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  1. I have smoked 17s multispoke for sale with very good Conti 5 tyres if anyone wants them?>
  2. I had 15mm on front and 20 on rear, but should have gone 25 on rear with Eibachs and made it look so much better
  3. Yes i do actually have them, i sold the car but they are still here for sale

  4. Speak to Simon first I am sure there are people closer to home if he isn't up that way. I am looking to sell mine now as I cant justify keeping it as I hardly use it.
  5. I have not been that happy with the map that Simon did between you and I, although it was done last year when he was vey new to mapping. it misses occasionally and gives a trail of unburnt fuel out the back when I am on full throttle so clearly not set right. It is still up for sale, mainly because I am just not using it and having something a lot cheaper to run makes sense. but never easy selling a modified car, even a Lexus that has been done by professionals rather than a diy job. I thonght 4 grand was a very fair price as I have spend well over 6 on it, but not sold it as yet. I love it and have never had a moments problems but life moves on. yours has a lot more power than mine then, I had thought about taking it somewhere local to get it properly set up as I think there is a bit more to come from it, the only downside is that it comes in pretty late on, but for the money its good value for sure. fingers crossed and glad you are enjoying yours
  6. my piggyback was fitted and dyno'd by Jamsport. it gave 261bhp at 9 psi and about 280 torque. I have since had it remapped by Simon on the road and it feels better but no dyno. who did yours and what have you got now?
  7. Well you are talking about a car that cost £25k new and you want a decent spacer to take the strain. I went for the Eibach ones which come with studs and bolts in conjunction with their lowering springs and it looked great. Best option is 15mm front and 25 rear. I only went 20 rear and should have gone a touch more. As with everything in life, you get what you pay for including quality and peace of mind.
  8. you have pre cats on the manifold and then a main cat before the mid pipe. It will fail if it doesn't have both of them usually. if you need a cat, best place is Ebay for a second hand one. as for exhausts, its all about personal preference and how you want it to sound. cheapest option again is a second hand standard system on ebay, or you could go to a powerflow dealer as I did and have one made to your spec and sound, or I know a lot of owners like the Cobra system. As with everything, it just depends what you want and how much money you have to spend. Cheers
  9. You should join the facebook is200 community, they are much more active and loads more members with advice and parts for sale you don't have to pay to advertise.
  10. Sorry but we don't need trolls on this forum. I don't know any mechanics and certainly not anyone I would trust to source and fit a turbo to my car. Secondly, if you don't like the price of something then don't buy it, there is no need to be a sad troll and be so rude about someone you don't know. Thirdly, the guy selling the kits if very highly thought of and widely liked in the 200 community and does give advice and help to others and has done for many years. And you don't need your Richbtrook tax holder anymore as they scrapped tax disks a while ago........ I hope one day you grow up.
  11. its about bangs for your buck and to those who know what they are doing there may be cheaper ways of sourcing it, but there are a lot of us drivers who are not mechanics. So this option is a good way to go if you don't possess expertise in that way and the parts are new and not second hand. the specialist who looks after my car who builds track and performance cars reckons it would cost double that cost for a full custom built set up. you are also restricted by the standard internals, anything over 10 psi and it can blow your engine even with an ECU upgrade. So it depends on who you are than knowledge you possess as to whether it is good value.
  12. Yes it is well worth it, but you need the piggyback ECU to get the most out of it. Kit is now £1799 and he only charges £300 to fit and set up. Piggyback supplied, fitted and mapped is another £650. Will get somewhere between 260 to 280 bhp for less than 3 grand so an increase or well over 100bhp, so yes I would say well worth it. Mine was on the Dyno at 260bhp at 9psi on stock internals and pulls like a train. Turbo boost comes in at about 2800rpm. Kit also works on the 300 too. You won't be disappointed trust me.....
  13. Only way to get any extra power is forced induction, super or turbo charger, nothing else makes any noticeable difference and things like massive intakes can actually make it worse. No one buys these cars for performance or fuel economy. For me I don't like the high stance with the massive arch gap so lower springs are a must and the best suspension mod you can do is to uprate the ARB's, that you will notice. Loads of Oem 18's for sale out there at cheap prices too.
  14. I think even with all that you would struggle to get 200bhp, maybe 180 if you were lucky and probably 5 grand less in your pocket. Cams would be very expensive on their own and its quite top end already so wouldn't really help for every day driving. As many have said on various different forums, forced induction is the only way to get more power from the 200 or the 300/altezza for that matter, these are not cheap cars to modify, but with a bulletproof car to start with and something different with great looks, you wont regret it. Turbo and ECU fitted and set up is less than 3 grand for 260 - 280 bhp, or do it yourself for about 2k, but then you would need to think about suspension and brakes as well.
  15. Yes only in Swindon, so not far and your drive home would be the most fun you have had with your clothes on, lol!!!!!!
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