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  1. on the subject off code readers.were exactly do you plug these in? i also have a trc and abs light on ,,,,,,but i have put this down to the car sittin for a yr.....cheers(sorry for stealin ur thread)
  2. Scary Mpg

    same boat as me matey..shes mega greedy.
  3. Bonnet Respray

    depends,,,,,really big bonnet.....usually have to blend colour onto top off wings theres no shadin difference £300 sounds alright.....basecoat £40 a litre and a laquer pack £23 .so a £100 all for materials before you start....i hate paintin bonnets....its the focal point off the car really
  4. Been Away A While

    cheers..lads.......hope to be some for hats and horses....retired this year...absolute burst my rear end last yr...keepin the gypos at bay by over pricin everythin they bring to me...put it this way there yard is full off unfinished/painted motors....
  5. as above....internet probs , ex wife givin me grief .life in general....had the lexus 6mths major spends except two rear calipers that shattered when changin the bads,and a btm be expected....goin to keep her plain , sensible...been spendin most off my time and cash on this..stripped, scrapped and painted inside and out...waxoiled..shes gettin the works complete oposite from the is200 ....the girl detests it...but its been a winter project and to be quite honest . hopin this summer....sittin on a f plate.true classic 80s mobile...
  6. Is200 Sport Mpg

    :shutit: the girl drives it day to day and burstin my arse.......mpg? £10 as she puts 33 miles.....thats a bit harsh. done the plugs. air filter. etc/this is around the city, normal?
  7. How Much Is My Car Worth?

    two ginger bottles and a dandy
  8. That Didnt Last Long

    well paid 500 , spent a bit o time and love then some one rear ended paid out 1500 , i bught it back for 220 and sold it for all adds up ......not quite the lexus
  9. just sold it about 7 weeks ago to a young be expected really . his word were how fast does it go and gimme it.......bloody shame really spent a lot off hours on it at one time..........just too noisy and rattly though
  10. Its First Big Run

    yes off course
  11. and boy did i like it . i had to be in dundee for the weekend....finished paintin a car on fri night and left kilmarnock about 20past 8.and hit dundee at ten. Not bad timing really......comfy and quick once it got up there.....95 the car 255 miles to 40 quid not bad i thought
  12. Warning Light On Dashboard

    could just be crap in the lines . a bottle off redx fuel injector cleaner ma solve the prob....then go and give it some for thr trc light . mines was sittin in a breakers for a while and i too have this problem with it flashin
  13. 645 traders policy . as i like my toys
  14. Fault Codes

    plugged the car into my mac tools code reader and it came up no codes...........but it also said misfire supported,any ideas? cheers chris
  15. G3 or G6 dependin on how deep they are .......available from most autoparts suppliers.....scratches? depedin how deep they are .can be removed by a wee tickile off a p2000 pad and then some polish as above using a poishin machine etc.......wot colour is the car?