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  1. Well, I managed to get the first part of the second engine strip down edited and published (keep up at the back! 😞 The heads have just had new guides installed and given a very light skim, but there's still a long wait before the Head Bolts arrive (ETA 22 Jul) so I'm looking to fill the time with something productive - we'll see! (bit annoyed with the audio quality on this one - the lapel mic sound took ages to get even remotely workable - may need to look at that! The video quality was down to incorrect camera settings... 😊 )
  2. So having refurbished the front brake calipers. I then moved on to the rears. The epic that turned into and the final results can be seen here:
  3. Well, the shop has found the exhaust guides on the cylinder in questions are worn, with the other six ok, but a bit worn too. I've decided, therefore, to take the other head off (minimal additional work) and get them to do all 16 exhaust valve guides and just lightly lap in the intake valves (the intake guides are fine). With the added cylinder heat of LPG, I would expect higher wear rate, even with a valve-saver system in place, so this just future-proofs things, as the exhaust valves will bear the brunt. Annoyingly, while the guides will be delivered by next Wednesday, the head bolts w
  4. So, the head had to come off so I could get a look at it. It was a lot easier second time around and I had the intake manifold off in less than 15 minutes!! There were quite a few other lessons-learned applied this time, too, such as draining the coolant from the block, not the rad (and capture it in an old coolant bottle, so I can re-use it). Annoyingly, though, one of the head bolt washers slipped off the magnet and went down an oil gallery (True Star Wars trench run levels of accuracy there!). I have a super-slim magnet on the way and it that doesn't work I'll need to drop the sump... which
  5. I don’t disagree (especially about the hassle 😄 ). I asked them to inspect, replace what was needed and set the clearances. They inspected them and reckoned they were fine - I’m not a machinist so went with what was said. The leak down test I did recently was spot on so the seats are ok, but the symptoms do suggest either a guide or seal isn’t happy! in all fairness It may not be that but if it is it’ll be quite frustrating! I’ll be having a look at that cylinder tomorrow (rain today) and will see what turns up...
  6. Well, i'm back where I started. Ten months ago (roughly) I was contemplating taking the heads off because I'd bent two valves on #3 cylinder on the LHS head. Today, when stripping down the heads ready to replace the (I suspect) poor-quality valve stem seals (a bit of an epic in itself), I find that #3's spark plug is wet with oil. All the others are fine (maybe a bit lean, but that's probably the effect of LPG). The piston was also wet - the others were bone dry. The other head was spot on - all plugs identical and dry cylinders. Either one of the valve-stem seals on #3 is faulty or
  7. Thanks Neil, and it's been very good news, luckily! The company gave an immediate full refund (minus import charges - not sure what happens there, but it's absolutely not their issue) and when I asked how they wanted the bars sent back, they said to just keep them, as the cost to ship and import back would make it pointless... So I cannot say fairer than that! Even if I have to suck up the import costs, that equates to a full set of F-Sport Sway Bars for about £130! I'll look to get them re-coated (properly) and then get on with fitting them. All-in, that'll be about £200! First, th
  8. I genuinely begin to wonder if it's just me this happens to! I'd ordered a set of genuine F-Sport Sway Bars from the USA for the GS. I was planning to install them at the same time as I re-did the Valve Stem Seals, as the 'new' ones are still leaking (that's going to be a whole other story in about a month's time). They arrived today in the following state: I'm absolutely NOT happy installing them with damaged powder-coating, and am also not happy patching or re-coating (they were bought as brand-new condition!) so they're going to go back (although I
  9. Ah - must have been the LS, then (I was Lexus ignorant back then... 😄). it’s been interesting, but not ‘fun’ for a while now, but that’ll change once I get stuck into the suspension and chassis!! Will say hi for you!
  10. Great to hear from you Barney and glad your doing well 😄. Martin, Kev and Dunk are all in good form too! I wasn’t tracking that you had a 430 - didn’t you have a 450h a long time back too? Thanks for the comments - it’s been an interesting journey so far, that’s for sure!!! 🙂
  11. This better be the last time I post this... but I think It's Bl**dy well done!! Video here, a little bitty, but I was, as usual, working at night and evening time so annoyingly didn't get the Intake Manifold work on camera, but the last cause of my P0171 lean running codes has been tracked down and sorted (this time, the cause wasn't something I'd done...). Video here: Looking forward to seeing what economy I get out of the big sod now - it certainly shifts a lot quicker now that's for sure!! Now I can start working on the backlog of planned work that's been on hold fo
  12. Thanks Chris, much appreciated, although I'd say that I aim for perfection, but rarely achieve it, and would call myself an advanced-level tinkerer rather than a full craftsman :D.
  13. I've been quiet for a while because I've been trouble-shooting a persistent P0171 (Lean on Bank 1) fault code. Having finally found the culprit, all I've got to say is: ... that LPG injector hose fittings in the manifold are NOT meant to be able to be pulled out with your fingers... ( I hate having to solve problems caused by other people! Unlike the valves, I've never touched those - and others are loose too - cutting fine threads in an Aluminium Manifold is not a very good idea!)
  14. One of the things that really bugged me with the GS was badly yellowed headlights - so while the bumper was off during the engine rebuild, I sanded, polished and ceramic coated them and the fog-lights - big difference!!
  15. That’s ‘interesting’ to know... 😉 As said, it’s meant to be a daily driver, but I know what I’m like - may well look at it in the future! Not like there’s going to be cars like these soon anymore, so may as well enjoy them!
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