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  1. I have just been quoted £216 for an interim service - this seems quite high when compared to the cost of £270 for a full service. When you compare what is actually included with the interim service, I cannot see how Lexus justify this cost. Bearing in mind that the Lexus IS was designed to have LOWER running costs than the competitive products from Germany, my Audi A6 was a lot cheaper to both run and service!!! I am looking to get my car serviced in the Basingstoke area....can anyone recommend a more competive garage than Lexus Bracknell???
  2. Wonder if they are going to do an -F version???
  3. If this is the way we are going at Lexus, possibly with an all Hybrid Line-Up, then we will have to get used to it. Personally I like the CT200h and think it is a step in the right direction for Lexus and I did like the concept interior very much, but suspect that much of this won't make the final model unfortunately. What this will also do is to bring in a new range of customers to our brand and that is always very much welcome, especially given the huge explosion in the range of German cars that are now or will be currenlty available. Good for Lexus, keep developing these models and you just may steal an edge on the other luxury brands out there. We are certainly going to be considering one of these as a second car when it becomes available later 2010/early 2011 providing we like what we see and the test drives prove beneficial, then one will be added to our family car list! And I for one, can't wait to try it.
  4. I have had two Dyson vacs - a DC05 (twin cylinder looking one) and and original DC01. They worked well until the filters clogged up and they cost a fortune to replace but the real reason we scrapped them both is that they fell apart...the plastics are not particularly good and the handle broke off the DC05. That was probably 5 - 6 years ago. Bought a Miele Solution HEPA S718 and it has been brilliant. Much better build quality, is much lighter in weight and the suction is it uses bags (cheap on Ebay)...never a problem with it, nothing has broken and have only need to replace filter once in 7 years! I'd like to support UK engineering but quality and reliability just isn't there...which is why I drive a Lexus!
  5. 989167...... How long do you reckon this is going to take?
  6. As a matter of interest, should you not then get the headlights realigned once you have fitted the HID kits, as the focal lengths of the new bulbs surely would be different? Just a thought for those who are contemplating this mod, as I once failed an MOT after I had fitted replacement High Intensity lamps into the vehicle as both headlights were way out of alignment when they checked the beams!
  7. Hi Ahmed24, If you can get the p/ns I need, this would be most helpful indeed and I can order up the parts in advance. Unfortunately my wife is using the car at the moment and she is away working in London, so I am unable to obtain the numbers myself!!! If you or anyone else can provide me with these, I will be able to get the parts on order at least. Thanks again for your kind help.
  8. Thanks for the feedback on this ahmed24. I have had some quotes for a complete mirror unit today which vary between £217 and £254 plus VAT. So the integral indicator and clear plastic cover are removable therefore replaceable then? It sounds simple enough to do. Do you have any idea of what the part numbers would be for the items or would these be printed/embossed on the parts that are already fitted??? I assume that the indicator repeat LED's must have a connection inside the mirror housing for me to replace this then, otherwise I would have to remove the door card to get to the connectors as per most car designs. Thanks for your help with this.
  9. Unfortunately I have just had someone drive past my car whilst travelling slowly along a two-way stretch of road and despite me pulling right over to the LHS, the idiot (in an BMW X3)manged to drive by as fast as possible smashing into my drivers door mirror, popping out the glass and smashing the indicator part......unsurprisingly he did not stop although the cars following did to offer help! :tsktsk: No one got his full reg no. though so the full cost of the repair is going to be down to me. A couple of questions..... Has anyone out there replaced an IS220 drivers door mirror? If so... How easy is it to strip down the drivers door panel to get to the wing mirror fixing points? Where is the best place/most cost effective place to purchase a drivers door mirror? Can the integral indicator and clear plastic cover be replaced, rather than the whole mirror, as it is this part that has been damaged? Your feedback/thoughts will be most appreciated on this. Cheers
  10. I concur. Nothing wrong whatsoever with the IS220D, The vast majority of people I have spoken to who own them, love them. I have no issues with the car mechnically (apart from being a bit 'fidgety' in the ride quality), it is a good car. If I had read all the bad reports on the IS, I could have been disuaded from buying one, but I made my own decision based upon an extended test drive over one week and thought I would give it a go. Remember, forums are often a sounding board for many to air their gripes (I have too about servicing prices) but that is what forums are like! Just pick the bits that are relvant to you and don't worry about the rest!
