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  1. el_gencer

    Shake At 60Mph

    i had this issue once. turned out to be a my drivers side calliper has seized up, so i got them re-cond and all was ok. i found out due to the massive amount of heat coming off the disc when i parked up.
  2. el_gencer

    Tte Charger

    i always thought it was hard to get an accurate dyno reading for an auto car due to the gear changes or something along those lines. as for spark plugs the denso ik22 are recommended for charged cars.
  3. el_gencer

    Lexus Ct200h Section

    the reviews on yahoo cars and msn cars don't seem to be that great (as is the way for all j-car reviews). tbh i don't quite know why they are reviewing them with uk roads in mind as these preview cars are either japanese or european, with the main complaint being the harsh ride. i'm sure lexus would revise the ride settings for each countries specific road conditions. http://uk.cars.yahoo.com/07102010/36/lexus-ct-200h-0.html http://cars.uk.msn.com/reviews/articles.aspx?cp-documentid=154883509
  4. el_gencer

    Lexus Magazine

    Got home today to find a 20yrs Lexus Anniversary magazine. Haven't read it yet though, did any one else get this ?
  5. According to the font of all internet knowledge (wikipedia) the date was October 21, 2015. That and this from total film. http://www.totalfilm.com/news/back-to-the-future-hoax-we-confess
  6. el_gencer

    Whoa! Insurance Is High!

    I've notice a huge price hike on insurance as well for my IS200. Last year i paid around the £400 mark, then i got the renewal for £800 !!! Shopped around and the cheapest i got was for around 550. I struggled to find anyone that wanted to touch it, both got clean licenses and we don't live in a "bad area". It's only myself and my dad that use it, ok so its got coilovers on it but the £400 rise was crazy. It's either the insurance companies trying to recoup the payouts from the floods and snow or they are just taking the ****.
  7. el_gencer

    Lexus Lfa Is Already Sold Out

    And all the car mags and websites said it wouldn't sell out as they couldn't see who would want a Lexus supercar. Well i guess there's 500 people out there that clearly do want something a little different.
  8. el_gencer

    Brake Caliper

    mine did that. turned out the piston seals had gone so i decided to get the calipers refurbished.
  9. no knocking noise to report for me. running with tein type flex and the car is fairly low. having said that i didn't get any knocking sounds when i had stock setup.
  10. el_gencer

    Lfa V Nissan Gtr

    the gtr is the supercar killer, especially now people are tuning the thing. however the lfa is a special car, i've counted 4 gtrs around hull this year and see 2 fairly often. that drag race was close though.
  11. el_gencer

    30Mm Eibach Springs

    Personally if i were just changing the springs i'd go for the TTE's. Not much difference in the price tbh. You should also visit WIM and get the geometery sorted as well if you can.
  12. i've used them. fitted my coilovers. infact the install is that good, i haven't even had any knocking sounds that some people get.
  13. well at least the cast of seasame street will make it an educational experience. perhaps "the count" could help them out with their expenses forms ?
  14. its clearly a false statement as humberside police have had the lexus mentioned for around a year. plus there was no mention on the local news that tory boy was coming for a visit. another reason not to trust the tories, they don't want to arm the police with lexus cars :)
  15. Is this a case of "Won't somebody please think of the children?" (Helen Lovejoy in the background shouting it).