a new set of tyres last week and when I told the garage the owners manual recommends 35psi in the front and 38psi in the rears they told me this is not correct and many Japanese owners manuals quote wrong tyre pressure. I generally trust these guy's as they have no reason to lie to me, they did laugh and say they would be happy to put 38psi in the rears as this would mean I would be back for new tyres far sooner than I need to. They recommended 34's all round. Any views on this ?
  5. Has anyone ordered the latest Navigation DVD's and if so how much are you being charged ? I understand they were released last month and I have been quoted £167 but do not know if this is a good price.
  6. The dash rattle seemed to be mainly from around the speaker in the centre of the dash, although this rattle would come and go with varying degrees of loudness. Sometimes I could push against the speaker and it would eliminate the rattle other times it would not. The door was around the locking pin area and as stated they removed and refitted the entire locking barrel. I am now very happy with the car. the only small issue I still have is the vibrating rear view mirror at speed or when the stereo is on loud.
  7. Well, my door rattle got worse, the tape around the door catch helped but did not cure. I phoned Lexus Cambridge and when I went out with a technician the first thing he noticed was the dashboard rattle. He said they had a fix for the dashboard but this required taking the whole dash out so the car would need to be booked in. I was very impressed with this level of service as they volunteered this without me even mentioning the dash rattle. He also heard the door rattle. The car was booked in last Friday, I picked up my courtesy car and around 8 hours later I had a call saying my car was ready. The car is now totally rattle free :D The door rattle was due to the entire locking barrel which was slightly loose, and this was refitted on both the driver and passenger door. The dash was also refitted as per a known Lexus fix. Fingers crossed that the car will now stay rattle free but I cannot fault the service I have received. On another note I am also happy with my MPG, most of my driving is totally urban being located in London and I am getting around 32 to 34mpg. When I have travelled on a longer journey I am getting between 38 - 43 MPG.
  8. I cannot see the point of the dvd playback, the function seems a total waste of time. Personally if I want to watch a dvd the tv at home seems the best option. Call me old fashion but the primary function of my car is driving, not a place to watch movies.
  9. I meant if you know approximately where you want to go you can zoom in to street level, place your pointer on the location and get the GPS co-ordinates. I used this to get to a B&B in the Peak district last weekend and it worked perfectly. As the meerkats say "Simple"
  10. You need to go on a website that converts the co-ordinates from decimal to degrees. If you already know the address or location there are various sites that will give you the co-ordinates by zooming in on a map and then placing your pointer to the location you want. A good site I found is this Lat & Long locator
  11. Some people on this thread mention putting in the GPS co-ordinates directly. How do you put these in on the MM ?
  12. I couldn't agree more. If you are worrying about how much the fuel costs then you shouldn't be in the car in the first place. Just fill the thing up and enjoy the car. Unless you've got the diesel of course. If you read the original post the question was about the trip computer vs the actual fuel left, I was trying to establish the accuracy and wanted to see if other owners could help. I could not care less about the 8p but the nearest garage to my work takes me in the wrong direction and I would have to sit in rush hour traffic for around 20 minutes to get there. My journey home is only 25 minutes. As said originally I have only recently purchased the car and am trying to get an idea of the accuarate MPG. For those of you who are interested my trip said 0 miles for about 3 miles of my journey and when I filled up I got 60 litres in.
  13. No I would not but right now my trip is saying 3 miles left but my local Shell garage near home is 4p per litre cheaper than the one near my work so I wanted to make sure I can do the 7 mile journey without running out of fuel.
  14. Interesting, when I last filled up the needle was on the "R" and I got 56 litres in the tank which indicated that there was still 9 litres remaining but my trip is showing 0-10 miles left in the tank. On my previous Audi the trip would show zero miles left but you could still get about 20-30 out of it.
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