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  1. I know someone who recently upgraded to a UX with Lexus Sidcup. A couple of days after they did the deal (2-3 weeks ago), they offered him an RCF to try for the weekend.....
  2. Hi all, Does anyone know if we can convert the rear indicator bulbs to LED? If not, what is the problem exactly, so I can understand... Thanks
  3. Madness So it has now increased £1400 since I first viewed it lol
  4. In case you were all wondering, I am a very happy man indeed after collecting the RCF from @Dave400SE on Friday. Absolutely over the moon with it, and what an animal it is too 🤪 Been lame with the update/posts but after 2 days in the Peak District I then moved house so its all go. Hoping to give it a clean later today so will get some pics up 🙂
  5. Which brand though? Just looked, Brembo! Result.... Makes me wanna buy some even before I have bought the car LOL
  6. Cant remember if I mentioned it or not, but you have a K&N panel filter in the OEM air box.....FYI
  7. Haha it'll be House & Techno for me on the M1 home
  8. Got it, thank you 17 speakers.... 835w!! This is very good news for a semi professional DJ like myself 🙂
  9. I have the VIN from a do I get the build sheet? Found it by using Lexus-tech. It has TVD and Mark Levinson. ML also includes 10" screen right?
  10. Haha certainly is....Started feeling it yesterday tbh. All good things come to those that they say.