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  1. How its look with clear rear fog lights guys?

  2. Hi felix.

    Im driving is200 sport and i must change front shock absorbers.do u know which one i should buy? there's so many of them on the market and im completely confused.



  3. Cd Player Help

    I see that im not the only one who have cd brooken :) R all the cd in IS so perishable?
  4. Cd's Not Working

    Hi.im new here so hello :) im driving a W reg is200sport and i have a problem with my cd.i've got 6 cd; stuck in my player and i dont know how to get them out. when i start my engine there's some strange noises coming out my cd .i cant play,load or even eject my cd's. does any one can help me with any advise????? thz wojtek
  5. Which Grille Looks Best

    Sport one lookes the best :)
  6. My car cd's brooken :(

    1. Rory


      I never use mine, I got one of those cassette adaptors and a little mp3 player