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  1. Auto Locking Doors on RX450h

    If they can't do a retro software update to solve it, I guess it will have to be a new RX then!!!
  2. Auto Locking Doors on RX450h

    Well at least I'm not going mad and there is an explanation! Thanks for everyone's input. Do you think this could be sorted at the Dealer with a software update?
  3. Auto Locking Doors on RX450h

    So had another chance to go through the menu and the option for auto locking doors is not there, so Rayaans comment on the safety feature must be correct. I have attached pics of the options. Rayaans I read your review of your new RX450 with great interest some interesting points (great interior colour) Out of interest Rayaans does the new model have auto locking doors?
  4. Auto Locking Doors on RX450h

    Thanks Rayanns for the info. My car is a 2015 F sport so your info would make sense. I've yet to go through the pdf that Graham kindly posted, I am sure I tried this before but will give it another go. Thanks again
  5. Auto Locking Doors on RX450h

    Thanks Graham, I'm sure I have done this and the option just wasn't there, but I will definitely give it another go. I will let you know how I get on. Thanks again Nikki
  6. Auto Locking Doors on RX450h

    Thanks Steve, I wonder if they changed it between time, as I've tried everything! But many thanks for your help. If anyone else has any knowledge, please join in. Thanks Nikki
  7. Auto Locking Doors on RX450h

    Hi Steve, Sorry, not explained myself properly! I mean once you've got in the car, start the engine and drive off the doors don't automatically lock. I know you can manually lock the doors and the doors will automatically unlock when you put the car in 'park'. Hope that makes more sense? Thanks
  8. Hi, Hoping someone could help. I have a RX450h (65 plate just before the new shape) and I am surprised it does not have auto locking doors. I have had 2x RX before (RX350 & RX400h) and I am sure they had auto lock. I've gone through the menu and the manual and can't find any info. My OH has 'Carista' and say's that he can do for me, if I could get it sorted through the dealer, I would prefer (I haven't approached them yet) Any help would be appreciated
  9. Just wondered if anyone would know if a boot liner that I have for my old RX400h would fit the RX350? as my brother is looking at a RX350 today (without a boot liner) and if he could use the boot liner from my RX400h. Thanks
  10. I've Come Back!

    Just traded in my Range Rover Evoque for a RX 450h. Before the Evoque I had a RX 350h & then RH 400h, traded in the RX 400h for the Evoque, but found it too small & style over substance!!! Picked up the RX 450h today and it's been like taking off a really uncomfortable pair of shoes and putting on the most comfortable shoes ever!!! Looking forward to keeping this one for a long time. Will be reading up and seeing what I've missed for the last 2 years!
  11. My 400h does exactly the same. Was wondering myself!! Also wondering what was going on this morning, whilst driving a red warning triangle light lit up on the warning display area and warning buzzer, I pulled over thinking something horrendous had happened, started looking around and noticed that a message was displayed to say I was low on washer fluid!!! Bit OTT I thought!!!
  12. Rx400H Dog Guard

    Thanks for the info Surfbum. Could not find out if a RX350 dog guard would fit my RX400h therefore didn't take the risk (shame as at a starting price of £20 and no bids it would have been a bargain) After a bit of research I went for a Saunders T94 dog guard and I'm very pleased with it (instructions left a little to be desired) once in, it seams very solid, doesn't rattle and attaches to the headrests.
  13. Rx400H Dog Guard

    I've seen a dog guard on 'the bay of E' but it's for an RX350. Would this fit my RX400h???
  14. Hi, I have a 08 RX400h and I need a dog guard. Had a quick search on the forum and can't see anything relevant. I'm assuming that the official Lexus one will be expensive? If anybody has a dog guard in their Lexus what did they buy and where from? Your help would be appreciated. Thanks Nikki