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  1. Hi all, After I parked up at home following a long drive back from Bristol on Sunday, I noticed a mild smell of burning coming from the car. As I have had new brakes fitted recently I put it down to those wearing in after the long drive and thought no more. However, when I next started the car I have now got a whining noise coming from the engine bay which follows the engine speed. Only way I can describe it is like a really old gearbox whine but not as loud of course. I have taken the plastic covers off under the bonnet and by following the noise I am pretty sure it's one of the pulleys - which one I can't be sure. I could be seeing things but think I might be able to see the tensioner pulley wiggle very slightly from time to time - but could be my subconscious. I have tried to wiggle each pulley but they are all pretty tight with the belt still on so cant feel any play. Could the burning smell have been from the belt? Could a failing pulley cause the belt to rub/smell? Anyone have any advice of how to diagnose which pulley myself? That way I can just either do it myself, or save on diagnostic charges when I hand it to my garage. AC, Power Steering and Power all seem to working fine no faults...... yet. Car is 2008, done 70k and had a new water pump fitted 5,000 miles back. Thanks in advance for your help. Bill
  2. ahmed24 how are you mate? I was wondering where you managed to get brand new 2012 headlights for £495? Do you know the part numbers please?
  3. I have a 2008 SE-L with MM. Did the same thing, watched a DVD for 30 mins and voila, car wouldn't start! I am pretty sure though that the cars have a cut off point in charge levels under which it will not turn the starter motor. Frustrating as ALL of my electrics worked, but the car wouldn't turn over. Got a jump start and charged it overnight....then 3 weeks later wouldn't start again. Original 2008 battery done 60k so replaced it it's been fine since.
  4. Agreed, being a perfectionist it does bother me that I didn't actually find the cause and fix it. Never mind, will just have to hope it doesn't come back, was fine for a few years after all. Thanks for all of your input.
  5. Ok so today I removed the drivers door card to inspect the wiring and look for signs of a short, water ingress etc. All of the connections I soldered for the auto fold module seem intact and nothing touching etc. No signs of water or rusting either. I put it all back together and now cannot reproduce the error I was getting from the central locking. I did not remove the battery so the error I was getting must be due to a loose connection which corrected itself when I was moving around the wires. For now I will see how long it lasts and if it comes back will remove each connection and re-solder them. Maybe just a little blow in each of the multi plugs was what it needed....once can hope.
  6. Ok so I will get the door card off and do a thorough visual inspection in the footwell also.
  7. I was just reading this old thread searching for some clues about my own issue. I wonder if the electrical experts following this thread could offer me some help to diagnose my problem: My car locks and unlocks as expected without fault using the key fob. As soon as I place my hand inside the drivers door handle, the car unlocks itself repeatedly over and over until the door is opened. I get in and shut the driver door and all is ok. If I start the car with the door open, upon closing the door, the car unlocks itself twice, flashing the indicators and flicking the locks each time. This also happens if I press the door close sensor rather than actually closing the door. So it seems I have a bad earth or a short or both related to the open/close sensor on the drivers door - would you agree? I have a PO40 fitted which has been working trouble free for almost 2 years now. Where should I look first?
  8. Ok. I disconnected the battery yesterday whilst i replaced my headlight bulbs. Upon re connection the symptoms of the multiple flashing seemed to have been cured. That was until later that evening after another journey when it did the same again.....hand in the door handle and 5/6 flashes. I fitted a mirror auto closure box back in 2015. I am worried that one of my solders might have come loose and is shorting out. I have contacted Michael who supplied the box to see if he is aware of or seen the 5/6 flashes before..... Hope it isn't a deeper electrical issue.
  9. Hmmm that thread sounds more like it. I confirmed the symptoms last night: Lock and unlock on the key fob works as normal with 1 and 2 flashes. It is when I put my hand into the drivers door handle to trigger the key less entry, it flashes 6 times and sounds like the other doors open and lock etc. Sadly, I did not try those doors to see if they were unlocked. I will do some proper investigation in the morning tomorrow and then disconnect the battery.
  10. Great thanks for doing that (I am at work right now) My brother borrowed my car whilst I was away, I will ask him if anything unusual happened, otherwise disconnect the battery.
  11. I am going to dive into the manual tonight or at the weekend. If I get no answers, I'll reset via the battery.
  12. Hmmmm unfortunately not. I am getting the 5 flashes but when I press the unlock button once. I have always deadlocked my car (2 button clicks) but it has not ever caused the additional flashes. Maybe I will get the manual out, see if there are any clues in there.
  13. Hi all, Performed a search cant find this issue on the site.... The car flashes the indicators once/twice when I lock/unlock from the fob = normal. Recently, when I place my hand into the door handle to trigger keyless entry, it flashes 6 times and the locks trigger around the car. This happens even if I have already unlocked the car on the fob. Does anyone know why this might be? Perhaps its a warning for something or a symptom of another fault? Indicators working perfectly for use when driving. Thanks Bill