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  1. Hi folks, I have a set of genuine Lexus Baransu sport alloy wheels (8Jx18) for sale, come with usable mid-range tyres (3.5-5mm all round, see pictures), original dark chrome finish. 3 of the wheels have minor scratches and blemishes, can do with a refurbishment. The wheels are not cracked or buckled. Tyre sensors (TPMS) included but they are probably on their last legs The wheels may also fit other Lexus or Toyota vehicles, please check fitment £350, pick up from York
  2. Got a P0138 code (bank 1 sensor 2 high voltage) and planning to change it myself. Does anyone know how much will it cost if I get a genuine sensor from Lexus and where can I find the denso aftermarket equiv. (234-4806) here in the UK? Ta.
  3. Got mine done in March at Lexus Cambridge and got a bottle of champagne.
  4. Just had my 18" Baransu wheels repainted by Pristine. Top notch finish, my wheels now look brand new again.
  5. Somehow I've got 2 thunderbugs managing to creep into the one of the headlights and they are now dead and stay in there. Does anyone know how I can get them off? Ta, Brian
  6. Check here:
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    My GS300

  8. sprayed some ptfe lube to the rear windscreen, hope the windows won't scream anymore..

  9. Hi, Just wonder if anyone knows a place for discounted interior parts? The driver-side lower B-pillar cover is heavily scratched by the previous owner and I really want to get that sorted. Ta, Brian
  10. so is mine. It started squeaking only recently! will try doing the lubricant tomorrow!