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  1. Best of luck with the warranty claim, will be very surprised if its not honored.
  2. "30% sale" and all that....every little helps.
  3. Can always request them to mark a lower value on the customs form
  4. Welcome Ben! Lovely colour choice too - same as mine. I ran the Quicksilver for most of this year and it is an awesome sound. I only got rid of it because I fancied polished pipes for the OEM+ feel and wanted a cat back too. Try lookout on here for a used one because IMO they are overpriced from new - might aswell get a catback. Not too far in Kent too, we will be trying to arrange a meet in Spring - watch this space.
  5. Hmmm very weird. Only explanation really is a crack in the water jacket.... Wonder if valley plate issue could be related??
  6. I have Elvins door lights in my RCF and to be fair to Ahmed yours look just as crisp!
  7. Take a look on the facebook groups 1) Community F 2) RCF Owners 90% of members are US and as they have so many more options for aftermarket parts, they have loads and loads of modified RCFs on there. Plenty to look at.
  8. Very good. I bought some from Elvin last year which seem to be VERY good quality and yours looks on par/same! Well done.
  9. You just need to ensure they are set to Auto on the door panel before you turn the ignition off, get out the car and lock it.
  10. Confirmation that my Quicksilver has now gone to a new home. Thanks to @-Error- for your business and a very nice long chat about all things CARS! 😉 Will post some clips of Invidia once I get it fitted.
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