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  1. Sorry should have said. I,m in south wales although i would be willing to meet somewhere.
  2. As title says. pick them up and they are yours. They are brand new and have never been used.
  3. i have a brand new never been used set of mats. they are grey with leather trim. you are welcome to them if you can pick them up.
  4. The time has come to change my car. I am going to miss the lexus , but fancied a change. Picking up my new car tomorrow, a Ford Fiesta ST. Was only offered £1000 in p/x for the lex. Its been fun !
  5. don't know why it was so hard to give a set of wheels away for free,
  6. how do you go about debadging ? is it a lot of work ?
  7. looking good ! tinted windows and new wheels will make it look like a completely new car !
  8. Yes they are 17 and pics are on my previous post
  9. So i can't even give them away ? Off to the tip then.
  10. Yes sorry. Same as my previous post. The wheels are in Newport, South Wales.
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