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  1. Hello everyone, Please excuse me if this has been discussed before. I am considering convert my Harrier (RX300) to LPG next week. Has anyone done this before??? The engine code is 1MZ-FE. Could anyone tell me if the RX300 using the same engine please!!!! Is there anything I should watch out on the conversion??? Any info would be appreciated.... Felix
  2. Hello PPL Tony from wheels in motion re-wrote the Geometry positions for the Lexus some years ago dissolving the habitual inner front tyre wear problem and he kindly punished it here. could anyone post a link please, I need it to set up mine tomorrow, I got inner wear problems. many thanks Felix
  3. right, thanks for he reply. I meant some years ago maybe 5 or more, I am reasonably sure they did, as I had a copy of it, and did my old IS with it in my local. Steve, do you have any achieves of the old forum? could anyone help?
  4. Just want to share the cheapest timing belt change £O.E. timing belt £18.01 Lab: £130 inc VAT and O.E coolant. (TOYOTA specialist) this is what he took out from my car. He he ..... Very Lucky Felix..........
  5. Cheapest Timing Belt Change

    Hi, My is done 74060 yesterday. Yes you are right. I will not lose any sleep over the tensioner, idler or the water pump. Will fix it when they are broken. The only reason I do the timing belt is it will be "behind economical repaired" if it went. I wish there is a easier way to inspect the timing belt. How about make the cover transparent? he he Felix
  6. Cheapest Timing Belt Change

    Good Question. There is a very wide accepted practice that you do the tensioner and the idler and water pump at the same time. I don't buy that. "In 25 years of working for TOYOTA, I never replaced one because of it's broke, water pump yes, there is no need if it is not leaking" - the TOYOTA specialist said. I am happy to pay £150 for the job. and keeping eyes on it every service or every 10K. Felix
  7. does anyone know where I can get 5L of this type 4 ATF? Lexus wants 50.00 for it + delivery. any Alternatives maybe??? many thanks Felix
  8. Old Members

    So glad to see a few familiar names. Yes people do move on after a while, I noticed a interesting trend (tendency if you like) which is a few of old members here bought a Discovery or other kind of 4X4 after a while. Correct me if I am wrong.
  9. Matt Black Bonnet

    Sorry for being off the topic, I quite like the idea of Carbon wrapped bonnet, anyone has any pics PLEASE any idea the cost? and if any recommendations in midlands area? thanks Felix
  10. all really depends that you are keeping the car for a while or just yearly change. and also don't forget you are much GREENER. It's your call. Felix
  11. New And I Have A Problem!

    it seems that it does have an issue with the ipad. same here, no issue with my Mac book or Iphone which both has safari browser. someone help!
  12. I 100% agree with Andy and Jay_russell's. don't even try to do it any other way which will be waste of your time and $$.. Good Luck Felix
  13. bump in to a 4X4 last week. Any one have a spare driver-side rear light for a 03 IS200? PM me Many thanks Felix P.S. sorry couldn't "start new topic" in buy and sell section.
  14. Gas Conversion

    why not, I can't see the reason. don't try to find a cheap place to do that is the advice. 1600 - 1800 would be reasonable. Good luck. Felix P.S. Make sure you find someone has done a few of these and insists a flash lube kit is needed. O sharp tank is waste of time, get a big one behind the seats.
  15. agree with above. the gauge will reset every 150 miles itself. it happens on our old RX300 and my IS too. you will get use to it after a few tanks Felix
  16. 1st thing to check is if your tyres are balanced. 2nd thing is trying to find where the vibration came from, eg, front or back or engine bay 3rd thing to check is if the "shaking" only happens on a specific speed band, such as your said 65-75, how about over 75? (you may have to go to a private road to test that ) Good luck I am sure you will have people to help you out when you have more details reported back to here. Felix
  17. My Turn

    something good always comes out something bad Can't wait to see your new body kit on Felix P.S. get the rear lip painted as the same time!
  18. too right, I don't take the car to the dealers after she is over 4/5 years old, it will not add any value to the resale anyway. A good specialist will do as good job as the stealer. the stamps really worth nothing in my eyes Felix
  19. for the guys out there done this: is it necessary to remove the The Sat nav and vents console at all, if you can reach the back of the head unit from the bottom? thanks Felix
  20. How Clean Is Your Car?

    WoooooooW, so nice, I never had the car this clean apart from on the delivery date. he he he You need to get the radiator holder painted and change a few bolts and it will look like just be delivered. Nice one! hope you live next door :-) Felix
  21. Today's Service - Shock!

    I strongly suggest everyone checks it yourself. it only need a No 10 socket. undo 5 bolts you will have a 2 inches gap to inspect your timing belt. turn the engine 3 - 5 times check it all the way round. it takes less than 5 mins. Good luck everyone Felix
  22. apart from all the background checks, such as V5C, engine numbers, VIN numbers, service history, you also can check past MOT records on DVLA website for free with the mileage. now down to the car 1, overall conditions, extra attention to the give-way signs such as excess wear on steering wheel, gas peddle, seats. 2, accident/repair signs? 3, timing belt/water pump changed? evidence of changing? 4, ball joints 5, uneven ware of any tyres? 6, start the engine when cold with bonnet open, listen to it, after it warms up shut the bonnet, you shouldn't be able to hear the engine running etc.... I only got a few mins to response to this list, I am sure others will get you a much better list, will come back to update this when I got a few mins Felix
  23. What Made You Buy An Is200?

    2.6K per year? god! you were 17 with 9 points or what?
  24. What Made You Buy An Is200?

    it was long long time ago......... actually in 1999............ Lexus B'ham guy came to my office wanted to rent my show room, anyway, cut the long story short. they moved in and I could see all their cars from my glass office upstairs all the time. I liked the look of the "new" IS at the time, so took one out for a drive, no bad, so I had it. Crashed it out side my company car park one morning. (head on, I got out the car by myself and the other guy wasn't that lucky) Anyway, bought something else after that, had it for a little while, it just didn't give me the same feeling behind the wheel, so bought another one of IS200 again. had bought my missus RX300 and RX350 after that. As the dealer were just downstairs (they moved to a "new" showroom in 2005 - the old BMW one in Sutton) I had many times to test-drive anything in the show room (inc IS300 for a long weekend to France as you asked). Till now I am still driving an IS 200, 10 years now, still loving it. Felix
  25. Hi Welcome to the Club. check your timing belt and water pump + lower ball joints. (service the gearbox as well after 100K Miles if it's a Auto) as long as your dad serviced the car at the regular basis, you shouldn't have much problems with the engine, the noise? I can't comment on is as we have different definitions. - The indicator on the bottom should be the your MPG. - don't event try to turn it as you won't get much out of it until you want to super charge it. look after it and enjoy the drive. Felix