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  1. I wouldn't mind giving it a go myself as I have spoken to an electrician and he goes first time he's heard of a problem like this on a Lexus.. I don't know if this is related too, I've changed the fuses for my cig lighter to work and now the heated seats don't work, so what I done was changed all of the blue 15a fuses and then the seats or the cig don't work. Just had a play round now as I need the cig lighter for a journey tomorrown an chaned the fuses around an it seems to be working now.. I've owned 2 other Lexus before this one and never had any problems.. Thanks for your reply Steve.
  2. Hello there, I have a Lexus is200 2004 plate, it's a limited edition model.. As title says I'm having that problem. Took it to a mechanic and had diagnostic plugged it an came up with fault abs modulator and break peddle switch, changed both parts and still have the problem. The main issue I have is that when I brake non of my brake lights come on and this is really bothering me. I don't know what to do now, auto electrician maybe?? Any help and advice will be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi there, I owned a Lexus is 200 in 2009 to 2011 and can simply say it was one of the best cas I've had in terms of drive wise and reliability. During my time of owning it I had no problems apart from wear and tear as expected. I bought an Audi a4 2.0.T Quattro s line after the Lexus and since owning the Audi I have spent £1500 on repairs and about another £500 on servicing. I am now looking to come back to Lexus but not sure which one to buy after reading some threads about how the 220d has head gasket problem. Which one would you guys recommend? What's the fuel consumption like on the 250?
  4. hi there guys and girls. i have had a problem with my car for a few months now and have finally found out what part it is that i need to change, i have changed the front link arms, bottom ball joints but i still have a click/metal scraping noise. i put my car on the ramp and have now found out the cause of the problem. the part i need is called FRONT LOWER SUSPENSION ARM 4867053010 thats the part number. lexus have quoted me £160 with vat for each side. i am wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if so did they manage to find a part without going to main dealer because i have tried all my local car parts and no luck, even blue print cant get the part. also other names for this part is TRACKING CONTROL. would appreciate any help/advice as my car is due for an mot in mid august. Thanks
  5. so topic is so amusing and just put a smile on my face, if i had only seen it earlier i too would have sent an email lol...forget the local crimewatch scheme on LOC we have the car-watch scheme :P
  6. as Ormi said contact toyota... i had my 70k service done for £100 at toyota :)
  7. my opinion is if you want 6000k but want that hint of blue then go for a 8000k in a 50w because i think compared to a 6000k 35w kit they produce the same brightness being 8000k.....correct me if am wrong guys an girls....
  8. For me Hids are just for Show, they look nice and even if you get 6000k, 8000k, 10000k it will still be brighter than your standard halogen bulb. but when some people buy hids they buy it for a different purpose so end of the day i think its down to each persons opinion about hids.... my purpose of buying a hid kit was just for looks...may sound silly to some people but end of the its my money that i have spent.
  9. Ormi the amount of times you have had to tell people about how HIDS DONT affect the mot, i have lost count now lol i can actually sense when someone puts a question about the mot...Ormi is gona comment now an put them straight! lol keep at it man B)
  10. i have the same proplem too guys! mine happens when i turn Right tho. i took it to a garage an he said the bearings are fine because thats what i thoguht the problem was.
  11. well i have finally fitted my hid kit and i love it! i went for 8000k in a 50w kit and from the lights i had before (xenon bulbs 6000k) these are 10times better an brighter so cant complain, i got the looks i wanted an i now have extra brightness. also i have one spare kit, called the company up and they said i can have the second kit for £35 if i want to pass it on to a friend (saves them hassle apprently as its opened and out the package).... if not they will arrange a courier to collect the kit. so if anyone wants the kit for £35 +£6 postage (8000k, 50w, boxed up) pls let me no before monday. thanks
  12. try turning the plug round that plugs into the ballast so the + is at the - and the - is at the + happened to lots off peeps on here inc me......... Ormi you are a genious! thank you very much! just tried it now and it works fine.
  13. i need some help guys an girls, i got my hid kit last week and i connected it all up and there was no power, so i called the company up and i sent the kit back and today they sent me TWO hid kits for some reason, so i tried both of them on and still have no power from the kit. the kit i got was a 50w, 8000k i dont know what to do now, should i get the company to send me another one or should i get my money back? also has anyone on here had problems with installing a hid kit on there car? thanks
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