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  1. Apologies - my previous post didn't have the selling template. Regrettably I'm selling my IS250. Details below if anyone is interested. For sale: Lexus IS250 SE-L Multimedia Auto. 79k miles. 2009 facelifted model. Cadoxton Slate (Grey) with Cream Interior. Item Condition: Very good for the age. One or two very minor dings. No dents. Some very light scratches consummate with age. Drivers side wheel has some kerbing, but the other three are unmarked. Some minor stone chips. 2 almost new Michelin Primacy front tyres. Rear Pirelli's have plenty of life left. New Bosch battery (as r
  2. I know this topic has been done before, but has anyone actually managed to change their Auto Transmission Fluid? This is my experience of trying to change my IS250's fluid. This is something that's been going round my head for the last couple of months. My car is on about 72k miles and, although I know it's supposed to be sealed for life, I'm a bit skeptical and thought I'd do some preventative maintenance. On the whole, my gearbox is fine, but there are some occasions, though very occasionally, where I feel the changes are a bit 'un-lexus', but maybe it's just me. I decided to go ah
  3. Thanks for the responses guys. Should have said - it's an auto. I'll have a look and see if I can pinpoint the rattle. I originally thought it was coming from the door card, but now I'm not so sure. Yeah, unfortunately the Gen 3 ones were more than I wanted to spend. Isn't it the same engine/gearbox though?
  4. Evening All, I picked up a 59 reg IS250 SE-L on Monday. Really enjoying it at the moment, but I have a couple of questions: - I have used Spotify on my mobile through the aux port. Has anyone else noticed how the stereo highlights the variable quality of songs on Spotify? I had to keep adjusting the bass - the same settings had some songs sounding flat and others with far too much bass. At first of all I thought there was something wrong with it, but having tried an 'original' CD, I think it's OK. I know there are a few threads about the subs blowing - but I assume there wouldn't be
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