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  1. Next Installment - After almost half a year off the road, it's time for a review of the car and what I plan to do with it...
  2. Spot on - I’m in the middle of a mustang restoration and Scott Drake (big in the US) is very much going that way!
  3. I think they need to be http/https links and then the forum will recognise them as images and load them. Works for me, anyway!
  4. Seriously impressive stuff!! Thanks for sharing...
  5. Well the last installment of the my engine troubles has been completed! Luckily it's now working (albeit there's still a few little jobs to do, which will be covered in subsequent videos). Unfortunately, there's not too much footage of the actual removal and strip-down of the heads, as I was a little bit annoyed at that point and filming wasn't on my mind! However, if anyone ever has to contemplate doing this themselves, or wants to pick my brains, then please feel free to drop me a message, as there's a lot of little Gotchas that aren't even in the Workshop Manual! If I had to do it again,
  6. Couldn’t agree more - been burned too many times with utter garbage from eBay and some of the other ‘low cost’ Auto parts websites. I now go main dealer unless it’s a proven aftermarket alternative.
  7. There’s nothing like working by head torch under your car in the pitch black! 😄
  8. Episode 2 of the GS430 saga has just dropped and, just like and middle segment of a trilogy, this is where things suddenly go wrong... 🙂 As a hint, you should not see daylight through there... Video here, Enjoy! (I didn't... 😞 ):
  9. Looks like you got a good result on the paint! 🙂 Regarding the quote for the shock - if you're not fussed about 'non-genuine' parts, 😄 it might be worth considering a set of aftermarket coil-overs, as a complete set will be considerably less than the cost of that one shock!! When one of the shocks blew on my GS I installed a set of Tein Flex Z's (adjustable for both height and damping). So far they've been great - you can set them to standard ride height and the same level of damping, so no need to go 'boy racer' with them, or tweak them to be a bit lower and firmer. You will lose th
  10. Thanks! 😀 Trust me, after 4 months of it (you’ll see why!) I came close to a Basil Fawltey moment many times!😉
  11. Well, as promised, see below a link to my first video on the (about to be) four-month epic that my initial plan to replace valve cover gaskets and spark plug seals turned into... It's still processing but should be live soon, so I hope you enjoy it (let me know if not ) As said, this is just a hobby and done because I enjoy it, not because I'm good at it! Parts two and three will be dropped on successive Fridays, as I finish sorting them out.
  12. Personally, based on previous experience, I'm suspecting worn bushes in suspension arms as the likely culprits, now that I've been able to drive the car again today and spend a bit more time observing this issue (thanks Essential journeys!). As said these cars are reasonably weighty and the arms take a pounding over time. A long time ago I had a Supra that had over 100K and it was genuinely frightening at times - the back end had a mind of its own on rutted roads. I changed all the rear arms (cost a packet) but that solved it. The ones that came off weren't falling apart or anything, but
  13. Hi All, It’s been a while since I bought my GS (Oct 19!!!) and I’ve been a top lurker since then 😌, but my intention was always to tweak it a bit, when I finally got ‘round to it, as I’ve been unable to not tinker with any car I’ve bought, ever! This one was going to be no different and this build thread is the result. So, to the car, a 2006 Mark 3 GS430, with a Black exterior and Grey/Black interior. I spent a long time looking for exactly that colour combination and still love it! Pics below… As I do a high (ish) mileage, there was no way I could a
  14. Cheers Vlady! Yes - that's exactly what I'm experiencing too. The alignment and checking of bushes/tyres is primarily to make sure the baseline is sound before moving on. Ref shocks, because I've got the Teins, I can now adjust damping to a reasonable degree, so that will allow me to test different variations between front and rear jounce and rebound bias and see what differences that makes. I feel the anti-roll bars don't help either and body-roll is one of the first things I want to get at in the future, along with chassis stiffness too. I'm just composing a build thread now where
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