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  1. 2010 RX450h with 130,000 miles on the clock! Yes a few squeaks & rattles, but I have too!
  2. Have you got a dash cam? I've been reading that they can interfere with radio signal.
  3. Hi, Hoping someone can help on here..... Have just purchased RX450h SE-L (2010) which so far seems great. It has the side camera (under the passenger wing mirror) It has been set so that as soon when the car is slowing down it comes on. I am finding this a little annoying, but cannot work out how cancel this setting and put it back to the standard setting. I don't have the original manual and have been trawling through one on-line, but not having much luck finding it. Thanks
  4. I got some for a RX400h a few years ago now from a Lexus dealer and they were very cheap.
  5. Thanks for everyone's comments. In the end I went for a secondhand RX. I had a test drive of the NX (with no lumbar) and within 1 mile I could tell the seat would not be good for me. Good Luck QuietLife on getting your seat sorted. I had an Evoque for a while and was worried that the seat was not going to suit me, but i kept trying all the adjustments and eventually I did get a position that suited me.
  6. Thanks for responding. I did come across your post when searching the forum on lumbar support. That is such a shame you are finding the seat so uncomfortable. Even without lumbar support surely you shouldn't be able to feel metal supports digging in? I assume you have been in contact with Lexus regarding this & sat in other NX's to compare?
  7. Hi, Having had 3X RX's and now wanting a smaller car, I'm naturally looking at the NX300h (used) but finding it difficult to work out which models have lumbar support, which is a must for me. Can I ask what model/trim you have and what year and do you have Lumbar support or not? Thanks Nikki
  8. So my PCP was nearly at an end on my RX450h and it has gone back to Lexus. Interestingly 'We Buy Any Car' offered me more money than Lexus. Lexus offered either a nominal payment to me or a small amount as a p/x against another Lexus. With the info from WBAC I was able to negotiate a better deal from Lexus, I am glad as I didn't like the thought of it not gong back to Lexus. So worth checking if your PCP is nearly up. If anyone is looking for a used RX450h I can recommend mine, it never caused me a moments worry, sailed through her services & MOT and has extremely low mileage (message if you would like more info). Very sad to see her go, my third RX (RX350/RX400h/RX450h) now deciding on the next car as OH has just got a 4X4 so don't need another new RX, but I am going to miss it. Luckily have an IS250C to drive in the meantime, so I can legitimately stay on here!
  9. I previously owned the Evoque, which to be fare was a good drive and handled well. I traded in my RX400h for it and the only reason was that I'd had an older RX before that and thought ! fancied a change. But for me it was style over substance, let down by horrendous after sales service, in my case a fault with the panic alarm (didn't even know it had one until it randomly started going off at all times of the night and day, much to my neighbours annoyance). It went back to the dealer on numerous occasions and had to call out their recovery service at least twice. I remember one time going to pick it up after being 'fixed' and when I asked someone else to open the car for me to check, it started going off straight away, I then sat in their reception for 2 hours whilst they stripped someone else's brand new car that had just been delivered to get parts to 'fix it'..... well I left in a loan car!!! Never again!! Couldn't wait to get rid of (back to the dealer!) Extremely happy with my RX450h (it's replacement). Never had any issues with the 3 RX's owned.
  10. We have a new addition to the family! An IS250 C 2009 with what we think is Mellow White semi aniline leather. The driver's side particularly is looking worn and needs more than just a clean/feed. We have been looking through the posts here and in general on the www! and getting very conflicting info. Has anyone had any success in restoring very light coloured leather seats, or used a company (we are based in Bucks) Hopefully I've attached a photo of the worst part of the seat. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. If they can't do a retro software update to solve it, I guess it will have to be a new RX then!!!
  12. Well at least I'm not going mad and there is an explanation! Thanks for everyone's input. Do you think this could be sorted at the Dealer with a software update?
  13. So had another chance to go through the menu and the option for auto locking doors is not there, so Rayaans comment on the safety feature must be correct. I have attached pics of the options. Rayaans I read your review of your new RX450 with great interest some interesting points (great interior colour) Out of interest Rayaans does the new model have auto locking doors?
  14. Thanks Rayanns for the info. My car is a 2015 F sport so your info would make sense. I've yet to go through the pdf that Graham kindly posted, I am sure I tried this before but will give it another go. Thanks again