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  1. Happy Birthday whysub!

  2. As soon as i put her up for sale she goes and disgraces herself by showing signs of having starter solenoid issues (turn the key and nothing happens-try a couple more times and she goes). Need to sell as new van arrives next week and insurance expires at the same time. No time to sort the solenoid out before then. Wheels refurbished (properly) and new tyres about 1,000 miles ago, full service in Jan 2012, clear indicators, perfect interior and bodywork, great runner, MOT to Jan 2013 and taxed to 30th June. Absolute bargain! Buy the car, swap the wheels for your scabby and worn tyred 16 inch rims, and drive it to a scrap yard and you are quids in (but the World would lose a lovely car)............. On ebay now
  3. Is sadly for sale. See here: I thought I'd post it up here before I advertise it elsewhere. She is almost too perfect.....................
  4. The cruise control will only work in D (not 3, 2 or L). I've no other suggestions-sorry.
  5. They have featured many 1990's cars in the mag-such as the Jag XJ6 and the Fiat Coupe in this months edition. can't say either are classics (in my mind at least). I had a 1995 XJ6 (the X300 model) and the only reason it could be describedd as a classic was because it was constantly breaking (either down or parts disintegrating). Maybe a feature could be good for the marque-just to show what a lot of reliable and well built car you can get for your money (and a V8 that will give a better mpg than a 1963 1200cc Mk1 Consul Cortina-mine did around 22 mpg).
  6. I've been going to the same three hand car wash places in the works cara for the last year or so, and the alloys on them come out looking like new everytime with little effort. When I clean them at home it takes me ages to get the wheels sparkling the same, no matter what cleaner I use. Just what do these hand car wash places use?
  7. No, it's the iphone's useless bluetooth that is at fault. We have a number of Fords at work which link up with phones via bluetooth, and then will display all phone numbers and names on a list so you can ring them and take calls from them. Except if you have an iphone when it won't-not unless the iphone has had a "jailbreak" done on it (risky). To check it is not your car, get someone else with a bluetooth phone in your car and get them to link it with the car to see how it should work. And it will work with any bluetooth phone. I had an iphone for three or four days before I sold it and went back to my Nokia N8-the iphone wouldn't let me transfer (by bluetooth) music, photos or contacts between it and other phones. Useless in my book.
  8. My brake pad warning light is always on-when i had rear discs fitted at the Lexus dealer (before I found my independant mechanic) they told me that there is a break in the wire between the dash and the sensor. That makes sense as I can't make it go out by tripping the sensor as described on this site, and nor can my new mechanic. As I check my car over each time it is washed (never less that once a fortnight), I inspect the pads each time. I rely on this method rather than a bulb coming on (or not) when the pads are low. So my car will fail the MOT even though I check my pads at least 26 times per year (an old habit carried over from my biking checks)
  9. On Wheeler Dealers they put a set of IS200 alloys onto the LS they were doing up, and they looked fine. Had my wheels refurbished and was told by the company that done them that Toyota use a different alloy for their wheels than anyone else, and that they go scabbier faster than anything else. Hopefully mine will be fine for years now.
  10. I MOT'd my honda fireblade this morning and was taken aback that it is just black print on a piece of ordinary A4 paper. Nothing official looking, and no "sticker" to peel off. Just another way of getting more money from the motorists and giving us less for it. I had an exhaust custom made for my Saab 9000 and the cat was removed and replaced with a short length of pipe-this enabled it to be removed and the cat put back for the MOT. never did refit it for the two subsequent MOT's it passed.
  11. Shamelessly stolen from another forum: Seems that even having a blown dash warning light bulb will be a failure, as will removing the Cat, as well as loads of other things. I thought it odd that this is to fit in with the rest of Europe. Does this also mean we will be able to drive around on bald tyres and have no brakes as seems to be the case in parts of Greece I have visited?
  12. I (and a few others on this forum) will recommend them highly. You need to speak to John at J P Polishing on 01268 680245 (he is in Canvey Island), A video of the process is on his website: Also note he doues a "bright" silver which looks like a polished wheel-would have been too much on my wheels, so went for a standard silver, Very, very pleased with the quality and the customer care John offers. Please note that I am just a happy customer and have no other links with J P Polishing.
  13. The owner of the company that refurbished my wheels (in Essex) told me that Toyota/Lexus use a different grade of alloy for their wheels than every other manafacturer. Now I don't know if that is true (but bearing in mind he has refurbed thousands of wheels I expect his experiences make this true)but looking at every Lexus and Toyota I see all seem to have issues with the finish on their wheels. I beleive that many IS200's have had wheels replaced under warranty for poor finish. Can't help with a colour, but mine have been finished in a light shade of silver which look good against the dark green paintwork. I had my wheels fully refurbed and two weeks later had new tyres fitted without any worries. Be aware that from my research there is a big difference between what "reburbishing services" offer-is it a refurbishment or just a repaint? I have previously rubbed down and hand polished a set of Pug 205 GTi wheels-took ages for my fingerprints to come back.
  14. I drove a few mates up to the Bike Show at the NEC (surprisingly a very good show!) in my LS. They could not believe the amount of legroom both front and rear, the electrical gagets all still work which is testament to the build quality of mine-it's nearly 17 years old and just approaching 230,000 miles and still has an excellent interior and body and is mechanically perfect. The quietness is what struck them initially, and the ride quality. Two of them asked me loads of question about the LS's and I told them the truth-my LS has zero depreciation now, servicing (at an Lexus trained independant) is reasonable considering the car has eight cylinders, insurance (as a second car) is not too expensive and so on. On our 300 mile trip the car did 28.6 mpg and that included a number of full on, foot to the floor accelleration runs and (I must hasten to add on a private piece of land) a run up to an indicated 130 mph which they were not expecting for such a car. They asked about common faults, so I mentioned the flickering dash, LCD blackout on the climate control readout, radio backlight failure, leaking power steering fluid and could think of not much more other than consumables. They are now both on the lookout for LS's as their lease car contracts are at, or nearly at, an end. That then got me thinking-what % of LS's suffer these "common" faults? Previous to the LS I had an Jaguar XJ which was a nightmare and sufferred every one of the common Jaguar faults identified on the XJ Owners forums. I think over the last 30 months my LS has cost me less that £1000 to keep running sweetly and looking good-that's over and above the purchase price and excludes insurance, tax and fuel as I'd pay that for any car. As for fuel, well, my Aprilia Dorsoduro motorbike does around 25 mpg (and it's only a 750) which has cost me more in fuel that the LS. I wouldn't sell either now.............
  15. I think i'll be selling the DHP's. The company I used was JP Polishing in Canvey Island, Essex. So pleased with the work they did i am having some bits for my motorbikes stove enamelled, and the wheels on my Fireblade stoved and repainted. see
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