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  1. Great posts and Ive just purchased a GSD 65 with Alexa to fit. Im still unclear as to wether anyone managed to link it to the cars stereo, with mute facility. Also Bax can you confirm which camera you fitted? The 65 does accept the Bc40 now after an update. Did you fit the Bc 30 and if so can you just use the camera and sender at the rear and connect vis bluetooth or do you need the adapted power supply. Cheers Nigel
  2. The diagram is great. Thankyou very much. I think it's the rear sensor but I am not sure. You can buy aftermarket ones from the USA but they seem to be lasting just6 months according to the reviews. I have no time to mess at the moment so I will take the easy option. Thanks again
  3. Can anyone tell me where the headlight levelling module is please. 2005 Sc430
  4. Yes the sensor has had it. Looking online they don't seem very reliable. I've tried the cleaning way. One of the contacts has snapped. I thought I would just pull the module plug when it's in the right position. I just cannot locate it. Cheers
  5. Could someone please advise me as to the location of the Sc430 (2004) headlight levelling module. It is somewhere under the dash but whereabouts I have no idea. Thanks in advance
  6. Hi can anyone tell me where I can get/view a wiring diagram for my 1999 rx300 please
  7. Hi I fitted a lexus towbar off a 2002 to my harrier. very easy to do. You have to check that it made to fit the lexus with the internal spare wheel .
  8. The am reception on my 1999 rx300 is lousy. It is perfect with the engine off but crackly and very poor with the engine running. Are there any common problems. It is an import with a fm expander. On Fm the reception is not to bad. Help please I love my talk sport.
  9. Hi fellow lexus owners. I followed your advice and purchased an RX300 rather than an Mseries merc. Now i have one I know that I made the right decision. I love it. Its superb. Its a 1999 rx300 with only 68,000 miles and it looks like and drives like new. wow so quiet, refined and smooth. I have had a freelander a grand cherokee before both lpg converted and this is miles better than both. I maybe wish that I had a genuine uk version but I do have tiptronic and a low mileage at a greatly reduce price. I have a boxster which is my fun car and this one for work. But the Boxster can stay in the garage for a bit, I love driving this. I will be lpging this vehicle next week and have managed to great a great quote of only £1100 I will keep you all informed.
  10. Hi i have just fitted a towbar on my 1999 rx300 . It was very easy to fit. it took less than 30 minutes. However I feel the electrics might be different. Can I use a standard wiring kit and splice into the lights as everyone use to do, or do I need one of these smart 7 way relays to overcome modern warning systems. Is there a connector plug anywhere that I might connect to or find all the necessary cables. Any help advice would be appreciated. Thanks Nigel
  11. Hi my name is Nigel and I am the new owner of a mint low mileage rx300 . I pick it up this week and cannot wait. Great forum.
  12. Hi I am a new member and was just about to purchase a 2001 rx300 when I read on the internet about engine sludge problems and gearbox problems so I have put my purchase on hold. It was a toss up between the ML320 and the Lexus and before reading the above the Lexus was my choice. Is the sludging a problem that is confined to USA vehicles? How big is the gearbox problem and what should I look out for. Any advice woulod be greatfully appreciated. Thanks Nigel