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  1. Ok thanks. I think you're very lucky if your insurer doesn't up the price for these mods, in my experience most do.
  2. I'm thinking of doing some mods to my IS250 but would like to know how much extra was your insurance for those you've made so far.
  3. @LEXUS-4-LIFE The Grom BT3 and USB3 are not meant to work together. To use the USB3 unit with Bluetooth you simply add the Bluetooth dongle accessory for £40 - a lot cheaper than forking out £120 for the BT3 which won't work with the USB3 anyway https://gromaudio.co.uk/toyota-lexus-usb-android-integration-kit.html
  4. I had EXACTLY the same thing happen to me. Both lights definitely on when I left work after night shift at 5am. On the way home noticed one light was out seeing the reflection from the car in front. Got home and switched the lights off and on again, got out of the car to take a look and the affected light was barely on. The next morning after night shift I was looking at the lights reflection from the cars in front most of the way home, both seemed fine. Got home and had a look, the light that was giving trouble the morning before was absolutely fine and looked exactly the same as the other side, and has been fine ever since. Strange isn't it?
  5. Another recommendation for Uniroyal Rainsport 3 here. Just fitted 225/40/18 fronts and 255/35/18 rears 2 weeks ago and they do inspire confidence and strangely feels like there is a lot less roll when cornering. Great tyres for a great price - £417 fitted.
  6. Ok so no AFS feature, nor I suspect auto levelling. I think the pros outweigh these cons so put me down for a set.
  7. If the fronts are compatible with AFS put me down for a set of the fronts, I already have the rears (smoked) but not fitted yet.
  8. I always do the same if parked in an outside bay (always preferable) to give a little extra room should someone park next to you.
  9. Ah thanks. Made an offer and got the smoked ones for £200.
  10. I was looking into this some time ago, but it appears that with all aftermarket rears they're mostly made for the American market and don't have fog lights.
  11. Thanks John, will see if they're still good value compared to newer spec tyres.
  12. A quick question if I may. I've also bought a set of refurbished Hoshi alloys, not fitted yet, and will be using them for summer tyres, retaining the 17" alloys for winter tyres. I see you have Pirelli Sottozero 3, which is what I was considering, especially now as winter tyres are cheaper to buy during summer. So my question is how are they on the IS250 in the snow/ice and general performance at 7C degrees or less. Thanks in advance.
  13. Absolutely fantastic job, the calipers look super cool. Well done!