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  1. Hello I was a member on this forum years ago and one of my posts selling my car is still alive with by phone number on it. It has been locked now so I cant edit or delete it. Would someone be able to advise how I can get rid of this post or atleast the phone number on it? Thanks Amol
  2. Happy Birthday amolkarnik!

  3. Its got the leather, auto box (I know this is standard on the RX), satnav (DVD), TV, comms pack, uprated stereo, rear aircon, traffic master, xenon lamps, sports pack, sports steering wheel, 6 cd changer, rain sensors... Drove the RX 300 at the time. I think the X5 handles much much better, is quicker. Also feels far more solid than the RX and classier on the inside. The Rx is too American. Dont mean to dissapoint you guys, but the Lexus never really did it for me. It was ultra-reliable and never failed me. However it was always missing that something. One of the main reasons I bought the Lexus was the value it offered for my money, but for the 3.5 years that I had the car, I always felt second best to a BMW (missing the small touches, fuel economy was awful, handling though great wasnt quite 3 series etc.). Now that I can afford a well specced BMW, I'd need to see Lexus bridge a big gap before I go back. Before I made up my mind to go back to the beemer, I had a mates 330Ci for 2 weeks. Sedate motorway driving regularly returned 29 mpg and aggressive driving still did 25 mpg. These are IS200 figures and I had a lot more fun. Perhaps the IS350 might tempt me back. That said, the resale on the IS was very good.
  4. They're very spacious. The 3 litre engine is very smooth and eager. And i've been averaging 23 mpg over the last 800 miles which is very good for a huge automatic that weighs in at 2.1 tonnes.
  5. BMW X5. 03 , 3 litre sport with lots of extras and 24k on the clock.
  6. I have sold my Is200 now. Should be handed over by the end of the week. Thanks to everyone who helped and contributed over the past 3.5 years. Time to move on though.
  7. Sale agreed. Should be gone by the end of this week. Many thanks to the great folk that make the club what it is.
  8. 2003/03 Lexus IS200 SE Black with Oakham interior Clean alloys changed at last service under warranty 1 owner from new 23500 miles Full Lexus Service History MOT/ Tax till April 2007 Climate control 6 CD changer Fully adjustable electric heated leather seats Front fogs Folding heated mirrors Electric sunroof Auto-dimming headlights Lexus mats Headlight washer Tiny parking dent on right rear door (I have tried to take a picture, but it wont show up. Too small) All inspections welcome. New car arriving saturday so will accept 11250 for quick sale.
  9. what benefit does the air suspension offer over the normal spring suspension in normal road driving? I believe that the range rover etc use the air suspension to reduce roll in normal conditions and to lower the car on motorway at speeds or raise it for offroading.
  10. Thanks Damer. Is it worth sticking to the main dealers to buy one. I notice a fair few advertised for private sale. Being what they are, a Lexus with FLSH and reasonable mileage should be a fairly safe bet. I'll try and seek one out with atleast some warranty. I believe the SE-L has air suspension. Does it not needlessly complicates the whole set up?
  11. Hi Guys I have been an IS200 SE owner and LOC member since May 03 and must admit that apart from the odd niggle or 2, its been troublefree motoring. I am now looking to upgrade to an RX 300, seeing that the prices seem to have come down a great deal in recent months. I have had a scan of the RX300 forum to see if there is a definitive list of known issues with the RX300 and I cant find anything beyond the lurching gearbox and wheel corrosion problem. I would appreciate if you could give me some pointers towards where the weakness areas with the RX300 are. I am also unable to find details of the specs for the RX 300, SE, SE-L and Limited Edition. Which is the one to go for? Any help is appreciated.
  12. HI I might be interested. What sort of mileage does it have? what about service history? have u got any pictures. Most importantly, what sort of fuel consumption do you suffer?
  13. I had my 20k service (@14k on the clock) at Lexus Leicester. Quite satisfied with the service except for a 'little' incident with the receptionist. Mark mentioned that all my tyres are showing signs of under inflation. I usually stick to 32psi. Should I up that? There are signs of excessive wear on the front insides as well and the tyres have been swapped front to rear as well. The report also showed signs of leakage in the oil pump area, but nothing was done to remedy the problem. Is this a known issue and are there no solutions? I had reported signs of corrosion on the brake callipers (white flaky deposits) and was told that nothing could be done and Lexus doesnt consider this to be a problem. I can understand that these are solid pieces of cast iron and the corrosion doesnt affect its performance, but surely there is corrosion and needs to be sorted out. Anyone experienced similar problems?