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  1. Having had my Alfa 147 now for 6 months (having previously had 3 IS200's), I'm now completely fed up of the merde customer service and shoddy workmanship. I've had a piece of plastic appear in a footwell, a piece of trim has fallen off a back interior panel, they've fitted the wrong ipod lead twice which has now been discontinued. There is no front end grip in the wet (I had more confidence is the real wheel drive IS!) and the only redeeming feature is the fab MPG (50MPG average). So, not wanting something as big as the current IS, I'm after up to date gen on the fabled BS. I know it will pro
  2. Doh!!!!! Doesn't come up thought in google... Which is what confused me. Did find /.com which appeared to be nothing more than a web site for spam :-( Thanks guys. Nice knowing you!
  3. Hi all. Having got rid of my is200 back in the summer, and been carless since, I'm moving to something with slightly less horse power. Well, to be honest, 1HP!!!! I'll be riding a lot more this year and what with my polo photography, am looking at a hilux invincible. residuals look to be great, MPG not so but won't be using it every day. However, I'm looking for recommendations for good hilux / toyota forums.... The obvious one, didn't even have the hilux listed! So, it's been great owning a lexus (or three) but time to move on to something slower and more practicle
  4. Don't forget, the is350 in japan is in both 2WD and 4WD (so the news paper here in osaka confirmed today!) gonna hunt down the local lex showroom and take a peek!
  5. Have an is 200 sport (2001 / 51) and have found an original sat nav (dvd) system for sale It comes with all the cables and was bought for installing in an altezza Should this be able to plug into a NON sat nav spec'd is200? Thanks in advance :-) Paul
  6. Have a 2001is sport where one alloy is past saving. Not through kerbing but just plain old corrosion. thus, am after a plane old 17" alloy of the 5 spoke variety.... Quite happy to supply reasonable beer tokens, etc :-) Thanks in advance! Paul PS: No appear on ebay and those that do are normally reet jiggered
  7. The answer was in your statement..... You spoke to the Sales team! SC I believe is Sports Coupe? Or Cab.... Cannot remember RX Is rec Cross (x)
  8. Sorry to hear this.... Hope you've been coping with whatever courtesy / hire car you've been given. This is why I;m with lexus insurrance. I know they wouldn't let the car out if it wasn't perfect and you also get another lex as a courtesy car if yours has to be repaired! Good luck!
  9. Welcome..... You've an is300 (manual) and one of the best bits of road known to man. Highway 1, California... Lucky git!
  10. Thought of that, but as both tyres and bald on the inside, the pic above being the better of the two, I'd best get some new shoes asap
  11. Hi, I've a is200 sport, with a whole mixture of tyres on it at the mo (was like this when I bought it from a dealer) and after: a spin coming off a roundabout - my first seeing the insides of the front tyres completely bald I've decided to not only replace the tyres but also get the 6 spoke styling kit alloys. I've just had the tracking done, but am now getting mixed answers from people. Do I have to change my camber if going from the 17's to 18's? Will I have to get the tracking done again also? From the rather wonderful wheels-in-motion web site, I've concluded that it was the tr
  12. Other news: Lexus is to bring a show car previewing the IS coupe-cabriolet, though we're unlikely to see the entry-level BS-series just yet. Expect also new LS (four-wheel drive LS460), hot IS500 and revised SC430 models, and to hear some more news on the LF-A supercar
  13. Me also... Have had around 550 (needle resting on pin at 520).... regular 500 on motorway / a1 trips
  14. Of course you are, you bought something powered by microsoft! Take it back and get the treo 650. Vastily superior to the 700 according to the wall street times! Hope that helps!
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