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  1. I'll add one more to help your record ! I live in dry stone wall county (Yorkshire) and have only 14" either side along the road to my driveway. If you meet another vehicle then, dependant on how far you are down the lane, one has to reverse. For all the 6 years with my RX400h SE-L reversing at night, in pitch black, has been a nightmare. There only needs to be one stone sticking out and there goes another £150 for bumper repair, and I've had two done. Before anyone chips in with some wisecrack as an advanced driver for 49 years & holder of police class 1 I think I know how to reverse but in this car it is an experience in the dark you never hope is you have to do. Your initial point about the revering lights being crap is totally correct and quite honestly I think some people on this forum have never had to reverse in those situations. I removed my deflectors within a couple of weeks of buying the car, made some difference but not enough to save my rear bumper !
  2. Reading all these reported fuel consumption figures makes me think I drive very badly, or my Lexus dealer has never set the car up correctly. The best consumption I have every attained on my 58 400h is 26.7 mpg (UK). I envy the rest of you but then what the heck, I enjoy the car.
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  4. I couldn't agree more with Ullivi. Had my 2 year old 400h for around 2 months and I live in a very rural area with narrow roads and very steep hills. In fact I cannot go anywhere without hills and yet I am averaging 29.9 mpg. Have to say if you "floor" it, it lifts like the clappers.