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  1. 2001 GS 430 cut out and wont start

    Fixed!!!! Had a mate round this evening for us to spend a bit of time having a look before I contact another mechanic or even Lexus tomorrow and with possibly a stroke of luck we found a cable that was touching the back of the drive belt and had almost cut through the cable. The cable turned out to be from the crank sensor (I assume), the shielding had been destroyed and I guess maybe it was shorting out or something. There was also another cable that had been touching slightly. We cleaned and repaired and the beast fired up first time. Took it for a drive and as good as ever. Problem now is I got grumpy on the weekend without my car and went a bought a Merc SLK 350 :D Not sure what I'm going to do yet.
  2. 2001 GS 430 cut out and wont start

    I didn't relate refuelling originally. The light came on as I got to Basingstoke so I stopped at the first garage and filled up. I stopped in town and then drove back to Farnborough, so around 20 miles in total. The next morning it stopped after 200 yards.
  3. 2001 GS 430 cut out and wont start

    Thanks for the reply. I filled it up, when it broke down I ended up ringing the garage to confirm I had used an unleaded pump and they confirmed I did. I have already emailed the garage and Texaco to let them know of the issue just to make some prep in case it is contaminated fuel. I'm off Thursday so will find a company to come and drain the fuel and keep a can as a sample and go from there I guess.
  4. 2001 GS 430 cut out and wont start

    Immobiliser light goes off as soon as I put the key in. I wondering if I should get one of these companies out to drain the fuel incase it's contaminated.
  5. 2001 GS 430 cut out and wont start

    He said there were no codes at all. He could not find anything wrong and he was completely baffled.
  6. 2001 GS 430 cut out and wont start

    Struggling now. Had a mechanic (with excellent rep) look at it briefly Monday and then for a few hours today and he came up non the wiser. Originally he said the fuel seemed to smell and taste funny. He ran, what he said, were full diagnostics to the capability of his equipment but nothing was showing. He said the plugs were soaked in fuel but I assume that may be because I had been trying to start it for a while? I've managed to borrow a car from a friend for now but I do want to get this fixed. The car's in great condition and in the last 6 months I've had all wheels refurb'd, new discs and pads all round and an MOT with no advisories..the car is wonderful so worth spending a bit on. Now I'm getting a bit more desperate to find someone that can come and have a look for me. I'm happy to pay going rates, never after freebies.
  7. Off to work this morning, 200yds down the road the car coughed and cut out. Turns over fine but doesnt start. Disappointed to learn my breakdown cover didnt cover me as less than a mile from home so £100 to take it 200yds. Any ideas? Should i be looking at fuel pump? Anyone in GU area (i'm GU14) that can look. I'm happy to pay :)
  8. I'll drop you a message mate, if that's okay. I'm in Farnborough but going to Basingstoke on Thursday.
  9. Hello fellow Lexus fans. I picked up a '01 GS430 earlier this year and have fallen in love. It's like driving a kingsize bed to work everyday. I have a slight issue with the Lexus locking wheel nut adapter being broken. it has 3 pins inside and 2 of them are broken so sooner or later I assume they'll simply snap. Can I get a new adapter or easier to get a new set of wheel nuts? Is a new set of wheel nuts is easier can anyone recommend a set..I don't want to get the wrong size/fitment. My wheels are standard. Thanks in advance
  10. I also ordered a pair, fitted in minutes..very pleased . Thanks :)
  11. Hi There

    Just wanted to say hi. I picked up a 1996 LS400 a few weeks ago and already adore it. It's in beautiful condition with 150k on the clock but a full Lexus service history. Unfortunately I've just spent the last hour in a town centre car park with the RAC disconnecting my alarm as I couldn't turn it off (boo). Also I received some bonnet struts from strutsdirect today only to find they didn't have the end joints fitted so I assume I have to take the old ones off the car then cut the ball joint. The car is a stunner though, in the last year I've had a Honda Legend, Jag and Rover 75 and the Lexus outshines them all and will be staying :) Anyway, I look forward to having some input into the forums :)