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  1. yeah its not really too bad.. there are a lot of hammer merchants out there.. and in the right hands you can do a good job.. but some places charge £50 a corner... so this isnt bad value.. I have seen it used to really flare a set of arches from normal flat to a 1" even flare that looked really good and like the manufacturer did it..
  2. depeding on the price of these people that actual full piece of kit for doing this comes in at a healthy £250.. from the frost automotive website... Best thing is that you could sell it on after using it for almost what you paid for it... you take your wheel off.. bolt it to the hub.. extend the roller and roll it back and forth.. doesnt scratch or chip the paint if you warm it first.. then chuck it on ebay and get your dough back.. sorted!
  3. thats actually not so bad that car.. bout £2k could see it up n running again... was looking at a IS200 that has a pace destruction order on it... (police and crime evidence).. was going for about £550.. would provide a decent amount of donor parts too.. apart from the rad etc... cheers for the link
  4. if im spraying metal parts.. i normally pop them in the oven for ten mins to get them nice n warm through.. then paint the,.. seems to make the paint stick soo much better..
  5. are you doing it outside? if so the cold really wont help... if your wife isnt home... put them in the oven at gas mark 1 for a little while... but keep an eye on them...
  6. i know absolutely bugger all.. but personaly use united hosting.. in 4 years never had a problem.. so not all bad
  7. wow looking really good there... very nice.. makes me miss my IS200 sooo much.. anyone wana swap an IS300 for a GS300
  8. i used blue roll on mine, but i dabbed rather than wiped. Maybe a fingernail to get the stubborn bits moving... Not sure how strong the autoglym tar remover is compared to the autosmart stuff (which is trade only and comes with a health warning! )... but your welcome to some of my stuff if you need it Did you get the suspension cover today?
  9. so glad you recieved them today... and very glad your happy
  10. very good.. now where can i get one of those barametric sensor arrays...
  11. with t cut you apply it in swirling circles with a good bit of pressure to start with then lessening the pressure as you progress. You will feel what its doing, just make sure to have a clean cloth to wipe down after. Dont be tempted to use too much tho
  12. when i had my D40 navara (new shape) i had 3 different attempts to steal it before i realised they would most likely come back for the keys.. so i had to sell it before they decided to take the next step.... for that i hate the scummy damn pikey *****.... as i loved that truck more than life its self.. but family must come first! three weeks later a family down the road had their house invaded for the keys of their navara! As the car companies make it harder to steal thier cars the further they put our safety at risk.... such is life
  13. would i need to send you the key? or is it a perfect excuse to pop up to the norfolk area to have a pint... lol
  14. im certainly intersted.. I need a second set of keys.. How much would it be with a transponder unit in there as well? Would probably be after a pair
  15. very nice... im looking at some rota gtlm's in 19" at the moment.. 20" on that car just looks.. well normal.. lol absolutely awosme
  16. here is the joke of that environmental charge.. Its costs about £1 a gallon to have waste oil removed! We get rid of thousands of gallons a year through ELV disposal and we get charged about £0.69+vat per gallon! So i say that you ask them to put the oil into a container and you dispose of it via a council tip!
  17. stainless steel is your best option. Chrome plating is good for a while but there are no great uk chrome platers as such.. and it always comes off in the end. At least with stainless you can just keep polishing it
  18. well i have just chopped the 245-40-18 run flat tyres on my GS (Bridgestone ones i think) for a full set of Falken FK452's and they are so much quieter. and damn good value too
  19. and there is no point i post converting raw files into JPEGS.. may as well just shoot in JPG Fine + RAW.. its one of your main options on your camera
  20. i think your started to get bogged down with the confusion of RAW images.. and i think that for a while that untill you understand why raw images are produced that you stick with just running fine (high res) Jpegs... Run the camera in auto for a while, get used to using it.. and in the end you will find that RAW images are only good for you if your into doing a lot of post photo prepping and alterations. Its quite specialised and time consuming... you can loose hours into making a photo how you want it in RAW.. So all i will say for now.. is forget all the programmes, they can come later.. stay away from them if anything! Just pull out your SD card and shove it into your computer, pull off the files and run them in a standard photo viewer.. My suggestion would be to find photos you like that you have taken, right click on the photo and look at the advanced properties. This should tell you what aperture your shot was taken with, at what focal length and the exposure time etc. You will start to learn what settings make for a good photo, i didnt get into my raw images for about the first 9 months of using the camera!
  21. definately shoot in JPEG and raw.. What i do is initaily go through and delete all the jpegs i dont want.. which takes about 20 mins normally, then i change it to list format and order by name. This will then show you the RAW files that you dont need... get rid of them otherwise you will fill your HD very quickly..
  22. what have they set his minimum term to.. or is he elligable at 11 years? Not sure what will happen to him inside.. sometimes people like him get their own justice inside the walls.. unless he may be segregated..
  23. which would you rather have tigerfish... a 60mm Macro or a 105mm macro? trying to decide between the two.. mostly for up close mechanical shots non tripod. The whole cannon & Nikon range do benifit from after market lens and accessory manufacturers like Sigma and Tamron.. which can offer and open up the lens / Flash market range
  24. thats such a shame.. to me subaru was WRC.. Again such a shame
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