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  1. 2m Ive got some slack that I can pull out and poke back into the centre consol again, but I wouldn’t get less than 1.5m
  2. I drilled a hole in the bottom of my cup holder behind the gear stick. The phone sits nicely upright in there Brought the cable through from the glovebox under the bottom left corner of the stereo unit and along the centre consol
  3. I had mine done in anthracite and then diamond cut the face.....very pleased!
  4. Do you have a link to the bulbs which you bought so I know they are dimmable? Not all LED are dimmable Infact, if you wouldn't mind, PM me links to your logo door lights, boot struts and bulb upgrades please? Thanks Billy
  5. Certainly does, thank you v much. Final question (sorry), do you LED puddle lights fade in and out like the halogens do as standard? Or did adding LEDs mean they are now on and off only?
  6. Could all of you that have been through an MOT with the VLANDS please let us know if you had any issues? Thanks 🙂
  7. @BongoCould you do a 'how to' for the puddle lights please? And do you have contact for the hydro dip please? Thanks
  8. Perhaps they do not dim then? Which as I am sure you know is MOT failure. Rubbish/frustrating if so..... Can anyone else that has fitted them confirm if they dim with low beams on?
  9. Ok so that must be the feed for the ignition live to turn on the DRLs when you start the car. Can you not find a 10a fuse under your bonnet entitled "IGN2" or alike? The lid of the fuse box has a map on the inside of it. Am I correct that the only other connector is the multiplug that plugs into the cars loom same as the OEM headlights do? If so, then all of the tech that dims the DRLs and turns them into indicators must be built into the internal wiring/harness of the VLAND headlight. I suspect the VLAND headlights might be faulty OR the way they have rearranged the pins in the multiplug must be incorrect for a 220d vs a 250 - which I find hard to believe as a headlight is a headlight regardless of which engine you have. I wouldn't have thought the loom for headlights would be different between the two cars (220d vs 250). I would try finding a 10a ignition live first. Then if that doesn't work, get in touch with VLAND directly (not your supplier). Sorry if you know all this, but trying to help in case you don't....
  10. I'd have thought the DRL has a dimmer and switchback module built into the headlight/harness? How many connections does the instructions from VLAND tell you to make from the car? Could you post a pic of them maybe?
  11. Looking good I get what you mean RE sidelights now.....what happens when you put sidelights on? Nothing?
  12. Have you got your cars manual? You just need to find an ignition live fuse under the bonnet. I have not got the VLANDs but from what I have seen, they just need a feed from an ignition live to power the DRLs when the car is turned on. The switchback for indicators etc should be built into the harness that comes with the headlights no? Perhaps it’s more complicated?
  13. I shall play around with the display settings till I hit the sweet spot.
  14. Interesting. Maybe I will try moving mine to same place as yours. Though I have VLINE2 and so dip in and out of Grom / Apple CarPlay depending on what I am doing. How do you find the graphics? I am finding Google Maps and Maps a bit hard to see. All of the roads aren't very clear being white blending into the white back ground.
  15. I agree it is a lot quieter using CarPlay. I think it's because the sound is fed through the entire set of speakers as if you were listening to music, whereas the OEM Lexus handsfree feeds it to the drivers speaker and probably increases the volume slightly. I noticed you mounted the mic on the windscreen....and you haven't had any complaints from the people on the other end of the phone?
  16. Great write up, I installed my VLINE2 in exactly the same way. If you are thinking of VLINE2 or VLITE, the install is the same as shown here. Very easy, don't be afraid. @iSalajee Out of interest, how are you finding the phone feature? I find the person on the end of the phone has echo using VLINE with Apple CarPlay so I opt for the Lexus bluetooth instead. Texting via Siri is very very useful indeed.
  17. Does anyone know the UK part numbers for the 2011-2013 DRL Headlights please?
  18. Anyone got a pic or video with the rear fog in action please?
  19. Passengers side easy, you just gotta remove the washer fluid funnel thing. Drivers side, the airbox needs to come out....well it did for me anyway.
  20. That last bit about shutdown upon zero rotation is smart. I agree with you about ordering from china via ebay, doesn't fill your boots with confidence. If you do find a decent kit and its affordable, I will be interested.
  21. No I haven't but....the VLINE2 is just like an android tablet placed into your OEM screen and it has bluetooth also, so I can't think of any reason why you could do this. Do you have a link to a TPMS kit that you would recommend?