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  1. Hi Just finishing off my cam belt change and could do with some help to save me a little time. taken about a week due to weather, bad supply of parts and needing to order a pulley holder as did not want to risk flicking the starter. I did not think it was as simple as the guides make out but it was ok to do. The problem is more the removal of fixings. anyway... could someone please advise me how to tension the power steering pump belt. the AC and Alt belts are fine as the are mounted on bolts so you can crank up the tension but the power steering pump does not have this. So how do you tension the belt? thanks for your help.
  2. Hi Can you confirm the size of the crank pulley bolt. i am in the middle of my cam belt change and I dont seem to have a scoket big enough therefore if I need to buy one I want to make sure its the right size. most of the guides dont say the size but other modles use a 22mm, is it the same. thanks for the help.
  3. i am now also thinking cylinder seals. this isnt going to be simple like i was hoping is it :( i was testing on my own so not sure how they are reacting if pedal keeped on but so far no other problems with the pedal. may do a fluid change and see how that goes. wondering if its this and the drop links, together making it look like a problem with the brakes. recently changed lower ball joints and some people have posted that the drop links showed thier problems once the ball joints had been changed.
  4. thanks was going to go for a caliper, save time and stops the car being off the road. also means i will have a spare i can work on. from other posts i assume this is the problem but what are the chances of having a problem else where in the brake system?
  5. Hi all i have just started to notice that sometimes when i am braking, just before the car comes to a stop I get a 'erup!' noise, a slight pull to the right and feedback through the brake pedal, almost like it pushes back for half a second. I have had the front wheels up and noticed that when you pressurise the brake system, the left side locks the wheel as you would expect but the right wheel can still be rotated. It is almost like they cant hold the pressure and retract back, however I have no leaks and fluid levels have not changed. I stripped down the right brake yesterday. The pins seem ok. all the shims are present although a little worn but i dont get squeeking. However I did notice that the bottom pot was out about 2mm more than the top. I pushed them both out somewhat and they seem clean under the boots. They were a little stiff but i would say not as much as other cars. I also noticed when pumping the pots in and out that they dont seem to move together. first the bottom moves a little then the top and so on. I am guessing this is a sticky caliper but my atempt to fix it made no difference at all. Just wondered what you thought. Would like to make sure i get it right at min cost as lost job recently and have just had to fork out £450 for tyres, MOT, tax and ball joints. your help is most welcome.
  6. Hi Does anyone know where I can get a pair of ball joints from for around £50-£65 (the cheaper the better as lost job just before xmas). Car failed MOT because of these and I have been let down by an ebay seller and now MOT has run out. Idealy I would like somewhere that can deliver in a decent time scale (i.e. next day). Its a tough ask, which is why I thought you guys maybe able to help. Thanks.
  7. HuDSoN..........l have 4 decent wheels/tyres as on your photograph and they were on my IS200 SE until l bought some newer ones. If they are of any use to you as a set, just e-mail me privately and we can arrange a meet (Possibly Royal Tunbridge Wells?) only they are far too heavy to post! Over to you... Thanks for the offers but I sourced one via ebay in the end.
  8. will try to check and see 1. If i still have one and 2. what (if any) damage it has. Wont be able to check for a few days though...(and might have to do a little digging)....are you in a hurry? Would you be able to do a pickup from M3 J3-4 or would you look on getting it to you another way? hi yea i dont mind waiting. Thanks for checking for me. It is still just about usable if i get a flat. Yeah i should be able to collect or arrange for it to be picked up as often on the south side of the m25. Thanks again for taking the trouble.
  9. Hi I have too much damge to one of my wheels to repair so I am running around on the spare and thus would like a alloy to replace that. Anyone have a std 5 spoke alloy for sale? Dont mind if it is a little damaged etc but must be true.
  10. Hi I am quite need to owning my is200. Just wondered what the normal boot layout is (anyone got any pics)? I seem to have straps all over the place but nothing in them. if you lift the carpet i have left to right: a strap the jack tool tray wheel strap - kind on back of bumper a hole and another strap.
  11. urm... details please. did you use the 40A or 50A? did you have to use thier on/off switch or could you build it in to the wiper arm mode i.e only works on the intermediate setting. thanks
  12. handy info about auto lights. solar sensor is different, guess it can guess how much the car will warm up before it does kind of thing. I did find something on the search about a rain tracker, looks like this will be the only way just did not intergrate in that well as you have to turn it on/off with a toggle switch. thanks anyway, will just have to adjust back to manual ones. impress by everyones fast, helpful responses.
  13. Hi Just got my IS200 a few weeks ago and just getting used to it as well as looking in to what I can change / improve. Before I had a mk4 golf which I added auto wipers too. was a simple case of add the rain sensor and change the control relay. now the rain is on its way again, wanted to know if auto wipers could be added to the IS as I am finding the timings on the int wiper dont always suit and I kind of forget to turn them off when the rain drops off. On a maybe related note, what are the sesnors on the dash for? I assume one of them is for the auto lights (liking this BTW) but what is the other for? Thanks I have a few other questions planned but still checking the search button.