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  1. Lower Ball Jouint brands

    Use genuine ball joints only. 43330-59135 RH 43340-59135 LH
  2. As A New Owner....

    Looks like yours is a "Z Edition" as well http://www.japanvehicles.com/newcars/toyota/Altezza/main.htm Yes the bell housings are different between 1GFE & 3SGE J160 6MT. Try some Motul Gear300 75W90 oil in it if you're having issue other than the squeak. They're a good box if well maintained. The squeak is the release / throw out bearing.
  3. As A New Owner....

    What's is your frame number? SXE10-_______ i.e SXE10-0024235. I work at a Toyota dealer here in New Zealand so can help you out with part numbers. There are 2 different fuel filters depending on the year of manufature. 23300-74330 does from 10/1998-05/2000 & 23300-21010 for 05/2000 onwards As for spark plugs, try find some Denso Iridium SK20R11 or VK20 (the OE plug is platinium but they run alot better with Iridium). Alternatively NGK BKR6EIX11 or BKR6ERX-11P Iridiums fit as well. Drive belt idler pully part number is 88440-20120, it aslo fits a few other models so maybe a good number in the UK. As Steve said pull it off & see if you can replace the bearing first as it'll save you a lot of money.
  4. As A New Owner....

    A 4cyl performance engine is going to sound a lot different to a 6cyl designed to be Lexus smooth & quiet. You realise all ##GE engines have a head desiged by Yamaha? Does the car have a standard exhaust? Could it have a sports exhaust fitted? The RS factory muffler has a flap instide that opens at a certain rev range to aid in flow. Your issue with the squeaky clutch is a common one, throw some graphite powered around the clutch fork & it may help. The other noise is the release bearing. Expensive to replace if you have to pay labour, most just put up with it until they replace the clutch. As for lubrication; Factory fill is 5.1L of 10W-30 or 5W-30. Being a performace engine you want an oil meating A3, B3, B4 or C3 spec, stay away from fuel efficent specs like A1, A5, C1 etc. If you're engine is high mileage (over 170K km) the you may want to look at a 5W-40 or 0W-40. Stay away from cheap semi syn 10W-40, the VVTi system doesn't like it. Service interval is 10K km. Gear box takes 2L of 75W-90 GL4 (Motul Gear300 is the best option, Motylgear 75W-90 & Redline MT-90 are good/cheaper alternatives as well) Service interval 40K km Diff takes 1L of 75W-90 GL5, if you have the factory torsen LSD then they like 75W-140 (helps them hook up quicker) Service interval 40K km or less if mineral oil used Oil filter 90915-10003 / WIX 51394 Air filter 17801-46080 / WIX 46465
  5. I Need Argent The Wiring Of 3Sge

  6. Can't Find Parts On My Island

    That actually looks like a Qualitat model you've got there http://z4.invisionfree.com/lexusaltezzaclub/index.php?showtopic=9225&hl=
  7. Can't Find Parts On My Island

    PCV part number is 12204-88570, it is specific to the Altezza's 3SGE unfortunatly. I work at a Toyota dealer here in NZ. We have thousands of Altezza on the roads here. At their peak it was well over 10,000. I've never heard of a "J" Edition, there's Z & L Editions though. You'll find the letter at the end of your model number if it is one. This site will help you identify what model you have http://www.japanvehicles.com/newcars/toyota/Altezza/equipRS200.htm & http://www.japanvehicles.com/newcars/toyota/Altezza/main.htm Do yourself a favour when it comes to servicing, get your hands on a quality 10W30 like Royal Purple HPS or Redline. Don't waste your time with cheap semi synthetic especially 10W40, if you must run a 40 weight then a thin full synthetic like 0W40 Mobil1 or 5W40 Shell Helix is next best the way to go. Another very good option is Motul 300V 5W30 if your budget alows it. Thats what I run in mine. As for performance parts, put a K&N panel filter in & some Iridium spark plugs for a start. Then upgrade the exhaust. Add an LSD if it doesn't have one. There's not much else you can do without spending big money like upgrading the ECU to an Apexi Power FC or Turboing. Most people just make do & upgrade the suspension.
  8. Trottle Body

    Don't use carb clean on the MAF, the wires are very delicate & it may melt the plastic. You can get specific MAF sensor cleaner theses days otherwise use a plastic safe elelectro clean. Rich have you taken it to your local Lexus garage & had them scan it for fault codes? No problem is incurable. Coils give hassles on the 1GFE, VVT solenoid could is faulty as well.
  9. Trottle Body

    You either haven't hooked it back up properly or damaged the MAF Sensor. What did you use to clean it?
  10. Engine Oil For Rs200

    Wholy thread dredge batman... Castrol Edge 0W30 is one of Castrol's better oils. There are a few different variations though FST, A5/B5 & LL II. FST is well suited to the 3SGE the others are a bit on the thin side as they're designed for improved fuel economy. I would avoid 40 weight oils in the 3SGE unless it's turboed, you live in a very hot cliamte or attend track days. Speaking from experience they sap power & have a negative effect on VVTi performance (I tried Edge 0W40). I run Motul 300V 5W30 in mine & I'm at 150K km (93K m). Have also tried Edge 5W30, (JDM)Takumi 0W30 & Mobil1 5W30. I might try Motul 8100 X-clean 5W30 next service as 300V is a bit of an overkill but it's amazing stuff. Ideally you want a 0W30, 5W30 or 10W30 with a Viscosity at 100°C of 11cSt or higher & HT/HS of 3.1 or higher (3.5 is perferable) for optimal performance in the 3SGE. Mileage doesn't really come into it.
  11. Blacktop Beams Rough Idle Issue

