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  1. I had the same problem with rain water getting into the boot on the 2000 LS430 I bought last year. I bought a non genuine replacement seal to replace the old original one. I don't have a garage to work in so on a dry Sunday afternoon I set about changing the seal. I cut the original seal cleanly in the middle near the lock, and pealed it away very easily as the original sealant had perished. Then fitted the new seal, first without using any sealant to check it would fit properly, it didn't! The new seal was too big a section and the boot wouldn't close. It then started to rain! So I quickly cleaned all the remnants of the old sealant from the boot lip and the old seal, and pressed the old seal back in place. That was six months ago, and despite all the rain we have had since the boot has stayed bone dry! I think the old sealant that had perished was acting like a wick and allowing the rain water in, because all I have done is clean the existing seal and the boot lid and replace the original seal. It's a zero cost option that might work for you John N
  2. Yes there is another earth to check. I had an intermittent misfire on a Lancia Thema I ran for a few years, which turned out to be the earth connection between the engine block and the chassis. It is just as important as the earth from the battery to the chassis. If you are getting misfires, use a diagnostic tester to read the fault codes. If all the misfires are from the same cylinder, it will probably be a fault with that cylinder, eg. spark plug, ht coil or fuel injector. If the misfires are coming from all the cylinders at random it will be an electrical fault like a bad earth. John N
  3. The dipped beam bulbs on an LS430 are HIDs. The original Osrams on mine lasted 16 years and 150,000 miles. The details are in the handbook, you can get ones cheaper than Osrams but if you are keeping the car they are worth the extra, I got a pair off Ebay and they are easy to fit. Just be careful if you find some very cheap they are probably fakes. If the price is too good to be true beware! John N
  4. You are right about the older Honda Jazz being targeted, my daughters' 2004 car was parked outside her house over night. She didn't know a thing until it sounded like a tractor when she started it up in the morning. She phoned the police who gave her a crime report number! It cost us about £500 in the end. A close neighbor of mine had a similar car so I spoke to her to warn her. "Oh mine was stolen from the shopping center car park in broad daylight last week" she said! The garage we took my daughters' car too said they had just replaced the cats on a dozen Mercedes Sprinter Vans that had been parked in the yard at a local transport firm. They were all taken in one night and cost over £1,000 each. This is all in a small area of North Manchester,so how big a national problem is it? It could help if there were a few police men with some spare time! John N
  5. In early May I bought two of these from Ebay, German made, and they solved my problems with a car that had been stored for 5 years. Open this link in a new window. Before buying new bearings though just check your wheel nuts are tight. I had a similar problem that was caused by the nuts not being tightened correctly. John N
  6. When I was looking for a replacement for my first LS430 radiator, I found there were two versions of the radiator available from Lexus. The spares manager at Lexus didn't know the difference between them! What I found was that on my radiator there is a connection for a small bleed tube from the top of the radiator to the water reservoir, this make the radiator "self bleeding". If you take the air intake box off the top of the radiator you can see it clearly on the same side as the water reservoir. On the other version of the radiator this bleed connection is missing. (This is the cheaper version of the 2 radiators available from Lexus, which I bought first, and then had to send back because of the missing connection!) I think there was a version of the car made with a non-pressurised cooling system, but the version sold in this country used a pressurised system and the self bleeding radiator. First check the top of your radiator to see if it has a bleed tube connection, and if you buy a replacement on-line check the picture or drawing of the radiator to make sure it comes on the radiator you buy. John N
  7. Do a quick check of your tyre pressures, and check all the tyres are the same size. Had a similar problem that turned out to be a rear tyre with a slow puncture. The tyre that is going flat has a smaller diameter, so the wheel has to turn faster than the one on the other side of the car. This confuses the Vehicle Stability Control system that expects to see both wheels turning at the same speed! I fixed the slow puncture, cleared the 'fault log' and I have not had the problem again. John N
  8. Paid £188.50 earlier this year for one off Ebay with a 2 year warranty. I think that's about half the genuine Lexus one costs. John N
  9. It does look a little smaller than the one I have fitted, but mine was bought 11 years ago from Kenlowe, and it wasn't scientifically sized, it just looked about right to me! Kenlowe appear to have stopped making them now and the current ones come from China. If you are concerned give Paul Frost a ring at Lexus Spares Direct, he puts that kits together and sells them. He is very knowledgeable about Lexus. From the feedback ratings he gets on eBay he doesn't appear to be doing anything wrong. His mobile number and E-mail are at the bottom of that eBay advert. john N
  10. Eleven years ago I bought an LS430 and used it to tow a large caravan, and anyone who has used an LS430 to tow something big will know it's wise to fit a transmission cooler. The coil in the bottom of the radiator is just not big enough for towing. I fitted the transmission cooler in line with the coil in the radiator, for extra cooling, and had no problems with the system over the 10 years and 140,000 miles I had the car. The secret to having no problems with the transmission cooling on an LS430 is to make sure the anti-freeze is up to strength and is less than 5 years old at all times. The anti-freeze contains the corrosion inhibitor that stops the cooling pipe in the radiator rusting through and filling the gearbox with water! Earlier this year I replaced that car with a lower mileage LS430 (I couldn't think of a better tow car to buy!) and transferred the transmission cooler and tow bar. Then because I didn't know the history of the anti-freeze in the cars' radiator which was starting to corrode, I fitted a new radiator and filled it with new anti-freeze. If you have bought a 14 year old car and don't know the history of the anti-freeze in the engine, I would advise you to replace both the radiator and anti-freeze. If you do want a transmission cooler try:- LEXUS LS430 GS430 SC430 Auto GEARBOX OIL COOLER UPGRADE NEW!!!! This is the kit supplied by Lexus Spares Direct on eBay. John N
  11. I replaced the big rear bush on my lower front offside wishbone the other day, and I've had no problems. The wishbone pivots on the front and rear rubber bushes, so in a way they act as rubber torsion springs. Like your mechanic I jacked the car up with the wheel hanging down, but when I fitted the new bush I didn't tighten the nut on the wishbone that clamps the center of the bush. I then took the car off the jack and drove round the block with the suspension height set to normal, so that the suspension was at its' normal ride height before finally tightening the nut to clamp the bush to the wishbone. If your new bushes have been fitted with the wheels hanging down, they will be acting as extra springs which will put a strain on the bushes and will upset the suspension settings. John N
  12. Before you spend a lot of money on coils, start with the cheaper things. Unless you have personnaly changed the spark plugs start with them, don't believe any service history. For what it costs change all 8 plugs and use the Denso Iridium ones from you local Lexus spares department. Is it misfiring on both LPG and Petrol under the same conditions? If it is, you are right to look at the ignition system, but if it only does it on one fuel check that system. Best of luck. John N
  13. Try measuring the resistance of all the coils, and see if one or two of them are much higher or lower than the rest. It worked for me to identify the faulty HT suppressors on an old Merc. John N
  14. One point I have been told of is that the LS460 cannot be converted to LPG because the engine uses direct petrol injection. But I your not planning to have an LPG conversion, no problem. John N
  15. I can't believe the range of LPG prices at the moment. I'm currently paying 57p (cash) at my local supplier. (Up from 55p five weeks ago.) But I've just returned from a holiday trip to Cornwall and I've had to pay up to 79.9p at some locations. It all appears to depend on how much competition there is in a given area or how greedy the suppliers are when they can get away with it. The highest prices I've found were on the M61 near Bolton and near Helston in Cornwall. John N