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  1. Hello Julian, I bought a 18th March 06 GS300 just got into the cheaper tax band. I have since sold it to my father. I is a great car. We were lucky to get SE-L with sunroof and ML. We have come across the following issues. 1. They were sold with bonnets that were not galvanised so are prone to bubbling on the leading edge of the bonnet. Lexus were happy to replace with a new bonnet. 2. rear heat sheilds have corroded around the bolts and fell off. easy fix with big washers. 3 The y join on the back boxes is a very poor design and has recently disintegrated. new back boxes £470ish. Could have been fixed with new section but we didnt want a botched job. when looking at them check for chips on edge of bonnet above the scuttle panel. many people don't realise there is a wiper change position for the wiper arms, they attempt to lift the wipers to change them and hit the bonnet.
  2. Hi Ollie. In June the front tyres were Bridgestone and the rears were unknown cheap tat. By daubed I mean badly painted. I only took a quick look driving past it but I remembered the rear door quarter chip guards because they just looked bad. The tips themselves look ok but the surrounding mesh looks absolutely knackered.
  3. I can confirm That the Lexus Belfast car has been there for while before June. I was visiting the dealer to get some warranty work arranged at start of June. I had a look around it. There were cheap tyres on it which makes me wonder if previous owner saved money elsewhere too. There were a couple of deep scratches on the rear bumber on the edge near the boot. The exhaust tips look like they have been removed and very badly reinstalled. The mesh around the tips has been "daubbed" silver or greyish. looks bad. couple of alloy scuffs. I was back at the dealer there last week after finally getting the work completed and walk right past the ISF shame I hadn't known could have got better photos. I also noticed there were some hidious carbon fibre stickers on the rear doors leading into the quarter dog leg where there is normally a chip protection sticker.
  4. update The bulbs and all going well. I have had one of the ballasts fail. quickly replaced
  5. New Is300 Owner :)

    they are beautiful in black.
  6. I get Rubber replacements from Toyota/Lexus dealers. The Denso Hybrids are also avaliable on eBay now.
  7. Lexus Dealers

    for the ball joints don't just check them as you would for a wheel bearing try putting a bar under the tyre and lifting here iw what you are looking for. N.B this joint should have zero play.
  8. New Purchase Ct Needs Tyres

    its a good price if you can fit them yourself otherwise you will pay about £80 for the fitting of tyre ,fitting of valve a balance and disposal of old tyre you are then back in the ball park of kwik fit except you can have them now no waiting £80 to fit 4 tyres! mental. Tenner a tyre in Northern Ireland and Carlisle. Balanced valves and disposal of old tyres. I ask for tyres back great donate to school playground, allotments, or farmer friend who needs tyres for holding plastic silage cover down..
  9. New Purchase Ct Needs Tyres
  10. Hello, I want to highlight the FANTASTIC service I have be privileged to receive at Lexus Carlisle. As stated in previous posts by another user, I had an undesirable experience at Carlisle Lexus. This episode has been completely written off today. The car was in getting inspected for a warranty claim. I got a lift to work from friendly man who happens to own an immaculate IS200 LE with outrageously low milage! It was beautiful. I'm Glad I met him just to briefly admire his car. Later my car was left of at my work as requested. I had left the sub key so the driver could take the key back and I would lift later to save them hassle. But the great people that left the car off went to the effort leaving my keys into a busy customer services desk! WOW. That had me impressed. BUT... It got better, I got a call about the warranty work to my sills and it was good news. So couldn't be happier with Lexus Customer Services and their aftersales care absolutely A1 especially considering the car is almost 10 years old with 100 000 on the clock. I will most certainly be buying my IS300h from Carlisle just as soon as I get that teaching post :) Huge Thanks To All The Staff At Carlisle With special thanks to Mr.Denny for the effort he has put into helping me out when the outlook was bleak. and sincere apologies for previous posts which may have been damaging to his name as he has went over and above for me and upon reflection we should consider what people have to listen to and still maintain perfect poise to meet the demands of the Pursuit of Perfection.
  11. The flywheel is normally the cause of the judder.Sorry I should have said flywheel was checked during clutch change and was deemed in good condition. Also it's quite temperamental! Squeaking comes and goes as does the judder. I'm thinking it could be moisture or heat affecting the piston/ram on the slave cylinder as it is exposed beneath the car. There is a Toyota/Lexus service bulletin for the is300 clutch fork spring modification according to American forums.
  12. UPDATE*** I have had new clutch fitted for just over a month now was perfect for a few weeks then judder started to return :( and along with it the new clutch chirp problem. I also noticed after a spell of rain that the squeak was returned. I am now wondering if a bad slave cylinder could cause clutch judder as it is the slave cylinder not holding the release bearing off pressure plate that causes the chirp.
  13. Spray On Wax/polish

    looks great
  14. Hello Dawn, And update to my situation. Mr Denny has been busy sorting me out. The regional manager has organised an inspection on my car thankfully. I am wondering if we might be taking Mr Denny the wrong way. It might be possible that he is simply telling us the naked truth of how a situation looks to a third party. Which is an understandable approach had we not been in the situation of being unhappy customers. So I'm very much softening towards him now as I sit and imaging the prospect of his job serving unhappy customers. On the sills front I can no longer complain. I would still like the car inspected sooner so I can mitigate any further corrosion ASAP. However at least I have a date. And the offer of a lift to work isn't as appetising as the freedom of a courtesy car.