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  1. Thank you for your opinions ... I think the 20-inch wheels are not too big yet. Even 22-inch wheels look not bad on the LS, but I personally think, it were too big. Therefore, I wanted max. 20 inches. The design should not be too sporty. Therefore no low bed-Wheels ... In winter the same 20-inch-rims come in anthracite ...
  2. Toddes Album

    Me and my Lex
  3. Thanks a lot... Since this painting the LS is my dreamcar...
  4. The Color is 8X1 (Lexus Color) The same as RC-F or GS-F
  5. Thanks... Why do you think so about the wheels...? ;-)
  6. Thanks... Yes, OZ Superturismo 8,5x20 ET20
  7. I think, the one and only LS460 in flame-blue or ultrasonic-blue 2.0 (8X1):
  8. It's no was painted... Up to now, wraps have always looked like this ... Therefore, I have painted the LS. But the wrap from "lexus707" looks very good... Now, it's to late for me to wrap... ;-)
  9. Nice Wrap... My old colour was your wrap-colour...dark-blue... Now I changed to flamme-blue [ultra-sonic-blue 2.0] (painted) Greets Todde
  10. Happy Birthday TODDE!

  11. Nurburgring 2009........

    Thanks a lot... Wish you a very nice weekend... B) Hope, the weather will be fine... greets Todde
  12. Nurburgring 2009........

    There a few of us going over. Best car to look out for wold be Stav's Blue Twin turbo'd IS200. Doubt you'll be able to miss it. Would be good to meet a few of the Euro guys :) Oh dear... A blue Twinturbo...GREAT... I hope, I can see week... Wish you a good time...and be carefull with your Lex... ;) there a list, who comes to germany...? I'd like to post these list in the EU-Thread... Greeting Todde
  13. Nurburgring 2009........

    Hello, this weekend some Euro-LOC-Member are on the Nürburgring. Where are the Info's from UK...? Who is also there this weekend from UK...? I'm so unlucky because I must stay at home... Todde
  14. Just Say Hello...

    Thanks for the nice welcome... B)