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  1. Thanks John. I plan to replace the discs and pads when I rectify the slide pins, hopefully this will cure the braking sensation/efficiency issue. Thanks again, always helpful to learn from another members experience. Billy
  2. Perfect thanks John. Sounds like this could be causing the sticking sensation I am getting upon hard braking? It feels like the brakes are only making contact on part of the disc and as that part of the disc passes through it is 'grabbing' the car rather than smooth and consistent slowing down of the car??? Kinda like warped discs but on the rear so no steering wheel vibration....
  3. Great, thanks very much for even more feedback. Seems a common fault. Is anyone able to explain to me how the pin seizure in this place will effect the operation of the rear caliper & brakes please? Clearly it does, I am just curious as as far as I can tell the pin is lubricated only to make removal easier? Is that correct or not?
  4. Indeed, thanks very much for all of your advice everyone. Will get to it next weekend.
  5. Ouch! I think mine will be the same. It has seized on those bottom pins before. When I had the rear pads fitted the mechanic called me up to explain he had spent 45 mins trying to free the bottom pin and I might need a new caliper. Eventually he got it free'd but I guess he didn't spend much time cleaning it up etc as they seized and eaten the new pads. Hopefully I can get it off myself and clean up properly overnight etc.
  6. Trust me I cant wait....but my Mrs has it all wrapped up for my birthday Fair play RE 5.1 and the are right, hardly a deal breaker and you'll probably only be reversing at the end of your journey anyways.
  7. Hi all, My 2008 IS250 went in for the 2x recalls on Monday and as you would expect Lexus performed their free vehicle health check. All green ticks apart from the rear brakes. Rear pads low (after only 13k miles from new) and rear calipers seized. I guess the pads which were fitted new 13k miles back have been worn down by the seized calipers? I know this is a common fault so wondered is it more likely to be the slide pins than the caliper pistons themselves? If so, I assume a new slide pin kit with boots and grease from a brake repair supplier will do the job? I will replace the discs and pads at same time too. I will check the movement on the pistons to but without getting the wheels off yet just wondering what cost is more likely. New slider kit or new caliper? Thanks
  8. Hi Paul. I intend to install the hardware and then upgrade to 8.1 immediately so I will not know any differences I am afraid. I just figured would be better to start using it with the latest platform seen as it's only 14.99. People on this thread mainly have reported various issues in 5.1 which should be fixed....only one I can remember is the return to VLINE screen after reversing. Anyways, it arrived yesterday (2 day delivery). Will update once I have installed everything on the 2nd weekend of June.
  9. Ha no, The Moon and Six' died a death many years ago. I actually DJ'd there a few times as a youngster. It's now a Tesco Express as with most closed pubs..... I will come back onto this thread once I have installed and upgraded myself, and then everyone is free to visit me for an upgrade (subject to my availability of course).
  10. Ha yes that is me! I park there most days. I assume you live very close then? What colour is your IS? I haven't actually installed my VLINE2 yet, waiting for my birthday which is beginning of June. But as soon as I have it in and have used the upgrade successfully, I will gladly allow club members to come to me and upgrade theirs too.
  11. Dont see why not. Though I see you're in Kent, you can always come to me in Welling and install it for nothing.
  12. Hi all, I just purchased the 8.1 upgrade micro SD £14.99 +pp
  13. Can anyone recommend a darker blue paint/kit tried and tested please?