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  1. Guys/Girls Can anyone tell me where the AMP is located in the Harrier on the JBL system i have looked under the rear seats as this is where it lives on the RX but no joy. thanks in advance for any help. Regards Eddie :duh:
  2. I take it you do just mean the radio/cd player, rather than the navigation screen too? Its a very simple job once you know how. Google and you shall find (I'm not sure I want to present this kind of info on the internet myself, so a PM would be better). If you look for instructions on how to install an iPod kit, such as the Vaistech SLi, you will find out how it is done. £595 sounds reasonable I suppose, as the only alternative is a dealer and I'm sure it would cost more. Why not call a dealer parts department to get the as new price? If it is not too different, you may get a guarantee as well as knowing that it is brand new and unmarked. Some cars have the Mark Levinson system as opposed to the basic system - which do you have? You can just change the screen on these units i would look for a screen part number is on the back of the screen. I would also get a price from dealer for a screen as you may find its cheaper than £595. As for getting to the old unit out very easy job just four bolts. I may be too late with this. Regards Eddie
  3. If its a Jap imported car that switch will be for the fog light if it a uk car it could be anything fitted by who had the car last. HTH Eddie
  4. Adam I have seen a few on ebay glass only pattern part with heating. Hth Eddie
  5. Guys and Girls A very nice chap at Toyota Tech sent me a harness repair manual for 1991 to 2005. It is very basic but great if you want a connector as they are all listed at the back with the part number. If anyone wants a copy let me know and i will forward it on. Regards Eddie :D
  6. Hi and welcome to LOC I too have a Harrier been playing around with the radio for months now i have a UK unit A US Unit and the Jap unit that it came with only problem is the plugs on the back of the unit and if your unit is the JBL Prem or standard. Iam looking at making a cross over lead from a 15 pin Jap to a 20pin UK the only issue is getting hold of the plugs and sockets toyota want an arm and a leg. Will keep you all updated. The info screen i have not worked out yet some one tole me its info comes from the ECU others havr said its run from the head unit havent worked that one out yet. Regards Eddie
  7. I had my heated screen changed 6weeks ago Toyota Harrier jap version of the 1st Gen rx300 cash price to have OEM screen £890 insurance price £60 excess and still an OEM screen. Non OEM screen from Autoglass was £400 Hth Eddie
  8. Hi there I fitted EBC Greenstuff pads 6000`s meant for 4x4 use. These were fitted to my Mitsubishi Delica 2.8td, they stated less dust infact i had a lot more dust then the blueprint pads. I checked them after about 500 miles and was glad i did as the pad had started to delaminate from the backing. I contacted EBC regarding this fault and all they could say was buy another set at £64 and send us the other if they are faulty we will send you a refund it shoud take around 2 months. So i told them to suff there pads. I will never use EBC pads again. I use blueprint pads on my 3l harrier and they stop it in a heart beat and there is not a lot of dust. This is just my opinion and from an experience i have had but there are probably a lot of people out there who have no issues with these pads. Cheers Eddie
  9. I would have thought if a spare wheel of a 4x4 hit the light enough to split the inside lens then there would be more damage on the outside or even some paint/rubber transfer on the headlight or wing. Is there any impact damage on the engine side of the light could it have been smacked by a heacy hand tech whilst carring out your service. Just a thought. Cheers Eddie
  10. Check the fuse in the engine bay you have may have shorted the lot whilst changing the boot bulb and it may still be shorting out touching the back plate of the light. Hth Eddie
  11. Ladies and Gents Dont know if anyone has posted this before, i found this whilst looking through the deep and dark internet. Hope it is of use. Regards Eddie
  12. Guys / Girls Iam still after an RX300 1st Gen radio and info screen or even a full nav system if one comes up. Drop me a PM cash is waiting. Cheers Eddie
  13. Have you tried Ebay there were a few knocking around on there the other week. :)