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  1. Malc, I sold my 430 a few weeks ago and had a spare parking sensor for it which I gave to the buyer. It's the larger of the two types. The people that bought the car were and they've since sold it but perhaps they kept the sensor and would sell it to you, it was silver and 2nd hand but worked fine. If you do call them I think it was Kevin that collected the car from me in Milton Keynes, hopefully he remembers me. Regards, Daniel
  2. Horrible and sad news :(;art1129,2476821
  3. Maybe the 500 people just want to try this at home: :)
  4. Hey Andy, I dont know the "official" colour. But they look greyish, same colour as the leather? Why, do you have a cunning plan? :) Cheers, Daniel
  5. Cheers Steve, but mine works fine manually (If I move the lever) it just doesn't return to where I want it to when I start the car. and another plus - Tonight I've just replaced 2 faulty parking sensors and they now all work fine. Dead chuffed!!!! :)
  6. Hey Steve - What "wears" on the steering wheel that stops it returning to the memory position? Any idea's? I'd have thought that it if moves ok then it's just not enabled. I'd be happy to hear so I could have a look at mine before possibly paying Lexus to enable it and find out it's not that.
  7. I don't drive the LS much as I have a few things I want to get sorted on it. This past few weeks I've done quite well. Rear centre brake light went a month or so ago, all replaced now :) 3 lights behind the "Pwr" "Height" and "Sport" mode had all gone, i replaced those and now it lights up nicely at night and finally my satnav! About a month after I bought the car the GPS went crazy often losing signal, it got to the point that it would be fine for the 1st 5 mins and then lose signal, or be very inaccurate. With some searching in here and the US forum I found where the GPS was (It's not behind the parcel shelf I found after removing all of the rear seats! It's in fact behind the screen in the front. I popped this out, found the receiver and then almost ordered one from driveandview as Luke there was super helpful, however I had a £3.99 eBay GPS receiver I had bought in error, laying around the house. So I soldered the eBay GPS onto the Lexus specific lead which the faulty GPS was on, put it back together and it's working brilliantly. £3.99 fix, you can't beat that. I also updated the maps from the 2001 one to the 2008 one from Keith on here a few weeks ago, thanks Keith :) Next up are the parking sensors, 3 of which are faulty, I have taken a gamble and ordered 3 second hand ones from the states and they'll arrive in a couple of weeks after UK revenue and customs shaft me for some more fees no doubt. Then a couple of shopping trolley type dents to remove followed by a trip to a dealer to ask them to enable my steering wheel to work with the memory seats as it doesn't come out again when you start the car and the manual says that a dealer can turn this function on. I've already put new tyres on, had the wheels refurbed and am pretty happy. I went out for a drive tonight, filled it up with vpower (every 4th tank) and enjoyed the ride home. I could also do with some new mats but after my £3.99 GPS fix I am loathed to spend £50 - £70 on some nice mats.
  8. You would have to push the break light to the left and then carefully pull it up. I did mine last week actually. Kneel on the back seat, looking out of the rear window. I had to give it a thump with my hand towards the left (drivers side) It'll move about 1cm then it just lifts off. Don't be too brutal as you may break the clips, but it does need a bit of force. As for the bulb, well one was £2.50 with £2.00 shipping, and I could buy 10 for £12, free shipping. So I bought 10. So I have 9 left. Where are you and I'll happily pop one in the post for you free. (Inless you're anywhere along the M1 from J14 though to J42 as I travel that stretch regulary)
  9. Interesting stuff, doesn't like Firefox but works fine in Explorer. That's what I found too, and be patient, it takes a while to load.
  10. Does anyone have a workshop manual for the LS430? There are ones on eBay/email you a download link on CD but I don't know if they're any good so thought I'd ask here too. Cheers - Daniel
  11. Hi Nick, My comments on my move from a Polo (Yes, a Polo!) to a 2001 (51 plate) LS430. I bought one last year and it's simply fantastic! 110k'ish miles and is like it's out of the factory. When I bought it, there were a few issues which I planned to sort out, as I like my cars to be mint. Factory fit parking sensors were not working on the rear, and it had a small dent on the wheel arch on the front and a few of little "shopping trolly style" marks around that car, which I guess isn't unusual for a 9 year old car. Unfortunately I've only had time to fix the alloys as work has been in the way, plus the miserable winter weather means I didn't get out on it as much as I'd have liked. The alloy wheels were terribly corroded so I had those redone professionally, and had new tyres fitted to the front too (it has new ones on the rear when I bought it). The 2001 Sat nav dvd was out of date so I purchased a 2008 DVD from a chap here, but really, I can't see much difference, I guess I only ever visit established places. I don't drive it as much as I'd like to but when I do it's amazing. It's quiet, comfortable, has plenty of toys to keep me amused (who ever thought of those air vents that move!) I've actually hit over 30mpg (30.1 to be exact) average trip when going to and from work (80 mile round trip 90% M1) But averaged about 25mpg which I think is brilliant. Hit the "pwr" button and put your foot down and it's like a rocket ship. The "Mark Levinson" stereo is really very good indeed. Unfortunately it's now for sale (or will be when I get around to typing an advert which I am stuggling to do) as my girlfriend won't drive it because it's too big for her. So, back to smaller cars for now. I think I'm going to lose friends over this as all my mates love piling into my car when we go anywhere. They recline the rear seats, put the massager on and have a nap. I feel like a bleeding chauffer haha.
  12. So, my Sat nav heard it was going to be upgraded with a newer disc and appears to have thrown a hissy fit this past weekend. In the top left corner, where the compass thing is, just beneath it is says GPS with a red X through it. It has roughly the right area when getting in the car (Was down in Kent and it showed me there) but when travelling back home M25 and M1 it went haywire and thought I was going up in Essex somewhere all the way home. I went out and checked an hour ago and it has me listed at home again now, but I know it'll go loopy again tomorrow. Any idea's, know where the aerial is? I removed and re-insterted the DVD but that didn't help. I've disconnected tha battery overnight to see if that helps. But any more tips in the meantime would be appreciated. Also, anybody know any breakers that may have some LS430's in? I need a few bits and bobs to make mine mint again. eBay turns up nothing. Thank you, Daniel
  13. So, i'm hesitant to spend £150 on a new CD from the lexusmapupdate site but I'd like newer maps. My DVD says: 08664-50860 86271-70V290 Putting that in the map update site comes back with: PZ485-L00EU-09. Does anyone know what that PZ485-L00EU-09 would equate to in the 08664-xxxxx numbers on a DVD. The reason I ask is that I know the -09 means 2009, but I would settle for something a few years old and there is this on eBay but I'm not sure it's for mine. Any advice (or anyone wanting to sell old sat nav discs? Thanks, Daniel
  14. David, Thanks for this recommendation. I popped in on my way home on Thursday and purchased a new set for the boot on my LS430. Unfortunately I've never seen what it "should" be like but before the boot lit would close at the slightest gust of wind. They matched some up for me, regassed them once too as I wanted more pressure and fitted them for me. All for £41 incl VAT and I couldn't be happier. I think they may need a touch more gas but I don't have another LS 430 to compare against. You still need some effort to open the boot but it stays open from about 45 degrees now so no more bumped heads. I dealt with John there and he is a helpful and patient chap, I would gladly recommend them. (Plus the owner was there in his R8 which is sexy!) Daniel