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  1. Tough question as it all a matter of opinion and experience... In my experience ( with 1998 Ls400, 2005 Ls430 and 2007 Ls600hl) the LS600hl seems the quietest and the Ls400 is the most comfortable! But there are so many other questions you need to look at... And of course somebody else on here might give you a better answer...
  2. Thank you. What is puzzling is why does it have the outlets/plug-in points for the aux... I also miss the cassette player that was standard on my Ls400 and Ls430 but then I just miss those two cars for everything else they had and which the LS600 doesn't have.
  3. Just tried pressing the DISC (mine doesn't have a DISC/AUX button) twice (various kinds of 2 presses) but just works the disc (hence disc button!)... The cable ends in a red and white connectors and have matched these to the car white and red ..
  4. Thank you for this. I have a feeling that I have tried this some time ago but will try again.
  5. Have exactly the same year and model and the same question. Have tried connecting mp3 player and then android phone via the outlets in the front armrest but not a squeak! I think the problem is that the music player remains in whatever mode (disc,radio,etc.) is already set and I have not discovered a way to switch the mode/input...
  6. Bravo! You're the mathematician!
  7. Hi Steve, You don't have to guess as the provenance of these items as it is stated at the beginning. Thank you for the rest of your comments which would suggest that my price guesstimate was only wrong about the batteries! You're right and I should increase my price especially now that I have installed the batteries and they are working!😁
  8. Malc I would certainly agree with you about the tool kit except that the Toyota parts dealer who sold me a satnav DVD and was kind enough to install it demonstrated it by using the necessary bits from the tool kit precisely to install the new DVD!😁
  9. For sale: My 2005 Ls430 was written off by the ..... white van man so I have the following: - complete tool kit. -key which was working fine on my car but obviously would need to be synched to another car. - full manual. - complete set of beige carpets. Can be collected near Doncaster or otherwise the buyer would need to pay postage. ALL for £100! (plus postage if needed)
  10. Having had a 1998 Ls400 for about 10 years and put over 140K miles on it (for a total of 228K miles when the transmission quit), followed by a 2005 Ls430 for about 1 year (then written off by white van man) and now a 2007 LS600HL, I can say without the slightest hesitation that the LS400 was the best: it was the most comfortable of the three, it had the best ride, best all around visibility, the most space. Major problem(for me anyway): I could no longer get the parts (not even from Lexus) to keep it going... Having said that the LS430 is a good car and has more technical toys. One I had a problem with was the satnav screen which was playing up: nothing serious you might think except that on the LS430 many of the controls (a/c for instance) are accessed via the satnav screen. Example : while you can change the a/c temperature via the dashboard buttons you cannot turn on the defrost, etc. I changed the radiator as soon as I purchased the car. I bought the LS600HL only because I couldn't find a decent LS430 at the time. It has a bit more space in the cabin but the boot is so small you cannot imagine but here's the comparison: in the boot of the LS430 I could fit all 4 tyres (18in) in the boot of the LS600HL I cannot fit one tyre (19in)!!! It's a real difficult decision as they are all old cars and the parts situation will not improve...
  11. Second this: ask the dealer for a price. Reasonable price, will fit and dealer will install if asked nicely.
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