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  1. If they are that bad, they will fail the MOT My Sister-In-Law failed her MOT on misty headlights or insufficient light output, something along those lines.
  2. Thanks John. Glad I am not alone. I am going to try the AmourAll wipes this weekend but I suspect this isn't going to cure the crystallizing and will then go at it with a metal polish like you suggest. For sustainability, I wonder if a clear type sunscreen would work? Hmmm
  3. Aside from the yellowing, has anyone looked really closely at their lights? I thinkI can see some form of crystallisation going on in the lens. Is that possible? Has anyone else see that? No matter how much compound I use with a buffer, it doesn't go.
  4. Hi guys & girls, Finally got around to installing the VLINE2 this weekend. Bagged it 2nd hand from fellow member Graham Webster (if he is here many thanks indeed, smooth transaction with an honest member). Install was easy and I would recommend having a stab yourself if you are competent around your motor etc. I am a bit of a perfectionist so wanted all cables neatly tucked away, tied up no unnecessary slack etc etc. Removed the stereo as required but also decided to remove the glove box too to get better access to the roof of it where I decided to route all of the cables. Initially a bit scary as you will see from the pictures but worth the effort when it's all done and tucked away invisible. Removing the stereo is very easy, plenty of YouTube videos to help you with that. Glove box comes out with 5 black screws, 3 across the top of inside the lid, and two on each bottom corner just behind the air bag trim by the passengers knees. I actually ended up removing the passenger knee air back bracket as the bottom of the glove box is popped into it and I couldn't see a way of releasing it without risking a breakage. Was a lot easier to put it all back in place that way too. Remember to disconnect the battery before doing all of this as you are playing around with air bags!! If you feel inside the roof of your glove box you will feel it has a ledge in it, and the roof is slightly lower on the stereo side of the glove box. I cut a hole in vertical part of this ledge (which is about 25mm) so that the GROM cables coming in from the stereo pop straight through from that direction. Also, with the unit placed on top of the little plastic shelf inside the glove box the cables are invisible to a passenger when looking into the glove box from the passenger seat. I took up all of the slack on the video and power cables and left them to rest on top of the glove box roof with only enough to reach the unit coming through. GPS and Mic enter the same hole but from the other direction first. I took those up to the passenger A pillar via the corner air vent which you can see removed in the pics. The GPS sits nicely in the corner of the dash and the mic cable i took all the way up the A pillar, along the front edge of the roof liner, over to the top of the drivers A pillar where it is mounted. I did want to put it somewhere near the dome light in the centre but couldn't figure out how to fix it in place without cutting or drilling etc - which I didn't want to do in case I remove the GROM before selling the car. Unit booted up first time. Be sure to boot it up before you put all your trim and dash back in case something is wrong. I installed the new firmware via the SD Card so am now running 8.1. Though I cant comment on its performance vs 5.1 as I didn't even look through the unit before doing the upgrade. Was easy to do though, just gotta be careful with the SD card as I initially lost mine inside the unit and had to unscrew the metal casing to retrieve it. Oops. Anyways, so far I am really pleased with it. Got Apple CarPlay working too which is mainly what I bought it for but also impressed with the Google Apps available to use on VLINE itself. I plan to have a right good play with it both driving and now, also going to get a new launcher as I think there are much better ones available then the GROM stock launcher. Couple of initial observations however - When I test called my wife, she said that she could hear whatever she said in echo which doesnt happen when we talk via the Lexus OEM phone. Anyone else experience this? Can anything be done in the settings maybe? Turn the mic down or something? 2nd, the video posted above shows the widget shortcuts on the right hand side of the screen....I have fully updated my unit and it's still on the left. Any ideas? Very happy to help anyone that wants support with their install and those of you that contacted me about borrowing the upgrade for 8.1, please DM me and we can arrange you coming to my house. It only takes about 15 mins max. I dont ask for anything in return, but if you do drive and ISF, I'd quite like a quick go round the the block please 😄 Cheers, Bill
  5. Do you think the GPS antenna would work if was stuck to the underside of the dash surface out of sight?
  6. Ah yes I know the wholes you are talking about, didn't notice they had threads in them? Or maybe they don't. That's the beauty of this forum, picking up tips all of the time! I have already adjusted the shoes themselves, just wondering if you still need to take up slack in the foot pedal. See how it feels after I have fitted my new discs tonight with the shoes just touching nicely. Thanks again.
  7. Hi all, Can anyone please explain to me how the 8mm bolt helps to remove a stubborn disc? I managed to get mine off at the weekend with a few wacks of the hammer....but if there is a neat trick with a bolt I would like to know? Also, how do you adjust the handbrake cable itself At the pedal?
  8. Thanks John. I plan to replace the discs and pads when I rectify the slide pins, hopefully this will cure the braking sensation/efficiency issue. Thanks again, always helpful to learn from another members experience. Billy
  9. Perfect thanks John. Sounds like this could be causing the sticking sensation I am getting upon hard braking? It feels like the brakes are only making contact on part of the disc and as that part of the disc passes through it is 'grabbing' the car rather than smooth and consistent slowing down of the car??? Kinda like warped discs but on the rear so no steering wheel vibration....
  10. Great, thanks very much for even more feedback. Seems a common fault. Is anyone able to explain to me how the pin seizure in this place will effect the operation of the rear caliper & brakes please? Clearly it does, I am just curious as as far as I can tell the pin is lubricated only to make removal easier? Is that correct or not?
  11. Indeed, thanks very much for all of your advice everyone. Will get to it next weekend.
  12. Ouch! I think mine will be the same. It has seized on those bottom pins before. When I had the rear pads fitted the mechanic called me up to explain he had spent 45 mins trying to free the bottom pin and I might need a new caliper. Eventually he got it free'd but I guess he didn't spend much time cleaning it up etc as they seized and eaten the new pads. Hopefully I can get it off myself and clean up properly overnight etc.