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  1. I have Nexen N8000 all round and never had any issues. I consider them a really good tyre for the IS250.
  2. Chances are a wiper blade from scrap yard will corrode soon enough. Best bet is to take them off and sand/prime/repaint. Then you know they're going to last many years, if not the lifetime of the car.
  3. All the best with the claim. However, even if you are proved correct your insurance premium will go going up that extra bit more as you've made a claim. This is how it works whether it's your fault or not. I had a claim 4 years ago, was proved right but it still stays on your record for 5 years! What a rip off. This is the case as soon as you inform your insurance company of the accident, whether you make a claim or not.
  4. Tyres,choice ,brand price and performance !

    The OP wants recommendations for good value to performance ratio. No doubt Linas is going to chime in here, but I cannot praise Nexen N8000 tyres highly enough. Now I don't drive like a lunatic, but I've found these to be excellent value for money. In fact, the manager of place I get my tyres fitted commented that his brother has the same tyres on the same car and thinks they outperform much more expensive brands. I should add that I have 17" rims.
  5. IS250 F-Sport Build Thread

    Black or shadow chrome gets my vote.
  6. IS250 F-Sport Build Thread

    Looks great IMO, just watch out for those kerbs and sleeping policemen!
  7. IS250 F-Sport Build Thread

    Reflector lights are tacky, steering wheel ok, lip/skirts state MY11-13 only. The compatibility checker states that yours (MY10) is incompatible.
  8. I'm sure it looks good in the flesh, but to me the pictures don't seem to do it justice. Now you need new 18" alloy rims, it looks a bit silly with the OEM 17" wheels.
  9. 2017 IS upgrade delays.

    @rayaans many thanks for the recommendation, just ordered a bottle from Euro Car Parts during their Easter Sale for £7.97 - enter code EGG56 for the discount.
  10. Could be water pump or alternator on the way out
  11. Battery Light

    Glad you got it sorted
  12. Battery Light

    Because the same symptoms happened to me. BTW, ebay sell new for £212 + delivery.
  13. Battery Light

    Definitely alternator on the way out.