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  1. We are with Lexus for our insurance. Last year it cost £453.12 - this year they want £632.60. You peeps out there - think yourselves lucky! :-) When my husband rang - it was more or less take it or leave it! :-(
  2. Many thanks FA - thinking about it a little more, perhaps we should keep it the way it is!
  3. We have just upgraded our IS250 2005 to a 2010 model. How would 'im indoors' go about customising the electric windows from the key fob - he is quite handy! Many thanks.
  4. Bought the whole set last August from Lexus dealer purely for Spain. Shouldn't have bothered! Lots of roads that have been there for years didn't come up.
  5. Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this but I am having trouble changing my e:mail address (+ when you give me a new password - I then can't seem to change it) definite age thing here - my e:mail address has changed from:


    can you help me please? Sorry for the trouble!

  6. Well Matus! The disc arrived yesterday. 'im indoors asked me to send for it. I should have asked him why! He wanted to know where the spark plugs were housed and thought there would be a detailed diagram. Too complicated! Anyway, FYI no it doesn't show you how to take your seats out etc! ;) PS I could of course be looking in the wrong place!
  7. matus,i like your style lol Me too! It should be in the post by now Matus. I will try to remember when it arrives (age problem!) to have a look and see if it 'meets your requirements' and let you know. :)
  8. Goodness Matus, you made me giggle! I'm so intrigued. What on earth do you want to do to your car? :D
  9. Has anyone bought one of these and if so what is your opinion. I found it on e-bay : Lexus IS250, IS220d 220 Workshop Manual/Technical CD 2005 onwards Petrol & Diesel models covered FREE POST
  10. Well, I got fed up with the 2005-6 and finally paid up for the 2009-10 ones last week. Just to let you know - the good thing is that the passenger can update and fiddle with it on the go! Keeps me quiet for lots of journeys! Keeps 'im indoors very, very happy! :D
  11. Sorry but all this seems to complicated for me. :duh: I too would like an up to date sat nav disc for Europe for our Lexus IS250SE. I think the one in the car is 2005. Looking on this forum it appears we have to buy a complete set of 4 discs. Is this correct? Can anyone advise on price please?
  12. You and me too Lexuspeter! Hope you get some constructive replies. I too flattened the battery and still not to grips with it!
  13. We are still getting to grips with this on our IS250SE-L MM. We are making a trip from Santander down to Estepona. Printed off two routes via RAC and Michelin, and bought the maps - to be sure, to be sure! I have the geographical co-ordinates of Santander Port and those of a hotel we want to stay at south of Madrid. I want to key these into the sat nav and then preview the route the sat nav is going to take us before we set off. Is this possible? If so would some kind person give me 'idiot proof' step by step instructions please? Many thanks - in anticipation!
  14. Thanks mayur. Me too, don't fancy cutting wires. Will await your comments with interest.
  15. Thanks 2 u both! Does it involve cutting wires Husband would have a fit if I start 'snipping'!
  16. Has anyone on here bought this override package? Or is there anyone in the UK offering this?
  17. Thank you all for your help. I have just found the following site which details all compatability. It is quite a comprehensive list although not too sure how up to date it is.
  18. Have just joined and finding my way around, so please bear with me folks! We have just traded our Lexus IS200 SE Manual for a 2005 250SE-L (MM) Automatic - our first automatic in 40 years!!!! My Motorola RAZR does not like our new car and just won't hold the Bluetooth connection. So, we will need to buy new phones. From what I can see it would appear that Sony Ericsson would be the phone of choice. Would you agree - out there?? At the moment we spend 7 months in the UK and 5 months in Spain so, on PAYG Orange in both countries. I have been advised we should move to Vodaphone - which we are willing to do - and that due to price we should probably go on contract in the UK (due to the cost of the phones) and keep PAYG in Spain. Any advice would be gratefully received!
  19. Found by searching on Yahoo for a newer IS - and an automatic. Just picked it up today - an - IS250 SE-L Auto (MM) After over 40 odd years of a manual car this is our first automatic and just love it! Tough time getting my head around bluetooth though. Can't get it to recognise my Motorola.