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  1. Maybe the Lucas additive is the best solution for me-nothing to lose by trying it.
  2. The garage finally looked at my car this morning and have dismantled all around the pump and have said that the only area that is slightly damp( but not a major leak) is around the pressure/vacuum switch that is attached to the pump. They said that the alternator is bone dry with no fluids on it at all. They said that the switch is not available to order seperately and weren't sure if I bought a new pump whether this switch would be included?? Their advice is to leave for now but just keep an eye on it as if it is losing fluid it is only slight and because the alternator is still dry and hopefully not affected by this slight seepage. I'll leave it for now I think and see how it goes??
  3. I always check my Power Steering fluid level regularly as I know that a leak is a common fault as the cars get older. I checked it last week and the level seemed a bit lower and then checked again today and the level is lower still, so it is definitely losing fluid. I will speak to my local garage tomorrow to let them have a look at it-but which way is the easyist/most cost effective way to sort it? Is it best to put a new pas pump on ( ebay are listing one for £155) or should I get a pas pump repair kit (couldn't find any of these for sale) and have the garage repair the pump? Any ideas on the labour involved on doing either of these jobs ? I'm not sure if the alternator is damaged yet with leaking fluid-is it sensible to let them rebuild the alternator (as a precaution) while sorting the pas pump or wait and hope that it isn't damaged? I've seen on a few threads where people have used Lucas Power Steering Steering Leak with good results-is that worth a go or just a short term solution? Thanks in advance for any advise you can give me.
  4. It seems that there were three different springs types, from 89-94 from 94-97 and from 97-00. Mine was an M reg (Irish plate now ) so one of the last Mk2's.
  5. It's a 1993 (manufactured in October 1993 but first registered in June 1995)
  6. Just got an email from ebay saying that they have dispatched a spring to me which should be with me tomorrow, so all sorted now, but still a bit worrying that a simple part like a spring can be difficult to get hold of-I hope getting hold of any other more obscure spare parts in the future doesn't cause any problems??
  7. Phoned up Lexus main dealer this morning. He originally said he could probably get me one by this afternoon and then when he checked on his computer said there were none in stock at all with Lexus and they are now unavailable and they will not be selling them again, so the only way now is to go for aftermarket!!
  8. Thanks for suggestions on this. To be honest I hadn't even considered using genuine Lexus parts as I would imagine the cost would be totally crazy, but I will call them tomorrow to see just how bad their prices are. The garage that done the service are just a normal garage and I know they didn't try Lexus direct, probably again because of cost. I had a look at the Rockauto option but their price was £74 for a pair and the make was "moog" which I've never heard of but delivery is 4-12 business days for delivery so not too keen on that option. Not too sure about the second hand option as don't particularly trust scrap yards to sell you anything decent. I'm still waiting to hear whether the order I placed on ebay has been dispatched yet but should know more tomorrow. Thanks Stuart for the offer of letting me buy one of your springs if I get stuck-I might take you up on that offer if genuine Lexus is silly money or if ebay let me down-thank you.
  9. Took my car in for a service on Friday and they found that a rear spring is broken ( it's still attached at the top but part way down is snapped). They said it is ok to carry on driving it in the short term but obviously it does need doing. They said they would order the part for me and it was booked in to be done yesterday (Tuesday) . They contacted me on Monday and said that they are struggling to get a spring as the four suppliers that they use are all out of stock but another supplier may have a spring for £80, which to me is a bit of a high price as they originally quoted me about £38 for a spring. I have now tried several places myself and everybody are out of stock-I ordered one on ebay for £35 (KYB) but they contacted me later to say that they are out of stock also!! I have ordered another one from ebay for £44 yesterday and they have not yet marked it as being dispatched so I'm thinking that they too are out of stock!! I would of thought that getting a spring would be very easy and am amazed that they are so difficult to get hold of?? I can get parts for my cadillac easier than this!!
  10. I am a bit of a nerd in that I have kept a book of ALL the expenses I have had with my Lexus since buying it and have now decided to work out exactly how much I have spent on it over the years ( very sad ) and share it with you. I bought this 1993 LS400 on 11.12.07 for £2975 from a car dealer working from home with the mileage of 67255. I paid about £500 more than I wanted to pay but he would not reduce the price at all and as it had a full Lexus service history and had been serviced about 3 months previously and had a big file of receipts from Lexus and also a private plate (Irish) so I decided to buy it-I would rather pay more for a well sorted car than buy a cheaper car that needs work doing. The colour is white with the blue interior. The condition was immaculate with no marks inside or outside. The costs so far are as follows: Insurance £3378 (the most expensive being £421 and current being £236) Road Tax £2095 Servicing and Repairs £1866 MOT (10 times) £450 Tyres £883 Gearbox Service £159 2 Batteries £252 Wheel Refurbishment £400 Tint back windows £140 Repair front bumper £150 Spray front wing £180 Air Con top up(5 times) £180 Misc waxes etc £80 AA membership £700 Petrol £9442 TOTAL COST £20355 (mileage now 98417-67255 when bought=31162 miles done) So I have owned it now for 9.5 years and it has been ultra reliable and never let me down (well, it did on only one occasion when my battery suddenly failed and I had to get the AA out for that, but the battery was 7 years old so not unexpected). Apart from normal servicing the only real faults I have had are the blinking dash lights (repaired for £65), front bonnet strut replacement,repair front window that stuck in up position (£60),re hang the exhaust that was vibrating, weld exhaust leak at front and secure heat shields (£40),,respray front wing that was starting to rust (£180). I have taken it in for 10 MOT's and it failed on 2 occasions-once for a tyre (replaced with spare) and once for headlamp aim( adjusted by MOT station)-so it has never had to go back to an MOT station to have any work done, I have always left with a fresh MOT. When I bought the car I also bought 1litre of oil for topping up-I threw this away a few weeks ago as it was nearly 10 years old and unopened!! The car is still in a very tidy condition but now has the odd few marks on the body/bumpers and a tiny piece of rust at the top of one door.The cd player is not working but the radio and cassette player is. The temperature for air con is black (has been for a number of years now) and the sunroof does leak occasionally when it rains very hard (have tried a few times to sort it out but given up now). The work that probably does need doing now is the cambelt and replace spark plugs (both done about 12 years ago at 60000 miles) but as the car is still running perfectly I cannot justify spending large amounts of money on a car of this age and value. I think I have been lucky with the small amount of faults I have had in 31000 mile of motoring and intend keeping it until any major fault arises at which time I couldn't really justify spending large amounts of money on it-I would probably then try and find a mark 4 which everyone seems to rate as a much better car, but hopefully that wont be any time soon!!??
  11. Throaty Exhaust

