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  1. £120 In need of refurbishment Removed from my 2008 IS250 a few years ago when I upgraded to f sport 18s Tyres included each have 4mm tread 225/45/17 fronts 245/45/17 rears Collection from DA16 Welling, Kent. May be able to deliver somewhere close to SE of the M25
  2. Brand New OEM Parts 04946-30110 I believe they will fit some GS models too, but please check part number. £20 free postage to UK
  3. Hey Dougie....did you go any further with your supercharging plans? I am currently talking with RR Racing in US about doing this.....just for the hell of it!
  4. Its a real shame they do not offer an "intermediate" spec in the UK. Like a fully petrol RC350 or something.....those of us that feel an RCF is just a little too extreme (price and running costs), but need more than a 4cyl hybrid (no good for petrol heads)...... Currently the dilemma I am having, can you tell? lol
  5. Ill have to be honest with you, I can't remember for sure.......I have Nav and ML yes. It would make sense for one port to be empty as that is where an optional CD changer would go, which is what my car recognizes the VLINE to be.... I followed the GROM instructions to a T, and it worked first time. Hope that helps.
  6. When it's brilliant and really brings the car into the modern day. Unfortunately I have personally had some issues with reliability and ended up with a brand new replacement unit issued by GROM. I did self install yes, was very easy if you take your time. Always best to remove something completely than try and squeeze behind it and all that. Mine is located in the glovebox secured on top of the plastic shelf they put in there with some velcro. I would advise against hiding it away as you will no doubt need access to reset it. I mainly use it for Apple CarPlay which is excellent and really glad I have it working in my 2008 car. Else I think I would be forced to spend money on a newer car 😉
  7. I used a Blackberry BT Gateway plugged into the Aux input...gave awesome output quality very good indeed. But I now have the GROM Vline.....
  8. Exactly how is the zero point calibration done? I recently fitted an ISF steering ECU and wonder if I need to calibrate?
  9. I recently had the CF hydrodip done in my SE-L too....completely transforms the cockpit, loving it!! Will get some pics v soon....
  10. Indeed it will....but the instructions on the US forum are direct from GROM.... Checkout post number 1797
  11. Oh that's good news for you....phew! I have found on the US forum a member was given a file from GROM to restore his unit by USB....
  12. I have read a couple of US threads yes and also found a youtube from the UK, but each example the owner is able to go into recovery mode and restore factory settings. But I cant even get into that, nor can I boot from the 8.1 SD card....awaiting GROMs reply anyway.
  13. Can you get into recovery mode? Hold the next track button and tap the screen 8 time? I will send GROM a link to this forum to show that I am not alone....
  14. Soooo I think my VLINE2 is absolutely bricked! Couple of weeks back, I installed the latest available firmware and software. This introduced wireless Apple CarPlay which I tested and stuff there and then in the same session as making the updates (car running all the time). The next time I went back to the car..........stripy screen. Tried all the usual troubleshoots myself, like unplugging overnight etc and no change. So I have been going back and forth with GROM support....I can't even get the unit to go into recovery mode (holding 'skip/next' and pressing screen 8 times). So they suggested booting off the 8.1 upgrade SD. Put it in the SD, plug the power cables back in, start the car..........NOPE same stripy screen (see pic). The stripes change from these orange thick stripes to thin white pinstripes depending on how it feels that day lol! GROM support are obv reading from a troubleshooting script and suggesting the next stage after 3 hours waiting for an email - its painful and just taking far too long. Does anyone have experience of a unit that was absolutely out of it and if so, how did you recover it please? Willing to go right back to factory seen as I have the upgrade SD and didn't have many personal things saves anyway. Thanks, Bill
  15. I’ve been running 8.1 since I installed in last June. Last week I thought I would just check what OTA updates are available and there was one for Firmware and Software. So installed them successfully and played around getting wireless CarPlay working and everything was great. Turned the car off went indoors. After that, it hasn’t worked at all.....stripes on the screen.