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  1. The RX300 is a lovely motor, however any car that is 17+ years old has potential for issues no matter what the brand. I owned an RX300 and whilst reliable, the car is very thirsty, expect no more than 280 miles from a 72 litre fuel tank. The car is heavy and doesn't have huge torque, so you really need to put your foot down to get a move on. The cambelt is due every 90k or 10 years which ever comes first. Tyres are 18 inch from memory,good brands aren't cheap, it's a heavy car so watch out for worn suspension bushes and worn pads/discs. For a first car I just don't think it's worth the potential hassle and may sour your experience of the Lexus brand. I purchased an SE as I didn't want/need the complication of air suspension. Standard audio was fine but I'm not an a stereo guy. The car isn't that quiet by modern standards.... If the wife insists on an suv for a first and you want reliability I would suggest a Toyota RAV4. Your budget would get you into a 2008/2009 or an older model with much lower mileage. You still get the dependability and reliability and you can always upgrade at a later date.
  2. The pads & discs for the GS450h are also £325 all in pads/discs labour. When you speak of not good quality, do you mean braking performance, or feel through the pedal?
  3. £430 seems alot for front pads and discs. Main dealer charges £325 for pads, discs, labour, rears are £295. Quite a few independents were unable to source rear discs, looking on ecp they are currently unavailable. My local garage charged me £528 all in pads/discs/labour/vat front & rear
  4. Unfortunately a 3.0 petrol suv will never be economical or cheap to run, just enjoy the car for what it is
  5. Depends on the cost of fuel where you are, but at £1.31 a litre or £5.98 a gallon, £80 is 13.37 gallons. So 240 miles on 13.37 gallons is 17.9 mpg
  6. They are a thirsty beast, when I had mine a full tank resulted in a range of about 280 miles. To be fair the official combined is only 23 and the urban figure 16, felt like I was always putting fuel in it, wasn't very quick either! Apart from that was a lovely car
  7. Looks a bit like a frankenstein spec. Appears to have the led lights like an SE-L, but lacking the rest of the goodies, memory function for passenger seat, extendable seat cushion, cooled seats ML audio, air suspension (probably better it doesn't have it). Spec wise car seems more like an SE-I which is still lovely. If you do purchase it, good luck keeping those parchment mats clean in the winter! As to what to look for, you may find the link below useful
  8. I owned a 300 not a 350, very thirsty 280 miles for a tank (72 litres from memory I think). Urban 17-18 (official is 16.7). Only 5 speeds, poor aero, and not an abundance of torque meant motorway mpg was not exactly stellar. A 350 may be slightly better I think the figures are 272hp/256lbs ft vs 201hp/201lbs ft 450h 31-34 urban that's a massive difference. Maximum torque from 0rpm from electric motors makes a huge difference on the motorway, haven't owned a 400h so don't know the figures so would imagine it's similar. A quick look on autotrader shows a 2008 350 for £6k with 81k clock. £6k buys a 2007 400h with 88k on the clock. The 400h is quicker more economical, cheaper to tax, hybrid batteries have 15 year warranty, hybrid gubbins are known to be reliable. The tax/ved on a 350 is £600 a year, the market for a 20mpg £600 a year tax monster is tiny and it may be hard to shift once you are finished with it.
  9. Looks like I have some catching up to do! I am only my 5th GS 300 X2 IS 300 Sportcross RX 300 RX450h May have one last hurrah until I'm forced to go all electric. I do have a soft spot for Mercedes and owned a lovely CLK convertible for a few years, and I used to like BMW in my younger years, particularly an e39 540i and an E36 325i. Will be interesting to see what the next generation RX offers.
  10. This is the one I use Does the job, there are plenty on Amazon as well if you don't use ebay
  11. I presume the keys must like the new ones Ford, BMW and VAG use which 'sleep' when the key has not detected motion after a certain time, then 'wake up' once they have detected movement.
  12. Sorry to hear your pride and joy got pinched, but at least you are OK, cars can always be replaced You could always get a ghost immobiliser. The Ghost uses the buttons in your vehicles such as those on the steering wheel, door panels or centre console, seat, stereo etc, to allow you to make a unique, changeable, unique PIN code sequence that must first be entered before you can drive your car. It won't stop somebody picking up the car and putting it a tow truck, but it's the next thing. I have not used the product myself, (I don't deem my car valuable enough) but I have a few friends who have it and they speak highly of it. I have no affliation with the company, I'm sure there may be similar products on the market, the device seems to get good reviews on pistonheads and all other motoring forums. I would suggest purchasing a Faraday pouch from Amazon or ebay for less than £10, these are excellent. You put your keys in and they block the signal. You can walk right up the car with the keys in the pouch and car won't unlock, definitely worth the purchase. I don't know the technology behind it, but they work a treat Good luck!
  13. This is the leather from my SE-I. I don't baby the car, just use leather wipes every month or so just like any other car. Apologies for bad angle, not sure what I was looking to photograph at the time! Nothing major to look for, purchased mine from an independent with full main dealer history. No issues just a new battery. I avoided the SEL as air suspension is about £800 a corner Same reason I went for a RX300 SE over an SEL years ago. To be fair don't really hear about as many issues on RX450 air suspension. I don't go off road, maybe the odd pavement/kerb so for me the extra complication and potential cost wasn't worth it. I haven't driven one with air suspension so can't comment on the ride quality. It is possible to purchase a SEL without air but I was always to slow/late I guess those that know move very quickly. It would be nice to have a HUD and Mark Levinson, maybe next time! LED lights are also over £1k and are sealed units Xenon bulbs are buttons in comparison, but don't look as modern or cool, I can't comment on brightness or beam spread though.
  14. Main dealer, at least you will have the correct battery and it will be fitted correctly. Paid £228 all in, not cheap I know but I believe you get what you pay for. The original lasted 10 years so worth the money. You could always order direct from Lexus online as well
  15. The turning circle is not the greatest in the world, but it's not enough of an issue to make parking difficult. The remote touch takes a little while to get used like an new interface. Journalists tend to moan about it probably because it takes longer than 5 minutes to learn how to use it. It may not be as intuitive as rivals systems but not enough to be a deal breaker. I will admit the graphics are more Super Nintendo rather than PS5, but isn't it the same for all systems that aren't Google maps? I don't like wires and cradles on dash so I use it instead of a phone. Journey times are accurate and it reroutes around traffic well. Make sure you are sitting down when asking for a quote to update the maps though! I didn't own a 400h only the 300, so can't compare performance, but a 450h isn't slow. It does has double paned glass so you don't really hear much, doesn't give you the sensation of speed, biy it moves along nicely
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