  11. Blimey...didn't realise you all felt so passionate about it! 10K is an 'Interim Service', basically an oil change and a check over....taking the car off the forecourt has already depreciated the 2nd user value by some considerable margin anyway. Thats life. The car drives beautifully, with absolutely no problems whatsoever and mechanically, it is as sound as any car I would expect from Toyota/Lotus! I had a new MR2 T-Bar way back on an E-Plate. Never saw a main dealership apart from when I picked it up. Never had a problem in 80,000 of hard driving! Not one recall, not one fault! Local garage servicing only...not one service interval missed and it was bought off me buy an avid Toyota fan who was absolutely chuffed to bits with the condition of it - he said it was one of the best kept, best serviced MR2's he had ever seen and bit my hand off to buy it! I have had countless new cars since and most I have had serviced at 'non-franchised' dealers. Diesel engines are so reliable anyway and I will keep the car for no more than two years, so why waste all the money going to a 'main dealer'? Yippee..a few bottles of wine, a valet. Great I can do that myself and do a better job and buy a crate of wine with the money saved! This will annoy many Lexus officiandos but lets get real is only a car and mechanically, the same as millions of others on the road....just a different badge on the bonnet and backside!
  12. Very simply its down to cost - nearest main dealer is 35 miles away and charges £350 for an interim service. The Nat Auto centre is Lexus aproved and does an interim service for £130....after all its, just a oil and filter change and a general check over the car operation, according to the Lexus Interim service schedule. How can they (Lexus) justify £350 plus VAT of course? I have a full print out of what was done, chose the oil to go into the car and the car was vacuumed and washed for me too - oh, and the centre is only 11 miles away. It made financial sense. When the first major service is due, then this will be done a Lexus MDC.
  13. I can't understand the problems.......I have been running my 220D SE-I since new in March 2009. Have clocked up 11,600 miles and not a single problem of any significance. Regularly getting 48-50MPG, no rattles or squeaks from the interior, everything works electrically and mechanically. Just runs very well indeed. All I do is check the oil, water, tyre pressures etc. If I have a gripe, it is only one and that it is the quality of the paint. Its rubbish in comparison to the german products. Next time, I;ll buy a ligter colour rather than Windsor Blue so this won't be a problem. Other than this, I will be buying another and probably a new LF-Ch for the missus!
  14. I have just had my first 10,000 service (interim) and I was a bit shocked to have a report back from the garage (Nati*&^%^&*ide Au&*^%$ntre) that they advised that my wheels need balancing and alignment checked/redone!!! Apparently they have seen signs of wear since they last saw my car. :o Well thats odd, as they haven't seen my car before and the wear on the tyres is nothing unusual for a car that has done this mileage, which has mostly been on motorways! The wear is even across the tread surface. I am not one for 'wheel spinning' or driving like a maniac round corners and the like, so I cannot understand why they are saying this? Is it just a ploy to drum up more business? They even sent me a reminder and included a £10 off voucher if I go in the next week to get it done! Realistically, I cannot see any way the alignment of the wheels would have gone out over this mileage and as I have driven all of them, I would have know if I had run up a kerb or hit a boulder to disloge the tracking! Is this another case of 'He's got a Lexus so lets extract some more money'.....??? Discuss.
  15. Is there a part number for these that I can quote as my nearest dealers parts counter are not the brightest bulbs in the box, if you know what I is difficult for them to understand anything I ask for! Cheers
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