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  1. redwez

    Rear Lights

    Has anybody put clear light on the rear and could they be done diy by taking out the orange lense and put in orange bulb to these
  2. Just pick up a 2.5tt needs an MOT but that nothing ,just looking for a bit of spec .I had a 300zxtt in the past which was very fast ,but driving the new car home this feels fast .So the question are what is the 0 to 60 time and what is the top speed.O how do i change the speedo to mph on the dash and are the front fog light false Cheers Wez
  3. Was thinking of putting it on e bay ,but I have done it before with a 300zx ?
  4. Yes thats the one .Looking at buying a white gs300 and swaping my sport wheels(black) on to it, as mine will be going for spares or repair due to the head gasket.Would it be a strainght swap ? cheers
  5. Does anybody have a photo of a gs300 98 model with a set of gs300 sport wheels on it please
  6. Can somebody tell me were the bleed valve is for the water system
  7. Ever since i have do a spark plug change the other weekend .I have had a problem with water coming back out of the header tank when parking up after a good run ?.Can anybody point out what is wrong
  8. the one under the word rear,but if that has a kink in it will that not the water flow around the system
  9. Looking for one of these 87246a hose,heater water outlet a (from heater unit) please see the the link
  10. Spot on mate thats the one the 87246A if anybody has a picture of this one it would really help at lot
  11. Does anybody have a picture of the engine from a mk1 .Looking for the heater matix pipe that comes out out the bulkhead and runs down to a metal pipe.My one seam to have a kink in the bend at he bulkhead.Did a service on her at the weekend plugs and think i might have put an air bubble in the system ,just had a major overheating problem today and think its all down to this pipe and the kink ?
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