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  1. Hi John, I checked the transmission coolant, got the car up to running temperature and the level was perfect. Smelt fine as well, no burning aroma. I took it to my local Lexus dealers and they seemed to agree that there was something wrong when the tech guy drove it. They plugged it into the diagnostics machine and couldn't find a thing. The dealers were a little hesitant to take it in a look at it and said give it a few more months and see how it goes. I can understand why as it has only just had a brand new box and torque converter 2 months ago and has a 12 month guarantee on it...Still I'm pretty sure its only going to get worse, when a problem starts it rarely heals itself. Time shall reveal all... Has anyone else experienced any thing like this? I have managed to replicate it consistently when slowing to a stop after the car cruises at 40ish. It jolts around 20ish with knock the car, the severity of the jolt seems to vary. Were there any updated on the auto boxs on the 430? Could they have put the incorrect box on the car, it is shared with the GS or SC? Or maybe an ECU updates that might get rid of a problem? Any thoughts are welcome. Chris
  2. Hi Phil, The car is a 2001 and got 96k on the clock. The last time the gearbox was changed under warranty for a fault when cruising at 50. The kick down sent a judder through the car and the gearbox was replaced under warranty with a faulty sensor. Now the problem is at the other end of the range on the low end and is beginning to drive me crazy. I have sat in a LS400 and been driven around for a few days and it feels just like the 430 I have. Magic carpet ride Chris
  3. Hello all, After washing the old LS430 on Sunday, I took a look at the alloys and they were looking very sorry. It amazing how easy they chip and damage. Could anyone recommend a good reburbisher in the Birmingham / Coventry area? All four wheels need doing to bring her back to her former glory. Chris
  4. Dear all, I have a question for all LS430 owners regarding the gearbox. When I slow down gently, just before I stop, there is a small jolt which feels like the gearbox grabbing first. I haven't had an auto before and would like to know if this is normal? I have already had a new box under the Lexus warranty and dont want to go back to tell them something is wrong if it isn't. What are other peoples experience on this? Can lightening strike twice? I brought this car for its re-noun reliability, what are others experiences with their LS430's? Its just turning out to be a bit of a nightmare. Chris
  5. Hello All, I just purchased by first LS430 two weeks ago from my local Lexus dealership. The car is excellent and the service guys at Guildford have been superb, I can see why everyone here loves the cars and the service so much. My only gripe with the car is there is a bit of tyre roar when I drive on the motorway (60-70mph). I have Dunlop tyres front and back, are these the correct type for the car? Previously I have had a 7 series and a XJS and which were pin quiet. The Jag was very pretty and the beamer a great drive, but definately not what I would call reliable. I brought the LS for its reliablity and would like to get the relationship off to a good start. Any suggestion on the tyres would be great. Chris L
  6. Thank you everyone for your replies, found alot of threads from using the search. I think I will be getting a 1995 or 1996 if there isnt much of a difference. If the fuel gets too much I will probably go LPG. Looking forward to getting back to luxury motoring, previously had an XJ-S and if the LS is half as good as that I will be smiling everytime I go out.
  7. Hello everyone, This is my first post, im soon to shelve my old astra with the view of getting an LS of some sorts. I have been looking through the forums at running costs and am a bit undecided on which year and model to get. I do a reasonable amount of mileage per year (24k) and am tempted by either to get a 95-00 LS. As experienced connoisseurs of the LS would somebody be able to tell me the difference in the MPG during the model years 95-00? I have read that the engine was up rated in 97 and gave better fuel economy 28+MPG. What do people actually get and which years are their cars. I understand the LS is not exactly a lightweight so am expecting something in the mid 20s but it would be nice to get some owners feedback. Any info would be appreciated, also if anyone here is looking to sell their car between 95-00 I might just be in the market in mid September. All the best Chris
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