    Why you running 91? These high compression motors require a minimum of 95 & run best on 98. Have you cleaned the throttle body as already mentioned in this post?
  12. Altezza, No Power Until 6000Rpm

    AFM = Air Flow Meter. It's the black plastic thing with wires coming out of it after the pod filter in the photos above. Usually cleaning them will fix the problems but worst case scenario they do fail & need to be replaced
  13. Remove 3Sge Crankshaft Cover

    Looks like there's 10 main bolts holding it on & a few studs as well.
  14. Is300 Auto Box Kickdown Switch

    Was it doing this before you changed the oil?
  15. Energy Drink For You Car....

    Just use 98 & be done with it. If you want power in a bottle you're better off upgrading your engine oil to a high quality synthetic like Motul or M1.
  16. Is200 Misfire

    I'd say it's the VVT solenoid rather than the cat. We replace them all the time on the 1GFE at work. (I work at a Toyota/Lexus dealership)
  17. Is300 Auto Box Kickdown Switch

    You've got an RS200 right? What's it actually doing that you think there's something wrong. The 5AT boxes are an "adaptive shift" style trans, meaning they learn your driving style and shift accordingly. If your stuck in traffic all week then take it for a spirited drive in the weekend unfortunatly it's still going to be in weekday mode. Only way arond it is to reset the ECU & go for that sprited drive so it relearns the more aggresive shift patern. The only sensor I can think of is on the throttle bodie, they have been known to give trouble. http://www.toyodiy.com/parts/p_J_199904_TOYOTA_ALTEZZA_SXE10-AEAVF_2211.7.html?hl=22060 Also when was the last time you changed the ATF? Should be done every 90K km. We've had great results with Motul Multi ATF (100% synthetic) in place of the factory T-IV (mobil 3309).
  18. Is200 Misfire

    +1 coils. When did you last change the plugs? Could also be VVT solenoid if car has't been serviced regularly especially if you run 10W40.
  19. Dreaded Oil Question

    Why would you use Catrol again if it hasn't got rid of the noise? Try Motul 8100 or Mobil1 next time & I bet the noise will disapere. The engine will feel even smoother & quieter, you'd be amased at how much better Motul & even M1 is compared to Castrol. Magnatec & Edge 5W30 are made from hydrocracked/group 3 based stocks where as Motul 8100 & M1 are made from PAO/Group4 base stocks (real synthetic). Group 3 is modified mineral oil.
  20. Dreaded Oil Question

    What were you running before?? Edge is ok but I still found I got tappet noise on start up on cold mornings. Switched to Mobil1 5W30 & the problem went away. Using Motul 8100 5W30 now. I'm at 95K m. For the OP any reputable semi or full syn 10W30 or/& 5W30 will be fine. Most off the shelf fully syn will be good for up to 10K m intervals, semi 6K & mineral 3K.
  21. Blacktop Beams Rough Idle Issue

    Agreed with Colin. POD filters give no end of trouble on these motors, they're very sensitive to the diameter of the pipe & placement of the MAF. I'd try get my hands on an Apexi pipe. HKS & Greddy also made them but the Apexi seemed to give the least trouble.
  22. Blacktop Beams Rough Idle Issue

    Have you got a picture of your MAF set up? Although if the MAF was the problem you'd have a flat stop around 4K. Is the idle low as well as rough? Have you cleaned the throttle body? There's a sensor/thermostat in front of the butterfly, when dirty effects idle.
  23. Differential Codes For Rs200

    I work at a Toyota & Lexus dealer Bit more info on ratios http://www.trdparts.jp/english/list_race-mis_sxe.html SXE10 '98-05/'01 - 4.100 May '01> - 4.300 TRD - 4.556 jono395 why would you want welded? Put some Motul Gear Competition 75w140 in the Torsen & it'll hook up nicely
  24. Altezza, No Power Until 6000Rpm

    Find your self a stock air box & all your problems will be solved. The 3SGE doesn't like pod filters although they seem to run ok if you get an Apexi or HKS which are specifically designed for them, anything else will make it run like a pig. It's all to do with the position of the MAF & they way the air has to flow over it. If you're really stuck put a bit of fine metal mesh before the MAF to try smooth the air flow out a bit.
  25. These engines go quiet well when put into a lighter body. My RS200 moves along quickly enough, although theres a lot of weight for 210hp to move off the line quickly. You'll probably find the MAF sensor & throttle body need cleaning & the previous owner is was running 10w40 in it. The run so much better with a decent 5w30 like Motul 8100 or Mobil1 & a decent set of Iridium plugs like Denso VK20 or NGK BKR6EIX11. Your average 40 weight oil in these engines puts to much drag on the VVTi system & 10w40 semi syn turns to sludge clogging up the solenoids. If you're going to be rallying it then you probably want to look at Motul 300V 5w40 as its a thin 40 weight but proper ester synthetic for race protection. I'd have a chat to this guy, Celica RA45 >> http://z4.invisionfree.com/lexusaltezzaclub/index.php?showtopic=11266 >> http://www.tezzaworld.com/viewtopic.php?t=5040 He makes ITB manifolds for the 3SGE & has made some decent power