    Took the car to a local garage this morning and they welded both flanges no problem and also re-attached rear heat shields that were coming loose. Total price £40!! So both Powerflow agents I went to told me the flanges could not be welded and would have been happy to charge me £395-con artists. I will never go to a Powerflow agent again.
  12. Throaty Exhaust

    Malc-the y pipe is perfectly ok, it is just the cat flanges that are the problem
  13. Throaty Exhaust

    I have now got a slightly blowing exhaust. Took it to 2 exhaust centres ( both Powerflow agents) and the problem is the cat flanges that are rusty/ leaking. Have been quoted £395 for two cats and the y-pipe( seems you can't just replace cats/flanges on their own). Is there any cheaper way to go, ie filling them with exhaust paste or is that just a very temporary fix? Have read that the flanges can be welded, but not sure if you can successfully weld rusty flanges? I'm a bit worried that the lambda sensors could break when they take them off and that could add another expense on top of the £395!! Has anyone done any cheap fixes that have lasted a reasonable time or is the only way to pay £395 plus possibly more for lambda sensors?? They said there are two lambda sensors (one each side ) is that correct or are there anymore? The trouble is that I've owned this car for 9 years and so far have had only 3 faults ( failing dash lights, repaired for £50-drivers window failed, £60 to fix-cd player not working, not bothered to repair)-so when something like this happens I'm in shock at having to spend that amount on repairs, especially when the value of the car is not much more than that!! Any advice would be appreciated.
  14. I have now been reassured by the comments on here and will definitely buy one as they do sound brilliant ( I just wasn't too convinced from comments from random people on YouTube). Will go for the Britpart DA1239 that Shirish recommended as it looks really good quality.
  15. I would like to get one of these for emergencies but still a bit doubtful as to how good they are-I've seen a lot of reviews on YouTube and most were good but also a few dodgy reviews. I was looking in Halfords today and all of the "large" jump starters only do up to 3 litres so I still can't get my head around how such a tiny charger can jump start a 4 litre car?? I've had to call out the AA twice over the last 3 years for a flat battery, once for my Lexus and once for my Cadillac (4.9L) and on both occasions they initially brought out their big charger and it didn't stand a chance of starting either engine. When they put jump leads onto their engine they both jumped to life immediately-so even their professional charger couldn't start the engine. Will be interested to see how other people may get on with these small chargers.