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  1. I have a 450h, and have had up to 35mpg in town, my previous car a Mercedes clk 320 cab was doing 18 on the same journey. Motorways I get about 32ish, I do like to make progress but am no Lewis Hamilton. Overall I think very impressive for a 2.2 ton suv with nearly 300bhp. The long term average (I haven't had the car long) is 30.4mpg. This is my 5th Lexus and the most economical model I have owned. I once owned an RX300 series 2 and that was 16-18mpg urban and it certainly not have the performance to justify that level of mpg. I have eco mode switched off and climate control on auto. The car is running on Bridgestone Dueler which are only rated 'E' for economy so I'm sure there is room for improvement if I tried Fuel consumption on a 70 mile journey, Aylesbury to Barking, A41, M25, M11, A13, the graph only shows last 30 mins
  2. I questioned the original quote which was ridiculous and asked about the labour. I received the following reply. 'There are a few different methods of updating the navigation which varied between vehicle spec’s and ages however most updates are usually around £230.00 to carry out.'
  3. The quote didn't separate parts and labour it was from Lexus Woodford
  4. £160 is a real bargain, my local main dealer has just quoted me £384!
  5. Thanks for the input John, seems these Michelin Cross Climates are nw the tyre of choice
  6. Does anybody suffer from torque steer on their RX450h? I know the weather is rubbish at the moment but a couple of times today had that violent tug from the wheel when attempting to pull out a junction quickly. Most of my cars have been rear wheel drive so this is a new sensation for me Is there a way to lock the car in 4 wheel drive mode to reduce the torque steer? Don't think it's an issue with the tyres as its running Bridestone Duelers all round, although I'm open to suggestions.
  7. I don't know if you are still looking but there is a company called orchard engineering that can refurbish the shocks for £75 each. Search 'Orchard engineering' on ebay or Google and you will find them. Good luck
  8. I don't mind spending a few quid on parts, but that is ridiculous, I will make do with the xenons on the SE-I
  9. I have collected my 3RX today and can confirm the car supports A2DP with no issues
  10. Evening all A little update, I have put a deposit down on a lovely example with full main dealer history. I chose an SE-I in the end. I missed out on 4 cars in total, a lot of vehicles listed for sale were actually sold, I collect on Friday!
  11. Thanks for the input, current mileage is only about 5k a year was just curious about 'real life figures'. 30 mpg is brilliant certainly a million miles better than the ML500 I was considering
  12. Thanks for the insight, did you have air suspension on your SE-L premier?
  13. Thanks for input, is it possible to replace the individual LED's?
  14. 30mpg average over 25000 miles is very impressive, that's a good 10mpg up on my current average
  15. Good evening all! I'm looking at purchasing another Lexus, this time a RX450h gen 2 pre facelift. Initially I decided an SE-I had everything I needed and I didn't want the complication of air suspension. However I have found a few SE-L models without air suspension. The main differences appear to be, heads up display, Mark Levinson audio, led lights, extra adjustments on seats and radar cruise. Is the heads up display worth the extra? And does anybody know the led lights compare in terms of brightness to the xenons? Out of interest what is the typical mpg? I've never owned a hybrid so am not familiar with how to get the best out of them. Any common issues with these? Are flakey alloys still a Lexus issue? Thanks in advance!