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  1. Hi Folks What time is this happening? I'll be close by on Monday so could pop by depending on the time.
  2. hey there if the right foot gets too trigger happy then the fuel certainly goes quick. my daily commute is 90% motorway, on a full tank and (driving very conservatively) I can get almost 350 miles, if I remember correct.
  3. Nice one. My alloys are in a bad state but haven't been able to find a recomended outfit to do a refurb on them. I'll check these guys out. I got the standard 17" alloys as well but was thinking of making them grey or black.
  4. BEANS mod, I'll have to find out about that.
  5. Cheers folks. Some photos to follow at the weekend after I have washed it, its a bit dirty at the moment.
  6. Hi Folks Residing in the west lothian area, howdy. I actually joined a couple of weeks ago, roughly a week after I bought my is200. First time with a Japanese car. Previous has been all German, golfs and a merc, so its a different style but a good one so far. Already, this forum has provided some great information. Cheers
  7. Nice one guys. Thanks for the info. Hi Ormi. I'll pm to discuss stuff further if thats ok.
  8. Hi Folks I've recently joined the ranks of lexus ownership and am enjoying it so far. Its due a service soon (60K) which I enquired about at lexus edinburgh, I was quoted about £630 which I don't fancy since the car is 9 years old and has been serviced by an independent for last 2 services by previous owner. Does anyone know of a good independent in the Edinburgh/Lothians area or even anyone on here who does servicing in their spare time :) Any information would be appreciated. Cheers