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  1. I had the same issue when the battery was the same age as yours. New genuine battery from main dealer solved the issue no 'check hybrid light since'.
  2. £300 is a little steep! I paid £228 Inc VAT & labour a couple of months ago at Lexus Woodford. Well done finding an aftermarket alternative though.
  3. The major 100k service at Lexus is £675. 10k with is 94k on the clock isn't a bad start. I would expect a service, fresh MOT and any issues rectified so a 'no advisory' MOT, comprehensive warranty and breakdown cover chucked in aswell, you don't ask you don't get... Don't forget to haggle as well. I can't think of any 300bhp suv that can get 40mpg combined. Not even the smaller, less powerful NX300 averages 40mpg official combined fuel economy,NX hybrid was 31.1mpg. The 450h is economical for th
  4. I purchased a RX450h for similar money from an independent dealer about 9 months ago. They had sold 3 that week alone. Everybody was trading in their diesel X5, ML, Range Rover because of ULEZ. Most dealerships will provide a 6-12 month warranty, check their feedback online. 90k on a 2009/2010 is a average miles for the year and nothing on a Lexus provided it's been well maintained. I would not expect issues but make sure the maintenance has not been skimped or has been run a budget. Plenty to choose from, so you can be picky. I would expect full service history, ideally from Lexus.
  5. The batteries are covered for 15 years, subject to an annual hybrid health check. The health check covers you for 1 year or 10,000 miles whichever is first. The health check is part of the service at a main dealer or if you get your cars serviced at an independent you can get the check donr for £59. So with a last of the line 400h (2009), you could cover yourself for another 4 years. I'm sure the batteries don't just stop working after 15 years, don't tend to hear of many issues.
  6. You aren't kidding the RX300 is a thirsty beast only used to get about 20mpg. 1. Real world mpg 31/32 per tank with a best of 35. I don't use eco mode and like to 'make progress' on the road. If you like the traffic light grand prix you can get it down to 25, if you have a full battery and are in traffic you can get the mpg off the chart. The car is running Bridgestone Duelers which are rated 'E' for economy and I often have lots of kid stuff in the boot. 2. No issues with hybrid battery, but car does have full main dealer history. Lexus will perform a check every service and give an
  7. Paid £226 at Lexus Woodford, last week, nobody else on the planet could provide the same battery for less
  8. I agree with 1. The turning circle seems to be very poor, definitely the worst of any car I have owned, sometimes it feels like an oil tanker. I also agree with 2,3 and 4 I think ladies tend to like SUV type vehicles. It's always interesting talking to the better half about cars. She hates Porsche 911, but loves a Macaun. Doesn't appreciate a Jag XK with loves an F-Pace. Other than the RX the one car that attracted attention from ladies I owned was a CLK convertible. I wasn't aware of the Nurburgbring ring Edmunds video, do you have a link?
  9. A little update, I took the car to Lexus Woodford just to be certain. Bill was £228.58, battery was £190.48, labour £19.20. I had the original battery in the car, 10 years is good going! Thanks to all that helped On another note staff were great and the dealership was spotless
  10. Hello All Has anybody here replaced the 12v battery on an RX450h? Lexus want £235, but have seen batteries from the fast fit places like ATS provide a battery for £90. Does the main dealer use a 'special' battery? Is it worth paying Lexus? Or will any battery be sufficient?
  11. Main dealer prices aren't too bad, front pads £175, rear pads £125, soo £300 all in if you don't want to get your hands dirty.
  12. I purchased this product a couple of months ago. Works wonders! I believe it kills the bacteria in the vents and that's what gives unpleasant odours in the car. You insert a tube into the vents, then spray until the foam comes out the vent. Simple to use and the odours have not returned 2 months later. Only negative was the slow delivery
  13. Hello John, you are running the same tyres as myself I find the ride to very smooth and compliant. I did also own a Jaguar (S-Type facelift) many moons ago, had the best ride of any car I have owned, nothing rides like a Jaguar. Unfortunately it's very difficult to make an SUV ride and handle like a car.
  14. Agreed, I think op wanted an SEL without air though. This example has been on sale since November, I wonder what's wrong with it?
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