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  1. Hi, Not sure if this is in the wrong section, but I have a Platinum Silver IS200 with a spoiler which I'm not keen on, I'm after the subtle boot lip with the brake light. The one that I have is same as this in the link below:,r:2,s:24,i:128 Would anyone be interested in swapping boot lids in the same colour? Cheers
  2. Hi just wondering, do these wire up to the sidelights? So, if I switch the sidelight on, these will also light up? Would me LED sidelight be too bright to see the "rings" of the CCFL?
  3. This seems good, where can I get this kit from?
  4. Are the angels easy to install?? I would assume they would need to be connected to your interior light as I'm sure that comes on when you unlock the car. As for staying on, I am not sure about this.
  5. 1) the squeeking is coming from the ball that the clutch fork sits on mate 2)leave the box alone no point in changing if theirs sod all wrong with it(make sure theirs something wrong with it first) 3)release bearing could be whining also sounds like your clutch is worn thats why its clunking and the clicking could be the dues mass flywheel coming to the end of its life.... So this clunking noise is completely normal and there's nothing wrong with the car at all??
  6. hi,press the same button inwards or one near it(if i am not wrong)and this should eject the disc,however make sure the bit that slides across is open and not closed enabling the disc to eject(hope this makes sense?) As above did mine couple of weeks slide..push and hold until ejection!! Found it! The cd seemed clean, but the 2003/2004 version but it kept coming up with "check data cd". I'm using the original one now but it came up with that error agina, I unplugged it and plugged them back in firmly. Seems ok now but I've got a feeling its just temporary!
  7. Hi I tried to change my sat nav disc today, found the box, took the metal cover off and seen a black plastic cover. There's a plastic button that slides across but it just makes a whirring noise and doesn't do anything!
  8. First IS200, it's a 51 plate Sports Nav, just got to 110k, still worries me because I might struggle when selling
  9. Cheers. I do want to lower it but I'm thinking of selling it
  10. I was going to say the same, they're the cheapest I know, might be worth driving down if you're not to far from B'ham. Average price is about £40 per wheel, I think £269 is far too much.
  11. Cheers guys, the wheels I bought off a guy who is fairly local to me, he had them brand new from Lexus and they've hardly been used. Paid £300 with tyres and got a spare tyre free :D
  12. Maky I just sent you a PM, I know someone selling a grey IS200 in Birmingham as well :winky:
  13. Great stuff, glad it was a simple fix :) Spoke too soon, it's done it again! I think I may need to update it
  14. I have one ......2003/2004 ver1 You're welcome to it, If you do, pm me you're address :luck: If it's not wanted by GNZ, I'll have it! :)