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  1. Much better now thank you. However the wife has insisted on DIY first a foremost lol....Ill get to it soon 🙂 Are you looking at the replacement Android screen units? I have to say I didn't let the RHD/LHD thing bother me buying only the wiring/module. All the seller asked was model year and which control I had on the center consol. Joystick/Touchpad. 3/5 sellers I contacted said that their unit will not work on the Touchpad. Glad I asked as I read reviews of people that had installed it only to find they cannot move the cursor when in CarPlay mode. Their only option was voice cont
  2. I took a punt on an Apple CarPlay solution for my RCF from Ali Express. The BeatSonic one was a) out of stock at the time and b) 3x the price and c) not wireless...... so having fitted one from china to my wife's mercedes with excellent results I thought why not. Shortlisted 5 sellers and then selected that down to 1 after exchanging many messages with each of the sellers. I was ill over Xmas and New Year but plan to fit myself very soon and if successful, I will post up links and a guide.
  3. It was on Autotrader but only for about 10hrs. Went up Sat night and by 9:30 Sunday morning a deposit was taken.
  4. Congratulations mate, it was almost mine. Happy motoring 👍🏼
  5. I have 2015 RCF with 25k on the clock and the leading edge on the drivers bolster is worn down to white from the factory black finish 😞 Will be looking for specialist to repair and treat.....
  6. I am pretty sure this car was sold privately back at the end of Summer. I tried to buy it calling the seller at 9:30am on a Sunday morning but they had already taken a deposit by then. It was advertised for £16.5k so I can only imagine it was the dealer that bought it and cleaned it up for the forecourt. From memory of the private sale pictures, the interior was a bit tired....but looks like it has been cleaned up / treated nicely. Looks like a good buy if you can get the warranty approved 🙂
  7. Same, had this on almost all of my cars during the thicker Winter months.
  8. Anyone managed to get Gold club discount on the warranty prices? Not interested for myself, but may benefit those following this thread...
  9. Wondering if it was anyone on the forum that bought this RCF in the end? FN15 VFT?
  10. Had my RCF almost 3 months now - my first F model and first v8. Indeed the world is changing, electric is being pushed more and more by our governments, but that is exactly why I went out and bought a v8 Lexus whilst I could! It could go 2 ways Either our cars will lose value if they come with even further increased running cost, or they will appreciate as v8's are phased out.... Who knows. All I know is I am going to enjoy for at least a few more years to come 🙂
  11. Looking for a used Quicksilver exhaust for the RCF. PM if you are considering a sale. Thanks Bill
  12. I missed out on this one, but if anyone else considers selling their QS, please contact me directly to do a deal. Thanks 🙂
  13. @Big Rat Given the research you went into for your warranty claim, do you know the paint code/colour for the orange calipers? @Wood Butcher Welcome to club F. You will love it. Got mine from a fellow member about 8 weeks ago now and I am still learning 🙂 Love it!!
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